Tuesday, April 27, 2010

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I just sent an email to Eric requesting guidance and will post his response if I get one in time. We have just two more days.

Jane in NC

The blog thing

Well I tried reading the "help" and instructions, but not being computer oriented don't know how it will work. Y'all need to read this, there's only 3 days left. If all else fails we can all revert to the yahoo group some of us are already on. Sure will miss this board after all these years. Hugs.


Oh thanks for the responses. I had forgotten about the back..one time I had used fleece on the back but no batting in between and just stitched thru it all to quilt it. That was for my son before he passed away, he was going to dialysis 3 x a week. Walgreens and a couple other places have some decent size fleeces for a lot less than it is in the fabric stores, I'll look into that. If not will probly try the 80/20, I think I might have a good sized piece left over from another charity quilt I just did. Thanks again. Lavinia

Blog posting changeover

Lavinia, you're right. I've known this young fellow since he was about six years old. He didn't mean anything by his comment; it was just his opinion. Most people speak from their own experience and I think he had a bad one with his bunny, once. Doesn't trust vets either; thinks they charge too much and run the bill up. I can't argue that but it's usually for a very good reason. The cost of taking Ceilidh to our teaching hospital last week would send me to Scotland, twice over. But I'll never have another Ceilidh. She's worth it.

I wonder if Eric will let us know how to handle the blog switch as well.

It's interesting the number of people who are on the forum here and don't post.

A cold front came through last night and it went down to 1C but the sun is out; it's very windy; otherwise a lovely day here in southern Ontario.



Has anyone checked out the message that there are only a couple days left in the blog posting and we have to migrate somewhere else? What is everyone doing?

Various things

Bee, I am so sorry for your loss. As others have said, words just don't do it well, but you are in our thoughts and prayers here.

Rosey, I know it's so hard. I don't think your neighbor meant ill will, he probably was trying to see something positive about the ten years. There's been a few times when I've been that stupid (for want of a better adjective) and it just comes out wrong when it is said. Story of my life..whatever I say is taken just the opposite of what I meant. I'm sorry your doggy is sick--it breaks my heart, too. ((Hugs)).

Doris, buying property in Florida these days is the cheap part. The expensive part is the taxes and insurance. A cousin found a great home on Merritt Island, but the taxes and insurance alone were over a thousand dollars a month. Thank God we moved to Tennessee and there's no looking back. The Florida we once knew is gone forever. (I lived there from 1946 to 1996). Such is life, I guess.

If y'all get a chance, look at my query on the regular BB about batting and give me your thoughts. Thanks. Hugs to all.

Monday, April 26, 2010


Sara, you might try lifting their water after supper and see if that helps. Sometimes it's just the earlier morning light that wakes them up too.

Flotation-devices...man, how plastic. Mine are down around my knees anyway... if I had them, that is.


Monday / Dog questions

Doris-glad you liked BR. It is a very up-scale town. I once read that there are more millionaires there than in Palm Beach. I think most of the Palm Beach crowd are the "old money" people, passed on from generation to generation. In BR it is people like Krissy Evert, other tennis people, and "new money".
Our friends there have a small house for sale if you know anyone who would like to buy it. They both retired last year, he from the State of Fla. and she after 30 years of teaching. They want to move here, but can't until the house sells.
Property values fell there over $100,000. They are slowly inching back up.
I'm sure most of the women there are the "flotation device"-- good term--- type. Third and forth wives of the millionaires, and would turn up their nose as something so pedestrian as quilting. The people who live there go to the Ft. Lauderdale area for lots of things.
Having said all that, please don't anyone in So. Fla. send me hate mail. My DH was born and raised there, and we have loved ones there.
It was a busy weekend. One friend's father died Friday after a long illness. The friend is a single woman, about 40, who lives with them.
Another friend -just about 30 min after we were talking to him-had a heart attack while driving home. Fortunately he wasn't on the big bridge, or on the interstate, but just turning into his neighborhood. The wife called 9-1-1 on the cell phone and she and the 16 yr. old son got him out of the car and onto the street. the 9-1-1 dispatcher had sent the call out and a police officer was just around the block and arrived and did the CPR.
We spent the evening in the ER with wife, son, and assorted people from our church praying for him. He is better today, but still sedated. He is only 45 yrs. old and a flight sergeon for the Navy. Guess even people in good health, who exercise and eat right can still have heart attacks.
Rosey, Jane, or anyone else with dogs--question. Even though we take the dogs out several times a day in the yard, walk them on leash at least 2 X, they have developed the habit of waking up at about 5:00AM and want to go out. It's more the little one, but the other one follows. (They are Yorkie and Jack Russell mix) Since they both sleep on the bed, or allow us to sleep on the bed with them, it is disturbing our sleep.
Got any suggestions?
This morning after them going in and out I gathered them up with me on the couch and had them lie down. I tossed and turned, but at least DH could get some sleep before heading off to work.
Even though they are a pain in the neck I love them dearly. Since DD and all the gang moved away, it gives me somewhere to put my love. (other than DH) He is gone during the day and the dogs are here.
OK, this is a ramble, going to try for a nap.
Sara in Fla.

back from Rat Mouth, Florida

a/k/a Boca Raton. Just not so glam when it is translated. LOL This was a small group of people who converged at BR for the weekend, a sort-of business trip for DH.
Much time spent at hotel pool, men and women alike in our group were overwhelmed at the number of women with surgically implanted "flotation devices" to fill out their swimsuits. The number of face-lifts in that town were intimidating (and scary), too.

