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Date: 1/31/98 Time: 11:35 PM
Subject: Quilt Show Bullet Poll
E-mail Address:

I'm conducting an informal and unscientific poll- really, I'm just curious! I'd like to know:
1. What quilt show is your favorite (i.e., the one you go to every year, or would if you could)?
2. If you could go to any quilt show/conference in the US (all expenses paid!*), which one would you choose?
If you'd like your vote to count, send me an e-mail with the subject "Quilt Shows" by 5 p.m. EST on Monday (2/2). I'll tabulate the results and post them here Tuesday night!
Thanks! -Beth
*but sorry, this isn't a contest!

Date: 1/31/98 Time: 11:17 PM
Subject: Sharon Craig
E-mail Address:

I would like to find out how to get in touch with Sharon Craig, Quilt artist and teaher. If you could send me her email or snail mail address. I would love to have it. Thank you.

Date: 1/31/98 Time: 10:39 PM
Subject: school project

My daughter is doing a project on the history of
American quilts with a representative sampling of
different designs.
Any suggestions on good source books would
be appreciated.

Date: 1/31/98 Time: 8:02 PM
Subject: Discontinued Vogue Pattern
E-mail Address:

Does anyone know where I can get a recent discontinued Vogue pattern #7669 if it is no longer carried in the fabric stores? I need several of this pattern number.

Date: 1/31/98 Time: 7:05 PM
Subject: Sports and quilting
E-mail Address:

I am looking for ideas and patterns for sports related quilts, pillow, wall hangings,etc. I am interested in soccer, basketball, and football. I have a 13 year old daughter and 10 year old son. We are building a new home and I would like some neat ideas to make their special quilts.

Date: 1/31/98 Time: 6:55 PM
Subject: quiltshops or sights/sites in Salt Lake City
E-mail Address:

I will be in Salt Lake City for the first time in mid-March, staying at the Doubletree Hotel on South West Temple. Does anyone know of any nearby quilt shops or related places that I could go to? I should have a couple of hours free on Friday or Saturday afternoon (and definitely in the evenings, if anything is open) and I will probably be on foot. Any suggestions? TIA, Maureen/OR

Date: 1/31/98 Time: 6:24 PM
Subject: Hanging Quilts for a Show??
E-mail Address:

My husband, the contractor, is willing to make "standards" for our local quilt guild to hang quilts on for a show. I'm looking for a sturdy, easy to put together, doesn't take up too much space quilt standard for hanging bed size quilts. A plan, directions,
list of materials needed would be helpful. Please reply if you have a clever idea.

Date: 1/31/98 Time: 6:22 PM
Subject: Quilt guilds in Staunton,VA
E-mail Address:

I am interested in finding a quilt guild in the Staunton,VA area. I will be moving there in early summer and would like to know what is available in that area. Would like to know when and where the guild/s meet and contact persons if available. Thank you. Holly

Date: 1/31/98 Time: 5:45 PM
Subject: golfer applique pattern
E-mail Address:

I am looking for a golfer that is appliqued and I was told the pattern was in a book called Quilting Bee. Does anyone know where I can get this book. thanks

Date: 1/31/98 Time: 5:05 PM
Subject: quilt shops in Arizona
E-mail Address:

I will be vacationing in Phoenix, AZ March 8-14 and would like to know about any quilt shops in the area. I would be interested in anything that is within about an hour of Phoenix. I would also be interested in any fabric shops or needlework shops (cross stitch). I would appreciate the shop name, address and telephone number. Please email Maureen at Thanks.

Date: 1/31/98 Time: 4:56 PM
Subject: Hand quilting
E-mail Address:

Hand quuilting is alive and well here in Idaho. I belong to the local quilt guilt, we have about 110 members including a childrens axuillary group. I aslo belong to a small group of 20 ladies that meet every Tuesday to quilt on each others quilts--an old fashion quilting bee. My family moved here from Chicago 3 1/2 years ago and love it. I found the guild within a week. I now do hand quilting as a business. It is great to be home with my kids and earn a little doing somthing I love!!

Date: 1/31/98 Time: 3:52 PM
Subject: Envelope bag
E-mail Address:

Does anyone have a pattern or an idea how to make something called an envelope bag?

Date: 1/31/98 Time: 3:18 PM
Subject: quilting patterns
E-mail Address:

I have just completed a quilt top made in the Court House Step pattern. The blocks are 10 1/2" squares. Does anyone have any ideas for a quilting pattern other than quilting in the ditch?
I would like to mark the top before sandwiching it this week so I do need to have an idea as soon as possible.
Thank you and Happy Stitching!

Date: 1/31/98 Time: 2:31 PM
Subject: hand vs machine quilting
E-mail Address:

Yes, I think hand quilting is not only alive and well, it is gaining in popularity. I am part of a very large group of quilters (600+), and we have every kind of quilter, but certainly a huge proportion choose to hand quilt at least some of their pieces. Most people decide depending on the use of the quilt: the more utilitarian, the more likely to be machine quilted. For some people, the size is probably the deciding factor: the smaller the quilt, the more likely to be hand quilted. Also, I see a lot of quilters doing hand piecing, though not usually for every single quilt they make. Many people I've talked with feel the urge to have at least one quilt they've made be completely hand done. The more I am around quilters, the more I am assured that most of them see the need for using different methods in different situations. And personally, I think this contributes to tolerance in other areas of our lives, too -- which is a good thing. (Part of my belief that quilting makes everything better!)
Happy stitching to everyone.
Maureen in beautiful, sunny, warm but windy Portland, Oregon, where it is hard right now to believe that it's still winter!

Date: 1/31/98 Time: 12:42 PM
Subject: Yo-Yo Quilt
E-mail Address:

Desperately seeking help! Yo-Yo's made from 5"cir. in 100% cotton only - light colors - pastels - plaids - checks - florals & pleasant patterns all acceptable. Plain white cotton ones needed also. We are a group - age 35 to 8o-ish who make a queen size qiult ea. yr. for a non-profit raffel at their yearly boutique. Anyone wishing to help us --- one (1) or (2) yo-yo's are all we are asking for you to DONATE to our group. This would be greatly appreciated, as a tremendous amount of these are needed for us to complete this quilt. Needed ASAP. Pls. e-mail for address. Thanking you in advance for your kind donation to our Yo-Yo Quilt. :)

Date: 1/31/98 Time: 11:59 AM
Subject: Cathedral Windows
E-mail Address:

I recently saw an article in a quilting magazine on making cathedral windows by machine. I can't remember which magazine it was. I believe it was a recent issue, pehaps just a few months ago. Can anyone help me? I went back to the book store but the magazine was gone. Any information or instructions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. :)

Date: 1/31/98 Time: 11:56 AM
Subject: database software for quilting
E-mail Address:

I have just gotten my first computer and would like to index articles and patterns that I find in all my quilting magazines, but don't know which software would work best for this. Does anyone out there keep a file? If so, what do you use? I'd appreciate any help. Thanks

Date: 1/31/98 Time: 11:24 AM
Subject: Quilt Shops in Maryland
E-mail Address:

I work for the Maryland State Office of Tourism and am also a quilter, so when I travel around the state I always look for fabric and quilt shops and like to think that I've spent money in EACH of them. Lucky me! (Lucky them!) Anyway, if anyone wants to know about quilt shops in Maryland, I'd be glad to serve as an information source. Our office can also mail maps of the state. Just e-mail me! Connie

Date: 1/31/98 Time: 10:32 AM
Subject: bargetto quilt patterns and instructions
E-mail Address:

I am looking for a web site that has patterns and instructions for bargetto quilts...any help would be greatly appreciated

Date: 1/31/98 Time: 7:43 AM
Subject: denim 'blanks'
E-mail Address:

I'm looking for a source to buy denim blanks [vests, jumpers, shirts,jackets, any type of clothing] that I can applique quilt blocks to or paint on. If you know of a source or catalog for these items, please e-mail me. And Much Thanks

Date: 1/31/98 Time: 5:17 AM
Subject: Looking for DreamSpinners #154 -- Pillow Talk (pattern)
E-mail Address:

Does anyone out there have the (1988?) pattern by Nancy J. Smith & Lynda
S. Milligan called DreamSpinners #154 -- Pillow Talk (patterns for two
lap-size quilts that fold into attached pillow) to sell or trade?

If not, can someone at least provide me with the name and address of
their company, so I can write them about it?

Please respond to

Thank You!
suzanneMI =:)

Date: 1/30/98 Time: 11:18 PM
Subject: Hand Quilting
E-mail Address:

Of course Hand Quilting is still alive and well.
I just walked out to the kitchen after two hours
of hand quilting on a Country Bride Appliqued
Quilt had a drink of water and sat down at the
computer to see if I had any e-mail. Earlier this
evening on an educational channel they were
showing a story about farmer in the midwest
and he was hand quilting.

Date: 1/30/98 Time: 11:02 PM
Subject: Hand vs. Machine Quilting
E-mail Address:

I, for one, hand quilt almost everything. I still
hand piece some things too! I must admit there don't
seem to be too many hand piecers any more, but many
of my acquaintance hand quilt at least occasionally.

Date: 1/30/98 Time: 10:17 PM
Subject: science fabric needed
E-mail Address:

Does anyone know a source for science fabric such as the periodic table, dna helix, etc? I've seen mens' ties using this but haven't found any fabric. Please e-mail me.

Date: 1/30/98 Time: 9:36 PM
Subject: Great Britain
E-mail Address:

I'm looking for a quilter in Great Britain for a
special swap. Please e-mail me privately if inter-
ested. Susie in Colorado, USA

Date: 1/30/98 Time: 8:00 PM
Subject: Berry Basket Quilt Pattern
E-mail Address:

I am looking for the Berry Basket Quilt Pattern. If anyone knows where I can find it, it would be appreciated.


Date: 1/30/98 Time: 7:15 PM
Subject: Kay's Kid's Blocks
E-mail Address:

Kay, I didn't get the Missouri block mailed because we got 20 inches of snow!!! I actually get to leave the house tomorrow and will mail it then. Sorry for the delay!!!

To the rest of you....I guess we don't get a January Block of the Month!!! bummer!!! I always look forward to the new blocks! Anybody got a really cool block they want to share with me???

Sew Long

Date: 1/30/98 Time: 6:30 PM
Subject: Tying a Baby Quilt
E-mail Address:

When tying a quilt, put a drop of Fray Check of No-Fray on the knots. I've used both, washed the quilts, and the knots stayed tied. I use 6 strands of emboidery floss to tie my quilts and cut the end fairly close. I also like to tie to the back.

Date: 1/30/98 Time: 4:56 PM
Subject: Basting Spray
E-mail Address:

Has anyone tried the new basting spray that I have seen advertised?
I am doing a series of wedding quilts (12 in all) that are all queen
size. Kneeling on the floor to baste them is a chore!
How does this work on large quilts and is there a problem when the
quilt needs to be repositioned? Thanks.

Date: 1/30/98 Time: 4:36 PM
Subject: Tying a Quilt
E-mail Address:

I tried what tallus suggested with my 10 year old's quilt. I didn't have the time to quilt it (mainly because he wanted it sooo bad!) so I tied it from behind, so all the tails would be on the back. It worked out well because the back was a solid navy blue flannel, and the front was a collection of blocks I received from a swap in reds, whites and blues. I coordinated the embroidery floss colour with the areas I tied in the front, so you couldn't really see the floss. What was nice was that the three different colours of floss tied on the back made a nice pattern against the navy blue.

Also, use surgeon knots and pull the floss twice thru the quilt(check out the FAQ's on the WWQP; it has great suggestions on tying) will hold up longer. My son's quilt has been washed AT LEAST five times in the last two months and the ties are holding up very well.

