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John Flynn

John Flynn didn't start out as a quilter. He began his career as an engineer who built bridges. His curosity was sparked by watching his wife, Brooke, quilt. He decided to try his hand at quilting and the rest is...well, you know.

Besides creating his own breath-taking quilts, John also shares his talents with others as a world renown teacher. After several years of quilting, John sold his construction company and began Flynn's Quilt Frame Company, selling not only frames that John designed, but also John's books, templates, and template making supplies.

John and his wife, Brooke, currently reside in Montana.

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John's Quilts

Braided Flag

56" X 56"

Border is 12" wide with an 8" repeat

All-American Wedding

18" rings, 54" X 54"

Careful planning led to this quilt which seems to be in constant motion.

Ocean Waves

30" X 30"

Drum Quilt

5" diameter

Billings, Montana 1993

Inspired by a Native American painted drum. The white dots are recurring design theme in Native American decoration

Photo by Clark Marten

John's Books

Braided Borders

Step-by-Step Workbook


"Before I began teaching my Braided Border class, I was not aware of the infinite possibilities of this pattern. I learn new and different looks each time I teach this class--and each of these new looks spawns a hundred or so ideas."

Double Wedding Ring

Step-by-Step Workbook


"The Double Wedding Ring is one of the most recognized quilt patterns. Folks who don't their "Bear's Paw" from "A Hole in the Barn Door" will immediately recognize the "Double Wedding Ring" and will have a story about a beautiful one in their family--one that has either been worn out from constant use or is pieces in a box in the attic. I see a lot of the "Shoebox" cases in classes I teach--most of these are better off left alone."

Trapunto &Stippling

Step-by-Step Workbook


"As a male quilter, I am asked a lot of questions about my quilting. The one question that needles me is that old favorite, "How long did it take you to do that?" I thoroughly enjoy quilting. The more quilting I can get on a quilt, the more I enjoy making that quilt and the mpre pleasure I ultimately get from it. This is a sustained pleasure. The satisfaction derived from an original artwork cannot be compared to the quick high of a short term project. I have fished all of my life and do not recall ever being asked how long it took to catch a particular trout. The pleasure is in the process and that pleasure is reflected in the final results."

Feathered Sun

Step-by-Step Workbook


"Living in Montana, I have always been surrounded by a wealth of Native American influences. Recently, I became intrigued with the circular designs painted on buffalo robes and drums and found myself daydreaming of a way to translate them into fabric. The concentric circles made up delicate triangles seemed to hold infinite possibilities."

 Flynn Quilt Frame Company Catalog

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