LOTS of money in BR. Oh my..... no way DH and I could ever afford to live there. It is a beautiful city though, good building codes with very little signage on the streets and lots of landscape screening of stores. You'd need a GPS to find a Target, Walgreens or CVS or grocery store that are hiding behind all the landscaping and lack of signs on the streets. Frustrating for the tourist, but it does make the city pretty.

We were very fortunate with the weather in BR. I spent a wonderful day at a local mall, window-shopping thru their Nordstroms, Saks, Neiman Marcus, and Bloomingdales. (We don't have these stores where I live; Dillards is our 'best' dept. store here). I don't really "shop", but instead just look, and consider it on par with an educational field trip to a museum. Honest. ;o) My only purchase was some nice tee tops on sale at Talbots. WooHoooo!!!

There are no fabric stores in BR, except the type that sell drapery fabrics. It is a sewing wasteland. So sad.... and yet another reason I would not want to live there. (lol)

MOVING ON .... my next project . . . DH and I are finally replacing the carpeting in our house, all of which are 24 years old. It's time. Packing up the sewing room will be a nightmare. I have fabric in four closets of two bedrooms. This will be just like moving house, as it has to be clear for the carpet replacement. Methinks it will be a good time to clear out some old stuff that I don't use, or have never used.

We're also having wall-paper removed, including the string-yarn stuff in the two-story foyer/entry hall, and the walls painted. The string yarn was already here when we bought the house 16 years ago, it is absolutely lovely, but sadly,,, it is dirty and starting to peel at the corners. Time to have it taken down. ~sighs~ And painters will be working in some of the rooms, changing color in our family room, etc. Yep,,, staycation city!

With all these home improvements going on,,,, DH and I have declared this our "stay-cation." No big trips for us, this year. My big trip will be to collect boxes for packing up the sewing stuff. (Aaaaaack!!!!!)

Hugs to everyone,

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Charity quilts

The other source you might check is Project Linus. I don't know if they have chapters in Canada, but in the US, there are chapters all over the place. I know that our local chapter makes every attempt to have a quilt for each and every one of the very sick children in our local hospitals. Project Linus also donated thousands of quilts (without batting layers) to the children of Haiti.


Charity Quilts

Hi, If i might make a comment about charity quilts. My family has all the quilts they need and I decided to start giving some of my quilts away. Last year a lady named Judi Madsen who owns the Green Fairy Quilts was on her blog telling about her trips to Romania in Europe. She goes there once a year and give out quilts to an orphanage. I decided to donate a quilt and so began my journey in giving away quilts. I sent her a small childs quilt (most of the kids are young) and when she came back from her trip she put the video on her blog of passing the quilts out. Low and behold my quilt showed up. This year i am going to send her more than one. She usually goes a about Oct. So if anyone is interested you could visit her web page and find out more infor. It is Greenfairyquilts.com and also I am making quilts for cancer patients. It is my pleasure to see the faced lite up when you hand out a quilt.
Sorry to hear of Bee's DH passing. Life is so short and as we get older it goes faster. Marge

Sunday afternoon

First to Bee.....as Rosey put it perfectly....it's only words....but I do hope that u receive all the hugs and prayers that have gone out to you and your family during this time....

Rosey.....it is a difficult time.....you are grieving now knowing what lays ahead.....enjoy the snuggles and kisses.....it is so hard to let go ......we are looking at the same with our two oldest yorkies.....but it is only because of advancing age and the ailments....we do not wish for them to suffer....at the same time I want just a bit more time.....okay that is a lie....I want lots more time but in these situations I will admit selfishness......

Moving on.......does anyone remember or have contact with the woman who did and maybe still does, organizing and making quilts for Toronto's Sick Children's Hospital ? Way back when I first came to this site there was a gal who's daughter had had a very serious illness and became quite familiar with sick kid's hospital and I believe that she started this as way of giving back to the hospital and more importantly the children a bit of comfort.....I have few children themed quilt tops and backings already to be put together and completed and thought if her group was still active then I might be able to reconnect and send on some tops and backings for them. I was able to send some a few years back and unfortuantely have not been able to find any thing in my files or papers that would ohelp me find this group.....so if you have any knowledge of this group or one similar that would accept the tops and backings for eventual donation, preferably to somewhere like Toronto Sick Kid's Hospital I would appreciate any assistance.....



Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday Evening

May I also add my condolences for Bee on her loss. Words, only. It doesn't equate with the emotional pain involved. People say words; they mean well when a death occurs but I find that many times people simply don't know what to say or how to say it. I'm not sure I do either.