Good luck!
Kim in NV

Date: 1/30/98 Time: 3:42 PM
Subject: tying a baby quilt
E-mail Address:

Have you thought about tying the baby quilt from
the back? You could leave the ends long enough, and
the ties wouldn't stand out so much on the front
especially if you could match colors. Good luck.

Date: 1/30/98 Time: 3:14 PM
Subject: P&B Color Parade
E-mail Address:

I plan on making a quilt for my newest grandson but am unable to find the material. I checked at my local quilt shop and they informed me the name of the material I am looking is P&B Color Parade. Can anybody help? Could I order this material.

Date: 1/30/98 Time: 3:01 PM
Subject: Tying a baby quilt
E-mail Address:

I want to make a baby quilt for a friend of mine, but don't have a lot of time, so I thought I'd tie one intead of quilting it (I only hand quilt). However, I don't really like the look of tied quilts because of the length of the tie ends, so I thought I might tie them somehow so the ends could be clipped pretty close. But I'm afraid that the ties would come undone. Can someone give me some advice? Would it be better if I just quilted a small design at each area I planned to place ties, instead?


Date: 1/30/98 Time: 1:28 PM
Subject: batik question
E-mail Address:

One of the nicest batik quilts I remember
was a simple trip around the world. Those
3" squares showed off the fabrics very nicely
and the color mix was wonderfull.
Good luck

Date: 1/30/98 Time: 12:31 PM
Subject: Cat/Dog Survey
E-mail Address:

Hi there! I missed the original posting, but I would have to say I'm a cat person. My two kitties love to sleep on my fabric, especially just completed quilt squares! I love them alot, but I have to admit that one time, they expressed their displeasure at being left with a cat sitter by clawing my Double Irish Chain (the first quilt I made) and I had to remind myself HOW much I loved them! The quilt is still on my bed, and I have decided that the claw marks are kind of a reminder that they miss me when I'm gone.


Date: 1/30/98 Time: 10:47 AM
Subject: Where to Find a Quilting Buddy
E-mail Address:

For anyone who is looking for a furry quilting buddy to keep you company in your sewing room (and everywhere else!), I have a suggestion: I am a volunteer dog walker at our local SPCA. I have never seen so many wonderful dogs and cats in my life - and probably all of them would love to help everyone quilt!!!

Date: 1/30/98 Time: 10:42 AM
Subject: Kaye Wood Website
E-mail Address:

I would like to THANK everyone for their help in locating Kaye's website. I have it now and I believe that I have found the book I have been looking for.

Date: 1/30/98 Time: 10:25 AM
Subject: Floor Quilting Frames
E-mail Address:

Does anyone know where I can get a pattern and instructions on building a floor size quilting frame that folds up for storage, holds the quilt securely, and puts layers together as you quilt? I don't have a lot of space, and the two that I have looked at -- the Grace Quilting Floor Frame -- that I saw in Quilts & Other Comforts catalog. But I can't afford the $330 to buy it. Besides. I think my husband would like to build me one (Mr. Sentimentality). If anyone can help, please hollar. Thanks. Jana

Date: 1/30/98 Time: 9:50 AM
Subject: fun
E-mail Address:

How fun to read through the messages. The other day I turned around to plug in my iron again after dinner to discover my calico cat Spooky laying on the ironing board next to the iron that had been previously cooling. She is good company and likes to walk around on my tables while I work. It's nice because ussually she's not a very friendly cat. By the way what's the best way to clean an iron? Sometimes mine gets kind of gummy. Would vinegar work? I'm addicted to sewing and begrudge every minute I'm not involved in a project. How do you all find the time to work?

Date: 1/30/98 Time: 8:41 AM
Subject: Curved Edge Binding
E-mail Address:

A 1/28 post asked about handling the "V" in a curved edge binding such as on a Double Wedding Ring quilt. Pat Coulter's article "Neat Cornering: Binding the Curved Edge Quilt" appears in Quilting Today, Issue 39. In it she tells how to reduce bulk at the "V" and create a smooth finish. If you or a quilting friend don't have a copy, back issues are available from the publisher at 800-628-8244. Good luck with your project! Nancy

Date: 1/30/98 Time: 7:44 AM
Subject: hand vs machine quilting
E-mail Address:

I have been taking hand quilting lessons from an 80 year old friend for one year. She is convinced that evryone is on the machine these days.
Can anyone tell me if hand quilting is still alive and well in their circles of friends?

Date: 1/30/98 Time: 7:14 AM
Subject: animal hair
E-mail Address:

I have been enjoying the comments on cats and dogs and thought I would relate an excellent product I just discovered to remove animal hair from our beloved quilts.It is a soot removal sponge found in the paint department of large stores like HQ or Home Depot. It resembles a soft brick, mine is beige and has a damp feel.When you rub it across your quilts, hair just balls up and comes off in batches. It is wonderful, and can be washed dryed and reused when it becomes filthy. I had to give a few for Christmas presents to animal households.I use it on all my client orders before delivereing them, such a great find.Try one, you'll be delighted.Happy quilting!! Jill

Date: 1/30/98 Time: 4:40 AM
Subject: Sacramento Quilters
E-mail Address:

To Lori
would be happy to let you know about what is available in and around Sacramento. We have a guild of over 250 . and several wonderful quilt shops. please contact me if you want to learn more. This invitation is open to any of you quilters who find yourself in the area, or just want to know. In exchange, I need to know more about how the computor figures into the equasion. Im a long time quiltmaker but a very short time computer person. Thanks for being patient. I enjoy this forum. Lyn in sacramento.

Date: 1/30/98 Time: 1:46 AM
Subject: TShirt Quilt
E-mail Address:

Does anyone know if there's a book out there on making quilts from T shirts. My son has so many and I would love to do something special with them. Thanks, Sharon

Date: 1/30/98 Time: 12:08 AM
Subject: Searching for "Hope of the Prairie"
E-mail Address:

I am brand new to quilting. I saw a block I would like to try called "hope of the prairie." It was a circular pieced block consisting of:
one large circle in the center and divided into four surrounding areas, each with 2 semicircles. Does anyone know what I'm talking about(and where to find a pattern)? Thanks for any help...

Date: 1/29/98 Time: 11:06 PM
Subject: Cats/Dogs.....
E-mail Address:

I've enjoyed the dog/cat story. Have to contribute my 2 cents worth. 2 dogs, 5 cats, 1 guinea pig, 1 hedgehod, 9 rabbits & 1 horse. However we live in the country so it's not like a Pippi Longstocking show. *G* Happy quilting to all!

Date: 1/29/98 Time: 10:30 PM
Subject: Dogs/Cats/Quilts
E-mail Address:

Okay, I was going to try to stay out of this but alas! I love both cats and dogs, but presently we only have 3 cats. Lion (grey fluffy one) loves to come sit buy my sewing machine while I work and particularly loves sitting/sleeping on my completed blocks which I pile up. MacGee (brown stipped tabby) just likes to watch. Nora (a Birman - longhair-looks like Siamese) is the nosiest. She likes to lay on completed blocks. When I lay a quilt out on the floor to cut backing material and/or batting they are all three there and want to sit on it and then sleep. They like to cushiness! I love them all. I also just wash my quilts when I am done and have no problems. Pets are part of quilting!

Date: 1/29/98 Time: 10:29 PM
Subject: cats and dogs
E-mail Address:

I vote for cats, dogs, horses, etc.. because we rent an apartment, we can not have any pets. Once we have enough money to buy a house I guantee that we will have lots of cats and dogs.

Date: 1/29/98 Time: 10:04 PM
Subject: How has quilting enriched your life?
E-mail Address:

Hello all on the Bulleting Board. I am posting to let you all know that I am finding a wealth of information for my paper. Also, I wanted to include my friends on the Bulletin Board. If you have an entry for my paper, please let me know. Any experience, story, etc. Also, please use your full name so I may credit you in my Bibliograpy. Thanks in advance, and Happy Quilting! Jane Babcock, student, quilter, machine embroidery novice (from New Hampshire)

Date: 1/29/98 Time: 10:01 PM
Subject: Batik patterns
E-mail Address:

I'm looking for patterns that would work well with many batik fabrics. I have a stash of about 45 fat quarters in many colors. I have seen one called basket of flowers but all those triangles SCARE ME. Anyone seen a pattern I might consider? Or a quilt block that would work well in many batiks? THANKS

Date: 1/29/98 Time: 9:40 PM
Subject: rigid quilting discussions
E-mail Address: berzmom3

WOW, we're sharing about ourselves, how interesting I find it to envision my fellow quilters, those who like cats, dogs, both, neither, etc, etc, etc, and I hope that we continue to share in many areas about ourselves,
lighten up!!

Date: 1/29/98 Time: 9:38 PM
Subject: Cats and more
E-mail Address:

I feel sorry for gal in Canada (Christine?) - please, honey, relax a little. You'd enjoy life a lot more. My two little cats are a nuisance - shed, cough up hair balls, white hair on black pants, etc. If I don't want hair on the fabric, I keep it up off the floor and chairs. Simple. If there's hair, hey, get a tape roller and just take it off. Big deal. They also add joy, affection, stability to my life. I wouldn't be without them. Sophie's favorite place is on the ironing board, watching me, (although scared of the iron, thank goodness), although she recently discovered fleece on the floor. When I learned to stipple by machine, I used a practice piece, sandwiched like a quilt. Afterward, it became hers. She prefers it to anything else.

I'm still looking for teachers everyone - need info and opinions on your teaching style. E-mail me!

Carole - I'm looking for shops in MD for you. Hope you're getting feedback. Mailing to Europe is so expensive - we know, we mail to France regularly. I sympathize with Handcocks. But do you have other internet sites you look at? If not, please let me know. I think we could find you some good discounted quality fabric - we'll have to find out who will mail overseas.

Susan at Green Sheep Designs

Date: 1/29/98 Time: 9:29 PM
Subject: Finishing quilts
E-mail Address:

I'm am a beginner quilting. I enjoy piecing the tops together and a machine quilted my first one together. However, I like the machine quilt look, but I am not the best at sewing them together. Is there companies or persons who are available to finish the quilt once I get the top together. Any help would be appreciated. Please respond via email. Jessica

Date: 1/29/98 Time: 7:50 PM
Subject: quilted scrapbook cover
E-mail Address:

I'm planning a quilted scrapbook cover with the theme something along the lines of 1940's girls' baseball league (like in the movie "A League of Their Own") and was wondering if anyone out there has suggestions for fabrics or patterns (pieced or applique).
By the way, I'm not sure what the dog and cat ongoing thing is (I missed the original inquiry), but count me as a dog lover! (My min pin Rosco is never far from my lap, especially curled up under my quilt when I'm working on quilting!)

Date: 1/29/98 Time: 7:17 PM
Subject: I thought ???
E-mail Address:

I think the cat and dog information is neat. Everytime I read a posting I picture that cat(s) or the dog(s) on quilts. So for I've seen animals on about 50 different patterns - at least in my mind. Sorry for those we bother, but it only takes a second to scroll past a posting.

Date: 1/29/98 Time: 7:14 PM
Subject: dogs and cats
E-mail Address:

Although I too love animals, this is a quilting forum. There is probably another website that would appreciate your discussion of animals.

Date: 1/29/98 Time: 7:10 PM
E-mail Address: MCDOW@IBM.NET

iam looking for a pattern or instructions on how to
make a hankie quilt. seen one in a magazine years ago
but can not locate the magazine. hopefully someone
has this information, thankyou

Date: 1/29/98 Time: 6:49 PM
Subject: Quilt Store in Silver Spring MD wanted
E-mail Address:

Dear Fellow Quilters

My daughter is visiting Silver Spring, MD, at the beginning of March and has promised to get me some fabric to bring home to England, if I can find the address of a store. Last time she was there she said she looked all over but could not find anything except a Joanne's which she said had a dreadful selection. (This surprised me as I have always liked Joanne's when I visited Virginia).

She is prepared to drive a while to find a suitable store, but found wandering around aimlessly did not produce any results. She said she came across some Mennonite Stores, but they were closed for some reason. Please e-mail me if you can help as I am hoping to build up my fabric stash as reasonably as possible and want to get as many yards as possible for my dollars as long as the quality is OK. Last time she got me 10 yards only but had to pay $8 per yard. I would really appreciate any help in this direction especially as Hancocks of Paducah have now stopped the special offer of sending orders that are ordered via the Internet free of shipping charges, except for domestic orders. This was a big blow to me as they have always been my main fabric source and now they have charged me $27.30 shipping charges for sending only 14 yards of fabric.

Thanks in advance


Date: 1/29/98 Time: 6:17 PM
Subject: Quilts for Cats
E-mail Address:

Another vote for CATS. Someone posted a message that they should have quilts for cats...well, they do! I have shopped at a small store for special goodies for my four cats and my crazy bull terrier and found these adorable little quilts with organic cat nip sewn into the quilt. Needless to say, my cats prefer their quilts to mine. The quilts can be machine washed and you can insert more cat nip if you like. They have polyester batting and a percentage of the purchase price went as a donation to animal shelters This was created by a small company located in Maine called Cat's Meow.

Date: 1/29/98 Time: 5:57 PM
Subject: missing the state birds
E-mail Address:

This is my first attempt to locate something over the
Internet. My mom has a quilt which is blocks of
embroidered figures of the state bird and state flower
for the United States. She only has about half of the
pieces. Could anyone tell me where to get the patterns
so she can complete such a quilt?

Date: 1/29/98 Time: 5:37 PM
Subject: sunbonnet sue pattern
E-mail Address:

Eleanor Burns has a book called Sunbonnet Sue Visits Quilt in a Day. It has Sunbonnet Sue and Sam patterns in it

Date: 1/29/98 Time: 5:32 PM
Subject: Kaye Wood
E-mail Address:

Kaye Wood's homepage is

Date: 1/29/98 Time: 5:21 PM
Subject: Cats & Dogs
E-mail Address:

Yes, I vote for dogs, thank you very much. We have a sheltie, Toby Tyler. He looks like a little Lassie. More importantly, he looks like a little Reveille (from Texas A&M). GIG 'EM AGGIES! He is the sweetest dog ever, very loving, very protective, a real Daddy's boy, but won't go to bed until I'm thru sewing or whatever. Prefers vanilla wafers to any type of dog snack (much cheaper, too). Have a friend who has a part cat/part bobcat. Am not a cat person, but this is the sweetest, gentlest cat I have ever seen. Let's me hold him like a baby. His name is Bob, of course. Don't really think I should get Toby and Bob together, tho. Toby likes to sleep on my projects-in-the-making, but he really has to have a pillow for his head. He minds much better than my 18 & 22 year old sons, too. And just think: NO COLLEGE TUITION! Since he was the easiest puppy to house train, I just know he would be at the top of his class, tho.

Date: 1/29/98 Time: 4:44 PM
Subject: I am looking for an old pattern
E-mail Address: CMo8504679

I am looking for the book or actual pattern of the old Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Sam. If you know of a copy or title of a book where I could find it, please e-mail me. I am willing to share patterns.

Date: 1/29/98 Time: 4:41 PM
Subject: Dachsunds do quilting
E-mail Address:

Each of my four pups came home wrapped in a quilt. They have their own quilts and the only place you'd catch them sleeping is a sunny spot on the floor or on top of their quilt. They enjoy quilts in progress too, but know that they are much better when they are finished. Maggie, Patrick, Lucy and Suzy send their regards!

Date: 1/29/98 Time: 4:38 PM
Subject: Pets
E-mail Address:

Count me for two cats. Both were strays, one a kitten we named Flop because of a neurological problem the vet says was caused by the mother cat having feline panleukopenia prior to the kitten's birth. Please, all you pet owners, keep up with their shots and get your pets "fixed" if you don't have people begging for your pups or kittens in advance. Flop likes to sleep on my fabric, so I try to leave out what hasn't been washed yet and close her out if she has gotten wet or muddy. You should see DH when I tell him I have to buy more fabric so Flop will have some to sleep on! Mr Black was full grown when he moved in, he just likes to steal my thimbles and play with them, only interested in fabric when it's moving, then "catches" it. I have to warn him off or put him outside while I'm ironing. Dogs are OK, but I'll keep my cats. Jane in Ohio

Date: 1/29/98 Time: 3:52 PM
Subject: Another Vote for Dogs
E-mail Address:

I wouldn't be without my dog!! our last dog was a bichon frise WHICH DO NOT SHED. He was the best company for me when I sewed. He sat in one chair next to my machine, watched me and never passed judgement when I made a mistake or swore loudly. Our present dog is a cairn terrier (like Toto from wizard of oz). She sometimes sits in the chair across the room, but at basting time, she will be found in the middle of the quilt!!!! She was abandoned as a puppy and sticks to me like lint on linen. Sometimes she lays on my feet while I sew and makes the machine go faster. BUT...when I sit on the couch to do my handquilting, she sits on the opposite end!!!! If only the husband and child were so well trained!! LOL!!!!!!!!!! j.

Date: 1/29/98 Time: 2:30 PM
Subject: Kay Woods Web Site
E-mail Address:

Thank You so much for the information on serging a quilt. I have been searching for a web site for Kay Woods so that I may order her book, no luck yet. Would you happen to have her e-mail or web URL?

Date: 1/29/98 Time: 12:23 PM
Subject: man's best friend
E-mail Address: berzmom3

Two bowsers here, a beagle who is much too spoiled named "Bailey" why likes to jump into my lap when I'm sewing at my machine, and a beagle/terrier mix named "Candy" who wraps around my chair as I work. They are with me to the wee hours, never ask for anything in return, and provide unconditional support of my addiction. They never complain when I'm "fat", love me when I'm pms, never mention that the toilets are growing stuff..... but of course this is my choice and I wouldn't have it any other way! Lisa

Date: 1/29/98 Time: 12:15 PM
Subject: information on best quilting machines
E-mail Address:

I am trying to decide which quilting machine to buy and I would like to hear from people who have one, what type, and if you like it or if you have had trouble with it. I got the videos from two of them but am having trouble deciding.
Thanks for help.

Date: 1/29/98 Time: 11:48 AM
Subject: The truth about cats and dogs
E-mail Address:

I have two cats, one dogs, all very hairy. I have very long hair so if it wasn't for my animals getting their hair all over my quilts it would be me shedding on 'em! I have a wonderful large kitchen/dining room floor and when my friends need to pin a large quilt they come to my house. They also know that there's a very good chance that their quilt will get a tad hairy, but we decided that's what washing machines are for. My pets are my pack and pals. They "help" whenever they can.

Date: 1/29/98 Time: 10:26 AM
Subject: animals and quilts
E-mail Address:

i have a cat and a kid and both have always been
involved in my quilting. my cat always lays on my
quilt while i am hand quilting. as for the woman
who sayed she didn't want the cat hair, and even her
child knew enough to stay away is in my opinion missing
the whole idea of quilting! to share! my son always
helps me baste, as well as other things. i simply
wash them when i'm finished and you'd never know!
to me the object of quilting is to relax and enjoy!

Date: 1/29/98 Time: 9:29 AM
Subject: pets....
E-mail Address:

We have been pet-less until now because my DH
had bad experiences as a kid paperboy with dogs
(if you know what I mean) and I am terribly allergic
to cats. But we now are the granparents of twin
girl guinee pigs which our boys got for Christmas.
They are so sweet that I find myself holding them
in the evening instead of quilting.
I do plan to make them some quilts because they love
to play in towels and I am sure they won't be
fussy about the patterns.
score: dogs 10 cats 10 guinee pigs 1
by the way...for those of you who think the little
caged rodents are stinky as I did...So far they are
cleaner than the kids...LOL

Date: 1/29/98 Time: 8:47 AM
Subject: Serging a Quilt
E-mail Address:

You may have seen one of the Kay Woods PBS TV shows in which she demonstrated the technique. In fact, I was on the show with her and she "taught" me how to make this quilt. Her book about the technique is titled "The 6-Hour Quilt". She has a web site and email and the book can be ordered directly from her.
While she demonstrated making a crib size quilt, the technique is expandable to a full-size quilt.

Holice Turnbow

Date: 1/29/98 Time: 7:46 AM
Subject: Cats and Dogs - UGH!!!
E-mail Address:

It hasn't been posted yet, so I will put my vote in for not having ANY cats OR dogs around my quilt projects. I went to a friends last week to watch Gone With the Wind, quilt and cry. I cried more about my quilt getting all hairy from her pets than I did over Scarlet.

I spend a lot of money on my quilting projects and I don't want them ruined with a slathering of hair, mud or fur balls adorning the beautifully appliqued centre! My two year old son even keeps a respectful distance to my quilt projects.

Pets, in my opinion, are great company for walking or playing in the yard - but they can keep their paws, dander and upset stomaches off my quilts.

Christine, who has no pets in her house, in Canada

Date: 1/29/98 Time: 1:18 AM
Subject: Cats, Dogs & Quilts
E-mail Address:

I'm so glad to be reading about everyone's cats and dogs. I had thought mine were just strange.
We currently have 5 cats and 3 dogs (English Cockers). All I have to do is bring out a quilt to work on and I've got at least 3 cats on top of it. One of my cats HAS to get into my sewing room to sleep on quilts in progress for at least an hour a day. With basting its the dogs. Maybe the soloution is to make them their own quilts! Carol

Date: 1/28/98 Time: 11:41 PM
Subject: Dogs and Cats
E-mail Address:

What a great time for the dog/cat thing to come up. I love both dogs and cats, but only have a dog, and adorable little Chinese Pug named Tug. Tug tests all my quilts for softness and sleepability. She also has two quilts of her own. Just finished her new one this past week and took it to my quilt guild meeting for show & tell. Some members were quite shocked that I would actually make a quilt just for a dog. So glad to hear there are others as indulgent of their pets as I am. aren't pets wonderful!! and such good judges of character too!!!

Date: 1/28/98 Time: 11:10 PM
Subject: pattern
E-mail Address:

I am looking for a pattern for a small wall-hanging designed to look like little vests that open and are hanging on hangers. I think it might be called "Secret Investments" because there are tiny pockets inside. If you know of this pattern or where I can locate it, please contact me. Thanks.

Date: 1/28/98 Time: 8:54 PM
Subject: Cats and Dogs
E-mail Address:

We have George and Maggie, Cocker Spaniels, who have their own quilt made by me for the back of the Explorer. We also have Bessie, a calico, who has several of her own quilts spritzed around the house. Her favorite part of quilting is the basting part. Wonderful place to leap. That wide expanse of fabric suspended in air is great. George always lies on the sofa in my sewing room while I'm working while Maggie "guards" the house from inside the family room. Also have 4 "grandcats", two in Bosston and 2 in Alexandria. Each set has their own quilt. Have made Topsy Turvy Cats for my sewing room wall and Jazz Cats from The Cats Meow. Equal opportunity here. (Note: My husband's favorite part is the hand quilting because he puts the end I'm not workinh on over himself on the cold winter nights in Rochester, NY!) Pats to all the pets! Lynn from Rochester.

Date: 1/28/98 Time: 7:57 PM
Subject: Western Print Fabric
E-mail Address:

I am looking for Western Print Fabric for quilting and upholstery.
If anyone knows where I could find any I would appreciate it very much.