This afternoon, walking Ceilidh and Hope, our two Australian Shepherd sisters, both over ten years of age, I was again reminded of this when speaking to the son (30 yrs) next door. Ceilidh, we've discovered this week, has hemangiosarcoma. The tumours lie in the lining of her right atrium in her heart. Everything else checks out clean. She collapsed on Tuesday and by Tuesday suppertime we were an hour away at the veterintary teaching hospital in Guelph, Ontario. Of the three Aussies here, Ceilidh is my 'heart-dog', a term I have really never used before in all my years of having dogs and of putting dogs down due to old age and illness. But here it is with Ceilidh...she has wrapped herself around my heart and her loss, when she dies, will leave a big hole in my life. My neighbour's comment: "well, she's had a good life here for ten years". Somehow, that didn't help; somehow, it made me feel angry. It wasn't acknowledging the pain that I am now feeling. He is young, yet and he lives in his head of intelligence, not entirely of his feelings. So for the days left to Ceilidh, I hug and kiss her and watch over her. It hurts to loose anything we love.

So, Bee, I am sorry for your loss.

And Fran, I am glad to hear that you've come through that very difficult operation and are back teaching school for now. And, yes, we are still 'running' the B&B although there are times in the summer when it is running us. To-day, the 'radio-man' came. We call him this as he is coming to the B&B to set up his tent, towers, ham radio and will participate, from the top of our hill, in a world-wide ham radio contest in Morris Code. he was here scouting the land as to where he will locate his equipment and his will likely be our most unique booking in the eighteen years we've been 'doing' bed & breakfast.


Thursday, April 22, 2010


I had the opportunity to meet both Bee and her DH several times in years past. Harold was a real gentleman with a great sense of humour and will be sorely missed. BEE - Many hugs coming your way.

ROSEY: I am doing really well, thanks for asking - procedure was reversed last Oct/Nov and I haven't really had too many problems since then. DH retired just before I got sick and is quite a good house-husband (if I ignore the difference in cleaning methods, etc LOL) I have 114 days at school left, 51 of which are the equivalent of teaching days, so yes I'm definitely counting them down. Are you still operating the B & B?

I have Fridays off to do things so the weekends are free, so had better get on with them.

Fran in S'Oz

bug bites & a tick, O my!

I't always hard to post after sad news. Bee our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Tuesday I was doing the last little "bits" of planting some marigolds and some planter boxes. Somewhere along the way I got a tick imbeded in my skin, in a very painful place, under the bra.
Yikes. It felt like a thorn there, so after a few hours I looked at myself in the 7X manifying make up glass. the little bugger didn't want to let go.
With the other bites I look and feel like a walking pin cushion. Will have to wear bug spray-it stinks, but the lemon one isn't so bad.

Doris--I found a B&B in Savannah that I like, the Forsythe Park Inn. Not cheap, but nothing there is. We will go the second weekend in May. Going to take our bikes for the sight seeing.

Today is our 32nd Anniversary. Since we can't do dinner tonight we met for lunch at a little place nearby. I had the cuban sandwich, DH the chicken, with potato salad, and a wonderful slice of chocolate cake that we shared. Like to support the Mom and Pop places when possible, and this is very close by. DH walked in with red roses. I think he's a keeper.

Finished up the top to the QOV quilt. It was a bear, had to rip out many seams, and do over.
I like the way it looks now, and hope whoever it goes to will like it.

All for now. Sara in Fla.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I just heard from Marty in VT that Bee's husband passed away peacefully today. I have her snail mail addy if anyone wants to send wishes her way. Email me privately at momngarry at that hotmail place dot com.


Monday, April 19, 2010

Living in a small town

But first, Fran, it's great to see you posting. How are you feeling now? I'll bet you are just counting the days to retirement.

Today, at the garden centre on the outskirts of town, I was waited on by a woman who said: "I know you but you won't know me" and she explained. She was taking her motorcycle test one morning in town when she pulled up beside me in the car along with my two 'first officers'...Ceilidh and Hope. She said that they looked at her and then came up to give me a kiss, both of them. She remembered my licence plate 'RoseyP' because her border collie is named Rosie. Now, how long ago was that...some time ago. It's nice to live in a small place where people recognize your car and your dogs. After living in the obscurity of a big city for 48 yrs. I can tell you with a certainty that living in a smaller community is far nicer. It suits me; it may not those who might think that a small town is too small.



We are thinking of you daily and hope you have been able to have some quality time with Harry over the past few weeks. Is he still in hospital? Many hugs.

It is many months since I've been able to organise myself to turn on this 2nd computer and try out all the passwords I could think of! At last! Nice to see old names still showing up.

ROSIE: Love your quilt!

JANE: Hope you have a great time in Rochester with DD. My DDIL is from Rochester also, and studied and worked in the Kodak/Eastman complex before moving over here to marry DS#3. What a small world!

MARION: Hope you enjoyed the boys' stay.

Perfect Autumn weather here at the moment. We began 2nd term of our school year today. Terrible to wish most of a year away but I'm counting down the days until I retire on 10th December.

Best wishes to all
Fran in S'Oz