Date: 1/28/98 Time: 7:54 PM
Subject: First Wedding Ring Quilt Binding
E-mail Address:

I am about to cut a bias binding as shown in Fons and Porter's book The Complete Guide to Quilting. Can anyone give me some advice when I machine stitch the binding to the scalloped curves and how do you make the turn at the junction of the curves?

Date: 1/28/98 Time: 7:34 PM
Subject: 8 inch winter scene quilt block
E-mail Address:

I am a new quilter and just joined a quilt guild
and we just started an exchange of an eight inch
winter scene quilt block. If anyone has a pattern or knows where to get
one please let me know.
Thank You,
Glenda Hart

Date: 1/28/98 Time: 7:23 PM
Subject: rebel block
E-mail Address:

I am looking for a quilt block called the rebel block. Has anyone heard of it and where could I get a pattern.

Date: 1/28/98 Time: 7:00 PM
Subject: Cat/Dog survey
E-mail Address:

Have to put me in the CAT category. My quilting kitty was a stray from beautiful Deep Creek Lake, Maryland, and L'Oreal has to watch my every stitch to make sure I'm doing a good enough job!

Date: 1/28/98 Time: 6:17 PM
Subject: Needle and thread magazine
E-mail Address:

I am trying to find an old issue of Needle and Thread magazine (november/december 1983). Can seem to find my way through www. Is the magazine still published? Any direction is appreciated. thanks. Penny

Date: 1/28/98 Time: 6:04 PM
Subject: Quilter's Dream Cotton Batting
E-mail Address:

For information about this product, write or call:

Kelsul, Inc
3205 Foxgrove Ln
Chesapeake, VA 23321
757/484-7611 or

Date: 1/28/98 Time: 5:24 PM
Subject: Quilters Dream Batting information
E-mail Address:

I am looking for info on the product called "Quilters Dream" quilt batting. I would like to know about the co., where to but it , a shop or mail order etc and the prices. Thank you Jaydee Price

Date: 1/28/98 Time: 4:13 PM
E-mail Address:

To all who were so very kind to help us with our quilt for breast cancer... your blocks are just wonderful and thank you, thank you. We are just amazed at all the different colors and can't wait until Feb. when we hope to have all the blocks back. Please if any one has not yet sent their block back.. please do..asap. Every block is important to us. I am sad to say that this quilt has taken on a new meaning for those of us who planned it... a very good friend of ours just found out that she has breast cancer and will have surgery on Tues. thank you all for helping, Carol

Date: 1/28/98 Time: 3:32 PM
Subject: Fish Pictures/Nice Friend
E-mail Address:

First - One of our quilters mentioned using a fish to paint on a t-shirt. I have also done this with my class during an ocean unit. We painted the fish and made prints on paper. The kids really liked doing this. I have done it in workshops with children as young as 3rd grade. This would work well at a
Bible School if you are talking about Jesus the fishermen of men. We used 3 colors - one for head and fins, one for body and one for eye. Just a thought. Wait a minute - what about on a quilt !! The juices are flowing :)

Second - Arent' I lucky to have Teresa Hester here and ya'll out there. She didn't tell me what she was going to post. Made me cry - truly. She is a friend of the first degree. I can never find ways to repay her for all she does for me.


Holice thanks for posting my earlier notes. He left out that he arranged for the material and batting :)

Kay 4-More States to Go Johnson

Date: 1/28/98 Time: 3:26 PM
Subject: "ribbet".......frogs
E-mail Address: berzmom3

There is a wonderful pieced quilt pattern in "Quilts For Kids" by Carolann Palmer, publisher, That Patchwork Place (of course....) Frogs as far as the eye can see.All the patterns in this book are for both large i.e. 72" x 88" quilts, as well as baby size 48" x 64", I do really love this book and love the frog blocks! Good luck. Lisa in MA where we're waiting for the next storm to hit...

Date: 1/28/98 Time: 2:31 PM
Subject: L. Iseman-AU
E-mail Address:

Thank you for the wonderful squishy. Got it yesterday. Have tried to e-mail you and it keeps bouncing (even with your new address). Please get in touch with me

Date: 1/28/98 Time: 1:51 PM
Subject: Kay Johnson's Message
E-mail Address:

I just received a message from Kay asking that I post information for her since she is unable to get directly into the net and this Bulletin Board.
I will quote some and paraphrase other parts of the message.

1. Fabric has been donated for sashing and backing
2. Batting has also been donated.
3. "Quilters from Maryland, Missouri, South Carolina, Kentucky and North Dakota are now part of the group. That means we are down to 4 !!!"
4. She is trying to get all squares by March 1 since National Quilting Day is March 21 (a Saturday) She hopes they can quilt on March 19 and 20, which would be a neat tie in.

5. She has her fingers crossed that pictures will be up on the net by late next week (maybe around the 4th) She has found a source to post pictures.

She will keep everyone posted and hopes to be back on line by Friday.

Date: 1/28/98 Time: 12:33 PM
Subject: frogs
E-mail Address: berzmom3

not sure if first message posted, can't find the darned thing, that's what I get for trying to type with my 4 yo in lap....there's a great frog pattern in a book called Quilts for Kids, by Carolann Palmer, published by That Patchwork Place. It is a pieced pattern and is very user friendly. hope this helps. Lisa

Date: 1/28/98 Time: 12:31 PM
Subject: Cats or dogs
E-mail Address:

We are DOG ONLY people - don't like cats - never have never will. I refuse to buy anything cat related - with cats, about cats, cats printed on it, etc. Also only like medium sized or big dogs, some small dogs can be as bad as cats. (Sorry, very opinionated, huh?!) My dog sat on my feet under my sewing table and when I was sitting and quilting. He loved it when I had a quilt spread out on the floor for basting and pinning, and would get as close as possible until told to move. He's gone now and we are looking for another to share our home. Dogs complete a family.

Date: 1/28/98 Time: 10:01 AM
Subject: Color Suggestions??
E-mail Address:

I'm in the process of cross-stitching alphabet letters for a baby quilt. They are of various colors, and a mix of pastels and bold. I am going to piece them together to make a quilt, and I am unsure as to what to do for the border pieces (whole border as well as the strips that separate the blocks). The strips will be 1 1/2". Any suggestions for color or patterns?

Date: 1/28/98 Time: 9:38 AM
Subject: Dogs and Cats
E-mail Address:

Add me to the "dog" lovers list. I have 2 Shelties and they are real hairbags. Thankfully, they do not crawl in my lap...too big, but they do lay right at my feet no matter where I am or what I am doing. So I am constantly crawling over sleeping dogs when I am trying to get from my sewing machine with this quilt in my hands, to get to the ironing board.
I wouldn't trade them for the world!!

Date: 1/28/98 Time: 9:22 AM
Subject: Frog Quilt
E-mail Address:

There is a delightful frog quilt made with squares
and triangles at:
Check out the quilt book "Frog Frenzy" at the
new book site
Hope this helps.
Sha in Baltimore

Date: 1/28/98 Time: 9:00 AM
Subject: Pieced Frog Block
E-mail Address:

I am also looking for a frog block. I would like the info on a pieced or foundation pieced block. My daughter is a frog fanatic. I recently purchased some really colorful frog fabrics to do a border but would love a simple pieced frog to make the blocks. Thanks in advance for any help. I too enjoyed reading about Kay and her kids. I wish you well, Kay!

Shirley in South Carolina

Date: 1/28/98 Time: 4:28 AM
Subject: Folded Squares
E-mail Address:

Hi Kim, from what your friend described I'm pretty sure what you're looking for is "Cathedral Windows". The instructions on how to do it are in 'The Quilter Ultimate Visual Guide', a book from Rodale Books.

Rodale Press, Inc.
Book Readers' Service
33 East Minor Street
Emmaus, PA 18098
They also have a web site:

If someone hasn't already sent them to you let me know and I'll send you a copy of mine.

Happy Quilting,
Cher in BC Canada

P.S. Kay, Welcome Back!

Date: 1/28/98 Time: 12:34 AM
Subject: frog quilt
E-mail Address:

i'm looking for a frog quilt pattern. i have a friend who ask me about this pattern, i've never seen one, so if anybody out there knows whst this is please let me know

Date: 1/27/98 Time: 10:53 PM
Subject: Cats and Quilts
E-mail Address:

Add my vote for cats and quilts.They are company in the sewing room.
Mine lay on the fabric that is sometimes folded on the floor.
Also,Kay allowed me to send her the Block for Alberta,Canada
and I was thrilled to do it.Hope she still has enough energy to
finish her world project after the US one.
I really admire the project and hope she can finish it to prove
to herself she did it.GO KAY!!
Pam in sunny Alberta.

Date: 1/27/98 Time: 10:36 PM
Subject: A vote for cats
E-mail Address:

My vote is for cats. We have three. The smallest and orneriest will come racing from the other end of the house if I spread out a quilt or a quilt top. She has to claim it. She and her brother adore safety pins...they bite at them. I have to be very careful to get them all picked up and put away! Shirley in Kansas

Date: 1/27/98 Time: 10:28 PM
Subject: 1. abbreviations, 2. miniatures, 3. printing
E-mail Address:

1. DH is dear husband. For other quilting/on-line abbreviations there is a site:
It has truly educated me.

2. For those responding to the request for URL of sites for miniature quilts, please post to the bb as I am interested, too.

3. FWIW (for what it's worth) this past summer at a street bazaar in sunny Southern California, my DH and I bought t-shirts printed with fish using acrylic paint. The artist--she was personally manning her booth--said she just used the fish, painted them with the paint and used them to print the shirts, as well as aprons, bags etc. The t-shirts are soft and just toss into the washer and dryer.

Kathy in South Central Washington

Date: 1/27/98 Time: 10:21 PM
Subject: Dogs and cats
E-mail Address:

Dog/quilt lover. I have two great dogs. Ones a Catahoola and ones a Schnauzer. And I have only one far...many more to come!!!

Date: 1/27/98 Time: 10:17 PM
Subject: Fabrics by Spectrix
E-mail Address:

I am looking for coordinating fabric! Help! It is called "Peace Creek Collection copyright 1996 for Fabrics by Spectrix" I have a blue fabric and a mustard fabric with fly looking things (it really is cute) on it. If you know of the matching fabrics or where I could find them it would be appreciated!
Cathy in Texas

Date: 1/27/98 Time: 9:49 PM
Subject: DH
E-mail Address:

What exactly does DH stand for.. i have an idea but just want to be sure!
Amy in Oklahoma

Date: 1/27/98 Time: 9:44 PM
Subject: Dogs & CATS & Quilting
E-mail Address: tina@northcoast

add me to list of cat-loving quilters. Cats are fine companions to
lie on quilts and snuggle at your feet at the machine
but I cannot abide by a dog who has to "snorf"
everything in your lap. Cats and quilters out number the dog
in this house!

Date: 1/27/98 Time: 9:13 PM
Subject: Kay's Kids
E-mail Address:

Hi everyone! I'm Kay's teacher friend Teresa. I just wanted to say a special thank you to all of Kay's supporters. The students are very excited about this project. As Kay showed these squares to me as they came in, I was amazed at the response. I know she never expected to hear from so many wonderful people. I feel that the world is definately a better place from all of the wonderful notes and responses that she received. I wish that I could share the excitement on the kid's faces when all of those packages came in. This project means so much to them and to Kay. Our whole school is waiting and watching. The newspaper article was terrific and I do hope there will be some way to share it. You all have made this project a huge success for Kay and the kids. It will be finished because I will be standing behind her with the support that she needs. She really is a great idea person but she always says she needs me to help tie the loose strings. Thank you again for your love and support of my friend. You are truly a great group .
Teresa Hester

Date: 1/27/98 Time: 8:41 PM
Subject: Pattern Enlarger
E-mail Address:

My sister-in-law's birthday is in April. She has asked for a pattern enlarger for the past two years. I have been unable to find one. She claims she has seen them in quilting/crafts magazines for around $40.00 but she is unable to remember which magazine. Has anyone run across one? Please e-mail me at Thanks for your help.

Date: 1/27/98 Time: 8:29 PM
Subject: "folded" book
E-mail Address:


could the book your friend is looking fo be, "folded fabric fun" - easy folded ornaments, pillows, purses, totes and more. the auuthor is nancy j. martin. the publisher is that patchwork place and the isbn is 0-943574-69-2. i purchased it just before christmas, this year at the quiled apple in phoenix. the cover is in color and has a vai=riety of ornaments on the botom of a tree, a tote bag, a towel top and coaster/hot pads in red and green. does this help?

pat in sunny, warm, i still have the windows open, phoenix

Date: 1/27/98 Time: 8:26 PM
Subject: Paradise Island, Bahamas
E-mail Address:

I will be attending a convention at Atlantis Resort, Bahamas, weekend of Feb 6 (sitting in meetings most of the time, according to the agenda, oh darn oh darn). Will play hooky if I have to to find a quilt shop (oh joy oh joy). Any travel - shopping tips? Flying into Nassau. Thanks & Happy Quilting! JJ

Date: 1/27/98 Time: 8:23 PM
Subject: Quilting Dogs and Cats
E-mail Address:

Add me to the survey for one of each. The cat sleeps on the quilt while it is on the quilting frame - makes a good cat hammock. The dog sleeps on the quilt after it is finished. Aren't they wonderful creatures :-)

Date: 1/27/98 Time: 8:11 PM
Subject: Dog Lover
E-mail Address:

Just wanted to register my name as a dog/quilt lover. I have two chocolate labs (mom and baby) and they are precious!! Nothing against cats, just a DH that's allergic and I don't like the emergency room!!!

Date: 1/27/98 Time: 7:54 PM
Subject: Folded "Patchwork"
E-mail Address:

There is a book published by "That Patchwork Place" (I believe) that describes the technique you are looking for. I have the book, and in, fact, had it in my hands recently. However, only the angels in heaven know where the book is now. I'll find it one day when I'm looking for something else. You are correct, the technique is like oragami where squares of fabric are folded and secured initially with a drop of fabric glue and later stitched down, usually at the points. If you will send me an email, I'll send you more details, when I find the book.
Holice Turnbow

Date: 1/27/98 Time: 7:16 PM
Subject: "Foldy" Stuff Patterns
E-mail Address:

Hi Kim--Just got my Connecting Threads Spring Catalogue. On the back page there is a product called "Foldy" Stuff Patterns. There are 5 different designs. Round Cabin, Miniatures, Pineapple, Log Cabin and Courthouse Steps. It is fabric foundation piecing, using folded fabric strips. Call 1 800 574-6454 to have a free cataloque sent out.
Hope this helps.
Brenda in B.C., Canada

Date: 1/27/98 Time: 6:26 PM
Subject: Need Help...Again!
E-mail Address:

I have a friend who is looking for a paper folding/quilted/block pattern. She says she saw it demonstrated five years or so ago. Evidently, you take a square of fabric, fold it in certain ways ("origami style" is the closest she can describe), sew across the folds, to "set" them, and join them with others of their kind to make a quilt. I showed her paper-piecing, and she said that was NOT it.

We asked my 100+ member guild last night, and no one was familiar with this process. I've found a paper folding web-site, but this style uses fabric stiffner to make boxes and ornaments. Not quite what we're looking for.

Anyone out there have any ideas?

Always, my gratitude,

Kim in NV

P.S. For Kathy and her pet'll have to put me down for a cat and a cat monopolizes my quilt projects AS I'M PUTTING THEM TOGETHER, and my dog takes them over AFTER THEY'RE FINISHED. What's worse, my cat is a long-hair black kitty, and the dog is a short-hair white puppy, so forget ever trying to coordinate animal hair with quilt colours!

Date: 1/27/98 Time: 5:53 PM
Subject: 100% cotton winnie the pooh fabric
E-mail Address:

I am looking for Winnie the Pooh fabric in 100% cotton for a quilt I am making...a baby quilt. Does any one know where I can find it?

Date: 1/27/98 Time: 5:36 PM
Subject: Softening stiff and hard fabric
E-mail Address:

Why is it that some cotton fabrics are a lot stiffer than others - especially dark colours. Just pre-washing doesn't seem to help. Can anyone give me any ideas on how to soften them? I hand quilt and these rogues just "feel wrong". Also, applique is murder!



P.S. To Kay. John Elway did go, didn't he!! (To 3.00 am in this country)

Date: 1/27/98 Time: 5:07 PM
Subject: printing
E-mail Address:

I am an artist who has a new interest, QUILTS! I want to find out what is the best substance to use for block printing fabric such as unbleached muslin or any cotton. I don't think I really like acrylic paint because it seems like it would make the fabric too stiff. I need to use some method that will be absorbed into the fibers of the fabric rather than just sitting on top. Any suggestions sure would help. Thanks and happy sewing.


Date: 1/27/98 Time: 4:23 PM
Subject: Miniature Quilt Lovers
E-mail Address:

Are there any sites on the web that deal with Miniature Quilts? Please e-mail me.

Date: 1/27/98 Time: 3:36 PM
Subject: Kay and the Kids
E-mail Address:

I just wanted to say that I have kept up with reading Kay's notes, I didn't send a block. I have found such great pleasure that there was someone out there with such a wonderful project that included children, I have a 5th grader. I wish my daughter had such a teacher as Kay. Too those who had doubts about Kay, can you actually blame them? In today society it seems that we tend to always find negativity and as an instinct that is what comes out first. I don't blame anyone for double checking anything becauses of those instincts. I am extremely pleased to know that the doubting people were proven wrong because it shows that Kay is a terrific person, doing something to benefit children. In the future those 5th graders in Alabama will have some memories that no one will ever take away from them. Good luck to Kay and the 5th Graders on the completion of their quilt. Congradulations to those who participated with the blocks for the quilt, you are wonderful people.

Date: 1/27/98 Time: 3:29 PM
Subject: Seeking Teaching Info
E-mail Address:

I am currently doing research on teaching quilting. I would like to hear from a wide range of teachers, with varied background, experience level, and subjects of expertise. (Don't be shy!) I want to discuss any special techniques you use, class format, how to best pass this wonderful art to students. If you would like to put in your two cents worth, please e-mail for further information and specifics, within the next two months. (Deadline March 31.) Thanks in advance. Green Sheep Designs

Date: 1/27/98 Time: 1:43 PM
Subject: kay and directory assistance
E-mail Address:

I go through phases of responding on the BB and just "lurking;" am apparently in
responding mode right now!

1. As a psychologist, I can attest to Kay's statements that she starts feeling better, comes off her meds,
then feels worse and can't find the energy to start herself up again. I have had several clients report
similar stories. I have been really pleased to see the level of support expressed for Kay throughout
this process. I also certainly understand the nasty feeling that you've been "scammed," having had that
experience myself through the Trading Post. No one should be attacked for voicing such concerns - isn't that
what this is all about - voicing questions and concerns and having someone to verify or dispute them? However,
I also know it takes a lot of courage to face your supporters when you're already feeling bad about yourself;
Kay I applaud you for doing so, and am glad to see so many others support you.

2. As for the contact with Directory Assistance, and being told that no such school or person exists in their
listings, let me simply say this: don't trust everything you hear from the operator. I contacted D.A. to get
the phone number for the University of Wisconsin La Crosse, and was told repeatedly that there was no such
place; she could only locate the UW Madison number. Never mind that I was looking directly at the Web Page for
UW which listed the La Crosse campus, AND that I have a friend attending that school! Clearly, you may need to
make more than one contact to get the information you seek.


Date: 1/27/98 Time: 12:12 PM
Subject: Small Tapestries
E-mail Address:

My wife Lyn makes small tapestries (say 9' by 7'). She wants to insert these into cushions in a professional way but doesn't know how. Can anybody point me to where someone in-the-know can help her? I say the answer will be on the WWW but she's sceptical. Don't let me down!

Date: 1/27/98 Time: 11:31 AM
Subject: Kaffe Fassett Fabric
E-mail Address:

In The Beginning Fabrics in Seattle is selling Kaffe Fassett yarn die yardage @ $8.75/yd. The following url will take you directly to their online catalog:
Happy shopping!

Date: 1/27/98 Time: 9:33 AM
Subject: thread question
E-mail Address:

I have been told four good reasons to use all cotton
thread when possible.
1) We have cottons that are 100s of years old and
we know how to preserve them...we are not sure about
the polyester because it's only about 50 years old
and there isn't alot of old quilts put together with it.
2) If you use a poly batting, the fibers from the
batting will try to join the fibers in the threads
and fabrics. So it is possible to get bearding
around poly thread.
3) Cotton stretches less and is better for your
sewing machine.
4) Cotton is a renewable resource.
Hope this helps you decide. The only benifits of
poly I see is the color choice and availability.

Date: 1/27/98 Time: 1:05 AM
Subject: My first memory quilt story
E-mail Address:

I love reading about a specific quilt's story of how it was named. Here is my first "memory quilt" story. It's a gut buster.

Last summer I had the opportunity to work with a group of "at risk" kids at my work. I decided the kids would benifit from the designing and piecing of a memory quilt from all of the group's activities. The kids accepted my challenge enthusiastically, deciding on fabric markers to draw pictures on 9 X 9 inch blocks of white material to save time. Cheerful and VERY colorful strips were placed between the blocks for spacers. The last week we were to be together, the quilt was completed, but we still didn't have a name.

During a lunch break, one of our staff had to remind several of the children of appropriate behavior on the playground. They were playing a version of hopscotch ( the rules appeared to have been modified to include tackling the person "hopping"). To this day the words of my coworker still echo in my head.

"Uh guys... Hopscotch is NOT a contact sport."
I knew then we had the name for our quilt.

"A Hopscotch Summer" is now being displayed at our local community center. What a wonderful accomplishment the kids achieved! My only hope is that many years from now the kids will see their quilt and be reminded of all the things they learned that summer. I know I will!


Date: 1/27/98 Time: 1:01 AM
Subject: Cats, dogs & postage stamp quilts
E-mail Address:

To Kathy: There is a pattern for the Postage Stamp quilt in "Better Homes & Gardens America's Heritage Quilts" 1991. It is out of print so check your Library. I made a scrappy Postage Stamp and it took forever to piece, but was a lot of fun.
To Pat & Kathy: If you are really going to do a survey on how many "cat people" or "dog people" are quilters you will have to add me to your list of "dog people". This is just because the cat is greatly outnumbered--the two corgis and the schipperke hog whatever quilt I'm working on! When I complete a quilt it takes several days and a whole lot of masking tape to get all the fur off!! I believe quilters tend to have pets because we are caring people. True?
Deanna on the very wet/windy Olympic Peninsula.

Date: 1/26/98 Time: 9:44 PM
Subject: chat rooms
E-mail Address:

To Tess, and any one else interested go to
they have live chat rooms. also classifieds
and alot of neat things.
Hope this helps. Pat in sunny Texas(today) 8^)

Date: 1/26/98 Time: 9:21 PM
Subject: Glue on fabric from rollers at factory
E-mail Address:

Have this fabric that is good fabric but...when it was rolled at the factory this wonderful black stuff stuck to it. Have washed it and dried it. Some of it came off in the lint thingee. If I stand and pick it off, it does come off. But it is a JOB. I have approximately 3.5 yards of this stuff (given to me free by a wholesaler) and it is wonderful fall fabric but...
Help. Is there another way to get this off without totally losing my mind? Thanks

Date: 1/26/98 Time: 8:57 PM
Subject: Kaffe Fassett fabric
E-mail Address:

I'm looking for Kaffe Fassett's new line of wonderful woven stripes. Does anyone know where I might find yardage, not fat 1/4. Thank you! Martha

Date: 1/26/98 Time: 8:51 PM
Subject: Quilting Software
E-mail Address:

I am considering some quilting software. I've noticed that VQuilt is much cheaper than the others. Please share your recommendations with me. Thank you for your help. Judy

Date: 1/26/98 Time: 8:34 PM
Subject: Scraps
E-mail Address:

This is probably asking for trouble, since this BB is available to the world and there's no telling what kind of response I'll get, but here goes.... Are any of you interested in getting rid of your scraps? I'm talking "quilter's cottons," of course, and probably nothing smaller than 3 inches square (although not literally square!). I understand one can send about two pounds of fabric for $3 (and I would pay the postage and provide you with an SASE large enough). This would, of course, mean your having to schlepp to the P.O. because of their new "big package" regulations. I can only afford to pay a small price for the scraps themselves--probably no more than $2 or $3 per pound. But if you're inundated with scraps, this might be something to consider. I like all colors and almost all patterns. Please feel free to e-mail me if you'd like to discuss this further. Thanks so much! Tess 8-)

Date: 1/26/98 Time: 8:24 PM
Subject: Quilting Chatrooms?
E-mail Address:

Is anyone aware of any "real time" chatrooms specifically for quilters? I don't have AOL or CompuServe (and I've heard both of those servers have quilt chat rooms), so would be interested in any info you are able to provide. This BB is nice, but it would be fun to actually talk to some of you! Also, I recently joined QuiltBee here on-line and thought I read in their info about a chatroom but cannot locate it--again, any info...? Thanks for your help! Tess 8-)

Date: 1/26/98 Time: 7:32 PM
Subject: Quiltak Basting Gun
E-mail Address:

Here is a tip I just came across to end the
frustration of breaking tacks. The night before
you plan on using the gun, take as many tacks as
you feel you will need to baste the quilt (make
sure you have enough), place them in a dish of
hot tap water over night. When ready to start
basting, add fresh warm water, drying off strips
before placing in gun. This replaces the
moisture in the plastic and prevents breakage by
almost 100%. I got this tip off the net and don't
use the basting gun myself as of yet. Sounds
logical though. Sandy

Date: 1/26/98 Time: 7:24 PM
Subject: Trains
E-mail Address:

There is a very good pattern for a paper pieced train
in the quilt book "More Paper Piecing Patterns" by
Shirley Liby. I ordered this book through . I made two versions of the
train for my grandsons. If you would like to see
one of my finished wallhangings it can be seen on
my web page
The book has a circus train and passanger train along
with many other easy to make patterns of animals.
Hope this helps.
Sha in Baltimore

Date: 1/26/98 Time: 6:29 PM
Subject: cancelled quilt show
E-mail Address:

Just tried four times to post a message to the Radisson regarding the cancelled quilt show in NJ.
Was unable to get the message through - server was too busy. Maybe that's a sign that we're jamming the

As someone noted earlier with the toliet paper controversy, we need to remember that we have power in numbers.
Let these businesses know that quilters do talk, and we use hotels for LOTS of reasons (I have business meetings that
I attend, too, and a few of us DO take vacations)!

sharon bowman

Date: 1/26/98 Time: 6:05 PM
Subject: butterfly block
E-mail Address:

My recommendation to the quilter seeking a pieced butterfly block is to check
Barbara Brackman's Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns. I don't have mine
here with me, but I know there are butterflies in it. It's a great book to have as
a source book, expensive but worth it. I know there others on this BB who agree,
judging by postings I've seen here in the past.


Date: 1/26/98 Time: 5:34 PM
Subject: Fruit and Ants fabric
E-mail Address:

I am in desperate need of a fabric that is a red and white check pattern with large black ants carrying raspberries, apples, bananas, cherries and blueberries on it! Can anyone help?
Canberra, Australia

Date: 1/26/98 Time: 4:55 PM
Subject: thread
E-mail Address:

When machine piecing should I use 100% cotton
thread? What about all-purpose thread? My quilt
top is 100% cotton fabric. Any advice? Thanks!

Date: 1/26/98 Time: 4:24 PM
Subject: pricing quilts
E-mail Address:

Greetings All! I remember following the discussion earlier on how to price hand-quilted pieces by the spool of thread, but
what about for those of us who machine piece and quilt? My mother's local guild prices things based on size, no mater the
stitching or piecing involved. How do you price the treasures you have made? A local shop has offered to display my quilts
for sale, and I'd like to come up with something reasonable and fair. I'm afriad that people won't understand why 2
quilts of the same size might be priced differently. HELP!! I'd be more than happy to compile email answers and post
suggestions as a whole. Thanks for all of your help! -Jo

Date: 1/26/98 Time: 4:19 PM
Subject: Kays Kids
E-mail Address:

I just returned from our Blessed are the Piecemakers retreat and found a posting from Kay that she needs a block from North Dakota. I would love to stitch a quilt block for her project using all of the quilting knowledge I gained this past weekend!

Thanks to everyone that sent me ideas for our retreat. It was a success with over 40 quilters. We had "sew" much fun!

Your Sister-in-Stitches!
Ruth Jelinek

Date: 1/26/98 Time: 1:13 PM
Subject: Kay and Kids Postings
E-mail Address:

Yes, I have been keeping a copy of the postings around this project from the beginning. They are in a binder which will be mailed to Kay when she feels that the postings are probably completed.

Date: 1/26/98 Time: 1:00 PM
Subject: pencil marks
E-mail Address:

Help!!! I know that I have seen the solution to my problem somewhere, but where? I have just appliqued an Eeyore. While tracing the facial features, the fabric slipped. So I repostioned it and thought I would just erase the mistake...WRONG!!! Now that Eeyor is done, how do I get the pencil mark off of his face? Stupidly, I just used a #2 pencil. Thanks to anyone who can help me!
Stupid Sue in Texas

Date: 1/26/98 Time: 12:47 PM
Subject: trains
E-mail Address:

Hi quilting friends. I am new to this. so bear with
me. I am looking for a quilt pattern regarding
trains. Preferably a pieced square of the different
cars (engine,flat,caboose). This will be for my
2 grandsons, so nothing to complicated. I do not
like to applica, will if I have to. I'd appreciat
any help I can get. Thanks

Date: 1/26/98 Time: 10:31 AM
Subject: Cats, quilts, and late nights
E-mail Address:

To Pat - you stay up as late as I do !!! Isn't it amazing how our cats like to lay on our quilts. I can have the entire house clean, and my bed is empty, but they still crawl up on whatever project I'm working on.
We should take a survey and see if there are more quilters that are cat people than are ddog people.

Happy Monday to all,


Date: 1/26/98 Time: 9:40 AM
Subject: Bats and Greek key patterns
E-mail Address:

I am looking for Bat (the flying mammal) related quilt patterns and fabrics to make some gothic themed quilts.

I am also curious if anyone has access to paper foundation greek key patterns for a quilt I am planning with a large pieced greek key border and appliqued grape vines in the center.

I am very new to the qulting thing but I am having a great time reading and appreciating this relatively hidden artform.

Date: 1/26/98 Time: 8:35 AM
Subject: Quilt basting guns
E-mail Address:

Hope someone out there can help me. I purchased a quilt basting gun Sat., and the tacks are breaking off before they leave the needle. I have gone thru 1 1/2 strips so far and only had 8 get successfully into the quilt square. The date on the package said "1995", could they be brittle from age?

I am stumped on this, the store where it was purchased is 70 miles away and I don't want to make the trip twice in one week.

Date: 1/26/98 Time: 2:21 AM
Subject: late night!
E-mail Address:

hmmm, it may be later than i think - the reason for telling you about the kitty is that i have named the design after him. i am calling it the bonzi star! also, obviously, durango is in colorado. not the new state, as i typed.

thanks again for sharing with me!


Date: 1/26/98 Time: 2:16 AM
Subject: almost finished with the top!
E-mail Address:

hi everyone!

i am so excited and no one is awake or home to share this with, so you all get to cheer with me. last summer on my first solo vacation, i went to durango, solorado to visit mesa verde national monument AND animas quilts. i took a class while i was there. to make a long story short, the quilt has gone thru several evolutions and has done some serious " talking" to me about how it wanted to look. my kitty, bonzi, fell in love with one of the blocks and can sniff it out every time, no matter how i lay it out. he has even dived into the project bag after "his" block. tonight, i have the top all but finished! one more border to sew on and then it's SANDWICH TIME!!!!! thanks for letting me share! my sleeping son and friends will thank you all, too, in the morning!!!!


Date: 1/26/98 Time: 2:05 AM
Subject: Looking for a book
E-mail Address:

Can anyone out there help please. I am looking for a copy of the book "A Quilt for All Seasons by Chris Wolf Edmonds. This is a "A Yours Truly Publication". I have no ideal how old this is or if the publishing company still exists. If you have the book or the address/telephone number of the publisher, let me know. This book shows mini wall quilts for each month of the year and I really would like to make them. Thanks for your help in advance.

Date: 1/26/98 Time: 12:29 AM
Subject: Quilting Software
E-mail Address:

Thanks to everyone who responded to my questions about quilting software. I've done a lot of looking and reading - boy, are my eyes tired. Anyway, I've pretty much decided on the Quilt Pro software. Their web site is great and the free demo was wonderful. Now, just need to convince my husband that the program would make the perfect Valentine's present!

Also, Thanks to the great folks who put the fabricalholics web site address out there. The address is I'm still new at this computer stuff, but it was a great link to other sites.

Date: 1/26/98 Time: 12:25 AM
Subject: Down to 5 !!!
E-mail Address:

South Carolina just signed on !!! We are down to 5 states. I'm so excited. The kids will be overjoyed when I tell them tomorrow.
For the lady looking for a pattern for a bear check out the pattern book for teaching children to quilt. Mine are at school - I will post the name tomorrow.


Go John Elway :)

Date: 1/26/98 Time: 12:00 AM
Subject: Computer Quilting Programs
E-mail Address:

I'm looking to purchase a computer quilting program and would like some help as which way to go. Electric Quilt Version 3.0 is one and Quilt Pro Version 2.0 is the other. I'd appreciate any help or opinions.



Date: 1/25/98 Time: 11:49 PM
Subject: Alexander Henry Fabric
E-mail Address:

I am desperately seeking up to 3 yards of an Alexander Henry fabric. It's called Two by Two and designed by Nicole Deleon back in 1995. Please, if you have some to share, e-mail me about it. Thank you. Pat

Date: 1/25/98 Time: 11:15 PM
Subject: sesame street baby quilt
E-mail Address:

I need help locating a pattern for a Sesame Street baby quilt, if one exists. Any leads or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks....


Date: 1/25/98 Time: 11:10 PM
Subject: teddy bear pattern
E-mail Address:

I am looking for a "simple" teddy bear pattern - thought I knew where there was one - but like always I can't find it now!!!! My 8 year old wants to "help" with this so "simple" it must be. Any help??? Thanks! Shirley

Date: 1/25/98 Time: 11:03 PM
Subject: Looking for friendly quilters
E-mail Address:

Hello fellow quilters!

I am a 25 year old newlywed. We have just moved for the second time in 5 months. I very much enjoy quilting and would love to find a quilt group or guild. I live in the Poughkeepsie or Hyde Park, NY area.Can anyone help?

Also...I would love to find an Internet chat room about quilting.

Thank you.
Laura Collins

Date: 1/25/98 Time: 8:40 PM
Subject: Wolf Patterns
E-mail Address:

Please help me!!! I am looking for wolf patterns that I can use for knitting. I can and will convert other patterns if that is all I can get. I am new to the net and I have not had good luck in finding web pages with downloadable patterns.
Please E-mail me any patterns that you might have or any sites that you know of that may help me.
Thanx for your time.
P.S. I live in Belleville Ontario and would also like to know of any good shops around.

Date: 1/25/98 Time: 8:39 PM
Subject: Atlanta, Ga
E-mail Address:

Please let me know about quilt shops and shows in the Atlanta area. My daughter has just moved to Alpharetta & I would like to check them out when I visit her. Heather from Toronto

Date: 1/25/98 Time: 8:14 PM
Subject: serging machines
E-mail Address:

I am looking at buying my first serger and would like to know what you would recommend. The ones that I am looking at are the White Superlock 2000 or the Speedylock 1800, Babylock Protege, or the Bernina 007D. I know I have heard wonderful things about a Bernina, but wondering if it is worth it to spend $300 more for the Bernina, or will the others do just as well? If anyone has anything to say about any of these, Please let me know! Thanks! Stacey

Date: 1/25/98 Time: 7:47 PM
Subject: mouse pad
E-mail Address:

The photo lab wher I usually get my film developed has a service where you can get your photo made into a mouse pad--among other things. Think of the possibilities! (No affiliation, etc.)
Kathy in So. Central Washington State

Date: 1/25/98 Time: 6:49 PM
Subject: Postage Stamp Quilt
E-mail Address:

I am looking for a pattern for a Postage Stamp Quilt. It has lots and lots of small squares in many colors arranged in a sort of Irish Chain design. Thanks for your time.

Date: 1/25/98 Time: 6:31 PM
Subject: Quilt Shops
E-mail Address:

Hi - For those you want to know,
the address for Black Cat Quilts
is 2608 Ocean Ave., San Francisco,
CA 94l32. Their phone # is
4l5-337-l355. It's pretty easy to
find, right off 9th ave.

Thanks to those of you who answered
my question for shops in and near
Mission Viejo.


Date: 1/25/98 Time: 4:52 PM
Subject: Star of Hope quilt
E-mail Address:

Many thanks to everyone who sent back blocks for the Star of Hope quilt to raise funds for breast cancer. Each and every block is beautiful. We have been touched by the reasons some of you wrote for doing this quilt. We plan to do a quilt history to go with the quilt and tell your heart warming stories. We plan to sandwich the quilt in Feb. Please, if you have not sent your block back to us... do so. Every block is important to us. Thank you for your help. Carol :)

Date: 1/25/98 Time: 4:39 PM
Subject: mouse pad with quilting design/motif
E-mail Address:

We just got a new computer system at work and I would like to get a mouse pad with a quilting design on it. I have seen them in the past (before actually looking for one) and don't remember where I saw it. I've checked my catalogs and didn't see any. Any suggestions?

Date: 1/25/98 Time: 4:39 PM
Subject: Buying a machine
E-mail Address:

Thanks to those that answered my post about buying a machine. I answered an ad in the WWQP classifieds about a Bernette 715. Any comments? I'm just beginning and won't be able quilt as often as I would like. Just need a basic machine. Thanks again!

Date: 1/25/98 Time: 3:28 PM
Subject: Quilting information
E-mail Address:

There has been several people wanting information on computer quilting software. You need to check out the page from where this bulletin board comes from.

There is a vast wealth of information on a variety of subjects that quilters are asking about on the bulletin board.

I don't mind answering the questions about the quilt software, I have Quilt Pro and love it. There is a sample of it you can download from one of its' 2 sites: or I can't remember which one has it. Carol G.

Date: 1/25/98 Time: 2:04 PM
Subject: European Round Robin
E-mail Address:

To Kadri, Susanne, Penny, and Carole, I'm back! Please send all correspondence and quilts to my Netherlands address. Patty

Date: 1/25/98 Time: 2:02 PM
Subject: Kay and her kids
E-mail Address:

First of all I want to say, Kay, welcome back and I wish you all the best. Next I want to say to all those doubting Thomasina's who thought they were "swindled" out of a block, "SHAME ON YOU!" Especially to the one who called directory assistance. Living overseas, I have called US directory assistance many a times for well Known established companies who I know for a fact that they exist, and I am told there is no such listing. I thought this was a page for quilters to help each other with problems with quilting, seeking a pattern, looking for that favorite fabric we need, but the quilt shop has just sold out it's very last fat quarter and we need it so desperately to finish our quilt. All I can say is keep your pettiness to yourselves. Maybe you guys should start a complaints page. This way we don't have to sort out through all this "trash" while us quilters go to this page for enjoyment of meeting new friends and having a part of those new friends in our quilts. Patty in Holland

Date: 1/25/98 Time: 1:59 PM
Subject: squares are coming in
E-mail Address: kjohnson@jefcoed

I e-mailed Rhonda and gave her the addresss. One of my moms is making me a scrapbook which has a page or two for each square. We have taken pictures of all the squares, included your letters, postcards, etc. If any of you would like to send us a picture of you, we would love to put them in the book. Wonder who I could contact about making a copy of the scrapbook for each of you. MMMMMMM Let's all start praying.

I'll update which squares we don't have next Sunday.

Love to all,
Kay (who took her medicine before church today :) )

Date: 1/25/98 Time: 1:29 PM
Subject: Gerber e-mail
E-mail Address:

I received an e-mail, yesterday from someone who I have exchanged quilt info online with, about a Gerber food settlement. I checked it out, and the information is incorrect. There was an infant formula settlement a year ago, but the deadline to apply is over. They caution you NOT to send birth certificates or social security information. The P.O. Box in Minneapolis is closed, and you don't want anyone else to have that information about your child. Hope this is helpful. Karin

Date: 1/25/98 Time: 12:23 PM
Subject: Chronicles?
E-mail Address:

Is anyone here saving/printing/recording the series of postings regarding Kay's Kids? If not we should! This has been so much fun, and I'm looking forward to a completed happy ending! If someone is saving these, please post. I'd sure hate to go back thru all those messages but would sure like to have a complete "set."

Best wishes, Kay. P.S. Did you take your medicine today? Now, like Elizabeth, you have all of us mommies (and daddies) looking after you! Jeannine in sunny, warm Louisiana

Date: 1/25/98 Time: 12:19 PM
Subject: quilt frame
E-mail Address:

my husband is making me a quilting frame with 3 pvc rollers, any ideas on how to connect the quilt to the pvc rollers?

Date: 1/25/98 Time: 11:57 AM
Subject: Butterfly Block
E-mail Address:

Easy -- look like butterfly -- no applique -- How about paper pieced? 101 Foundation-Pieced Quilt Blocks by Linda Causee has 2 butterfly patterns, #2 and #93. Paper piecing is simple, like paint-by-number! Good luck. JJ

Date: 1/25/98 Time: 10:47 AM
Subject: Quilt Designing Software
E-mail Address:

Hi Everyone.

I've been looking for quilting software for my
PC, but have not found any yet. Could someone
recommend some software and/or where would
be a good place to look?

Thanks in advance.


Date: 1/25/98 Time: 8:58 AM
E-mail Address:

Yesterday, I posted one of the cancellation notices on here, and gave the web-site address. I also e-mailed the Radisson at Once I got in there I had to post to "feedback", (it wasn't easy to find) Today, on the BB, Minabess says that she couldn't get to that site. I tried again, today, also. It said to check URL. They must be getting an awful lot of protest over the cancellation!! Thank you to Minabess and anyone else who has contacted the Radisson.

Date: 1/25/98 Time: 8:56 AM
Subject: Radisson Hotel address
E-mail Address:

I went to the radisson web-site and just emailed their "generic" customer service. When they sent me a response, the address was "". I emailed them again yesterday because their response a week ago was that they would contact the hotel involved and if I did not hear back, then to once again contact corporate customer service. Take a minute..........think about if it were YOUR quilt show. JBR

Date: 1/25/98 Time: 8:39 AM
Subject: Kay ((((((((((((((hug)))))))))))))))))))))
E-mail Address:

Kay! Girl....I have been there, done that, bought the t-shirt. I know what depression can want to be feel fine....but the medicine is what keeps us EVEN and not very low or very high. Never apologize for a medical condition. I have the block from the state of Missouri you need. It is ready to be mailed. I wrote down your address that was posted below and will send it out tomorrow. Please find a way for all of us to read the newspaper article if you can.....I would love to see it!!!! If it's not possible biggie!
I am glad you a well.....take your the best you can......make sure your children are taken care of above all else....and the rest will fall neatly into place.

Grace and Peace,
Rhonda Hales.

Date: 1/25/98 Time: 12:22 AM
Subject: Quilt Show Closing
E-mail Address:

Quilters Unite. I think we should all e-mail
the radison in Mt. Laurel or the parent co. and
let them know how angry we are about their
lousy treatment of the Love Apple Guild. I tried
but didn't work. Does
anyone have a better e-mail address. Let them
know how much quilters travel across the
United States and give them as much bad
publicity as we can. Minabess gmom

Date: 1/25/98 Time: 12:10 AM
Subject: Butterfly quilt square
E-mail Address:

I am looking for an EASY to put together quilt sqaure that will end up looking like a butterfly. (No applique please.) My daughter graduates from high school in a year and my goal is to make qults for her 2 best friends. One of her friends loves anything to do with butterflys so I have been looking for sometime for an easy to cut and piece butterfly pattern. ( Easier the better as I work full time, have 3 teenagers and am involved in church and school activities so quilting is done late in the evenings and on that elusive saturday!!)I have had no luck finding any butterfly pattern. HELP from you all would really be appreciated.

Date: 1/24/98 Time: 11:18 PM
Subject: Americana Sampler Quilt Pattern
E-mail Address:

I'm hoping someone out there will help me! After seeing the Americana sampler quilt in the July 1996 issue of the Fons and Porter magazine "Sew Many Quilts", I immediately wanted to make it. I subscribed to the magazine but by the time I received my first issue I was still missing the patterns featured in the March, September and November issues of 1996. After much hunting and searching, I'm so close and yet still so far from making this quilt. If anyone can help me, it would be GREATLY appreciated. Happy Quilting, Melodie

Date: 1/24/98 Time: 11:07 PM
Subject: The Stitchin' Post
E-mail Address:

I've lost my bookmark to the Stitchin' Post (?). They're an on-line firm that sells used machines. Any help or other webpages offering the same would be appreciated.


Date: 1/24/98 Time: 11:05 PM
Subject: RE:Qulit shops in/near San Francisco
E-mail Address: Mark<

I was sent up to S.F. last year for training at EPA and found two shops- one quilt, the other is hard to describe.

The quilt shop was mentioned in a couple of messages last week and I think it's Black Cat Quilts. I enjoyed their selection and found some really good sale items.

The shop that's hard to describe is Mendel's Far Out Fabrics. It's located at or near the corner of Haight & Asbury. Parking was a PAIN!!!, and their hours are restrictive, BUT they had alot of Batiks and African prints. They had quite a number of prints that I had not seen before or since. The rest of the store seemed to have every type of art and craft supply covered. I'm looking forward to getting back up there.


Date: 1/24/98 Time: 10:59 PM
Subject: Jewel Box Block
E-mail Address:

There is an on-line pattern for the Jewel Box Block at the following site. I'm guessing it is the one you are looking for... <>

I hope this helps.

Kathy :-)

Date: 1/24/98 Time: 10:57 PM
Subject: RE:Quilt Shops
E-mail Address: Mark<

While you're in Mission Viejo, MAKE SURE you visit Material Possessions in Lake Forest. They have a great store and are enthusiastic about helping. They're located in a light industrial complex which is a little hard to navigate, so their # is 714-586-3418 (closed Sun).

If you feel like traveling a little north (about 20 min.) also check out the Calico House at 4825 Valley View in Yorba Linda 714-993-3091. This is my home away from home and cannot possibly say enough about the support and help these ladies have given me in my "unconventional" pursuit (i.e. the only man in our 275-member quilt guild).

In any event, enjoy the grandkids.


Date: 1/24/98 Time: 10:34 PM
Subject: Jewel Box Quilt by Eleanor Burns
E-mail Address:

I think you can find Eleanor Burns' website at I have the Jewel Box Book and have made the wallhanging, which is lovely!! I doubt that the pattern would be on the website anytime soon, as it is one of the more recent books. However, I do believe the Jewel Box Pattern was featured in a recent issue of one of the Quilting Mags. If I can find out which one, I'll post it...or perhaps someone else knows. You can find the Jewel Box Quilt Book at most quilt shops and I have also seen it at Jo-Ann Fabrics. Happy quilting....Sally

Date: 1/24/98 Time: 10:09 PM
Subject: 3-D bow tie block
E-mail Address:

Any one who is interested in the instructions
for the 3-D bowtie block, I would gladly email the
directions to you.


Date: 1/24/98 Time: 9:43 PM
Subject: Quilt Shops
E-mail Address:

I'm going to be in Mission Viejo, Ca for about
a week taking care of my grandchildren. Are
their any good quilt shops in the immediate
vicinity I could visit? Thanks to everyone
who has helped me in the past and answered
my questions. I really enjoy this bulletin


Date: 1/24/98 Time: 8:31 PM
Subject: Houston Quilt Show - 1999
E-mail Address: Liz@Mukilteo

There's a web site that might help at:

:) Liz in Mukilteo

Date: 1/24/98 Time: 8:11 PM
Subject: Cat patterns
E-mail Address:

I found a neat website that has lots of quilting things. I loved their cat link. It is The Mining Company. The address is


Date: 1/24/98 Time: 7:31 PM
Subject: jewel box quilt by Eleanor Burns
E-mail Address:

I am looking for a book or pattern of the Jewel Box quilt by Eleanor Burns. Does anybody know of a website location?

Date: 1/24/98 Time: 7:23 PM
Subject: buffalo design--more
E-mail Address:

The correct title of the book is: Quilted Legends of the West ~ by Judy Zehner, Kim Mosher / Published by That Patchwork Place
ISBN: 1564771253

Date: 1/24/98 Time: 7:14 PM
Subject: buffalo design
E-mail Address:

Look for a book called Legends of the West, sorry, I don't know the author or publisher. I did a cougar wall hanging from it for my WSU alum daughter and SIL for Christmas. It is recent as the library had purchased it this last fall. It also has some beautiful coyote, and other delightful western themes.
Kathy in So. Central Washington

Date: 1/24/98 Time: 5:54 PM
Subject: Double Irish Chain Quilt
E-mail Address:

Hi all,
My daughter is making a Double Irish Chain Quilt for her boyfriend and was wondering what the origins & meanings of the design were. Any inputs would be greatly appreciated.

Date: 1/24/98 Time: 5:20 PM
Subject: buffalo pattern
E-mail Address:

My mother inlaw is looking for a pattern or design
of a buffalo. If anyone can help me find this for
her please e mail me
B Rouse

Date: 1/24/98 Time: 4:29 PM
Subject: quiltaholics web site
E-mail Address:

The quiltaholics web site is
Pat in sunny Texas(today)

Date: 1/24/98 Time: 3:52 PM
Subject: Re. Quilting Frames
E-mail Address:

For serveral years, I have been using a wood quilting frame. It is a Homestead quilting hoop made by Hinterberg Design, Inc.
It is 29 inches across and turns 360 degrees. My husband made me a half-hoop for doing borders; I believe one is available
as an option. I just happen to have a handy wood-working husband. I have been very happy with this hoop. I havbe been told
by another quilter that the PVC ones tend to loosen up over time. I do have a small one for hand work & find it hard to get
much thickness under it.
This is my first time on the internet, so hope this gets to the right place and is some help tp Bev.


Date: 1/24/98 Time: 2:30 PM
Subject: X Files quilt pattern
E-mail Address:

I am attempting to make a quilt for my sister who is an X-files NUT! I have several ideas in mind but would love others suggestions or ideas. Has anyone ever done an x files quilt? If so i would love to see it. I am in despirate need of inspiration right now!

Date: 1/24/98 Time: 2:15 PM
Subject: Houston Quilt Show - 1999
E-mail Address:

Can anyone help 30 English quilters wanting to visit Houston for the 1999 Show?
We need information on accommodation, other attractions in the area, local groups wishing to make contact.
We are all from from North East England (Durham area).
Reply to Marion Wheeler at the above e-mail address.

Date: 1/24/98 Time: 1:20 PM
E-mail Address:

Remember the "great toilet paper controversey" and the power that quilters had to change the Northern commercial? Radisson hotels have a web site. I have already emailed them with my comments. I got a (form) reply back saying they had forwarded to the appropriate hotel and if I did not hear back from them, to email corporate customer service again. I plan to do that this afternoon. We have already proved there is strength in numbers. DON'T JUST SIT THERE AND SHAKE YOUR HEADS AND SAY WHAT A SHAME!!!!!!! Next time, it could be the quilt show YOU are involved in.

Just voicing my opinion. JBR

Date: 1/24/98 Time: 1:02 PM
Subject: Double Wedding Ring Quilt
E-mail Address:

HELLO! I am looking for any historical backround on the traditional Double Wedding Ring Quilt. Any general information, stories, poems, etc.on this pattern. would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.


Date: 1/24/98 Time: 11:37 AM
E-mail Address:

By now you have heard that Love Apple Quilters quilt show, at the Radisson in Mt. Laurel, NJ, Feb. 13-15, has been cancelled. Although, I did not work on the show this year, I have worked on the two previous ones. I know how much hard work goes into this, especially when vendors, and teachers are involved. I have e-mailed the Radisson about their decision at


Date: 1/24/98 Time: 11:32 AM
Subject: Qulit shops in/near San Francisco
E-mail Address:


I shall be visiting San Francisco for a few days
vacation and would like some recomendations for
quilting shops.

Can anybody help?


Hiver Pruden

Date: 1/24/98 Time: 11:32 AM
Subject: Quilt stand
E-mail Address:

Hi Quilters,
I am looking into buying a floor stand quilting hoop. I am interested in knowing what you all recommend. There is the wooden hoop and stand and the one made of PVC. I do not want a quilt FRAME...just a floor stand hoop type. I do not have the space for a frame.
Any recommendations and suggestions as to the best would be appreciatd.
Thank you.

Date: 1/24/98 Time: 11:09 AM
Subject: Re: Kay's Kids
E-mail Address:

Just wanted to say welcome back too, and hope all will be going smoother in the future for you. I will continue to pray for you, and hope to get the article on you and the kids. Did you do an article for the quilting magazine that you mentioned some time ago? I would definitely buy the magazine. Glad to have you back, and keep up the great work! A friend from Canada.gail

Date: 1/24/98 Time: 10:56 AM
E-mail Address:

I found this web-site last night:

Date: 1/24/98 Time: 10:04 AM
Subject: Love Apple Quilt Show Cancelled
E-mail Address:

The Love Apple Quilters quilt show that was scheduled for February 13-15,1998 at the Radisson Hotel in Mt. Laurel has been cancelled.
Please pass the word. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me. Michelle Zbrozek, Co-Chairperson LAQ Quilt Show.

Date: 1/24/98 Time: 10:00 AM
Subject: Squares needed
E-mail Address:

First, let me tell all of you that my cup overflows. Why did I ever doubt ya'll - my quilting buddies. (We all know don't we I wasn't taking care of myself.) My e-mail has been full, both from Kay's Quilters and from new folks who suffer from depression. I have found me a lifeline.
My ex-sister-in-law lives in Kentucky and has said she will send one, also our Maryland friend has e-mailed me and is sending one. So I guess we are down to seven. I have about 30 copies of our article. I thought about making additional copies, but then a bell rang in my head and I remember talking to the kids about copyright laws. Now I'm not sitting here telling you that I don't ever copy something I shouldn't (I do cross-stitch!!), but how can I break the law with something which involves the kids !!!. I have called the newspaper and they are to call me back hopefully with permission to make copies. They said that I could not!!!! post on the internet. The lady sounded so gruff about that that I forgot to ask if they have a web site. When she calls back I will ask. But, I have had another thought. If these are all our copies, I will send them to you with another addressed envelope included. When you finish reading, sharing, whatever you can mail on to another of our friends.
I'm fixing to be gone for the day. My Elizabeth will turn 12 on February 19th (side comment - guess what teacher, who is in charge of the science fair, put the Science Fair on the 19th at 7:00. Yup, I'll be paying for that for a long time :) ) Well, she just switched schools, another story, and decided that she needed a new wardrobe. So, my mother and brother sent her her birthday money (wish we all got as much) and today we are going shopping. I'm taking a book and sitting outside stores while she and her friend shops. Think of me, pray for me and I will return. Talk to all of ya'll tonight.
My love and thanks, Kay

Date: 1/24/98 Time: 9:55 AM
Subject: Quilt Kits
E-mail Address:

I am looking for catalog sources that sell quilt kits.

Date: 1/24/98 Time: 9:02 AM
E-mail Address:

Glad to see you're back Kay! Post the 9 states and let's see if we can get your quilt done!

Date: 1/24/98 Time: 7:27 AM
Subject: Where are you?
E-mail Address:

I am looking for Myra Hill of the Warrigul Quilters Group (Victoria, Australia)If you are on the net please drop me an email. If not on the net does anyone know her addrss or phone number or ask her to contact me.
Jean Lemin
11/28 Deaves Rd
NSW 2265 Australia
tel 02 49773041

Jean Lemin Formally of Traralgon now a memebr of the Wangi Wangi Quilters Group

Date: 1/24/98 Time: 7:04 AM
Subject: Kay and the kids
E-mail Address:

Dear Kay,
Life is complicated.
Whatever you do, don't beat yourself up!! You have created a wonderful happening that others are enjoying. . . students, parents, newspaper readers and internet quilters. You have given all of us an experience to remember. You have orchestrated a quilt with a story that has affected hundreds. Rest assured, you have given others more than we have given you.
Post the needed states immediately!
Take care of yourself, Kay, and tell your students we are impressed with their efforts. Susan

Date: 1/24/98 Time: 7:03 AM
E-mail Address:

Could anyone please help us to adresses of quiltshops in Milwaukee, Wisconsin?
It is almost impossible to obtain such adresses here in the Netherlands.
Thanks in advance.

Date: 1/24/98 Time: 1:04 AM
Subject: Kalidescope Quilt
E-mail Address:

I am trying to find insturctions on doing this quilt. It is the one where you buy fabric with large designs (big and loud prints do up nicely) and cut your templates from the same design on your fabric for each block you are going to make.Each block looks differect because of the way you place your cuts differently each time you make your block. I am probably not making any sense, but the quilt is really different and I can't find instructions for it. Any help would be most appreciated.

Date: 1/24/98 Time: 12:28 AM
Subject: 3-D
E-mail Address:

To all who wrote with help with the bow tie block,
Thank you for you time and kindness!! I really appreciate
all the help. I have successfully made the block
again and am on my way to finishing another quilt.

Thank you so much,

Date: 1/23/98 Time: 11:33 PM
Subject: Love Apple Quilt Show Cancelled
E-mail Address:

The Love Apple Quilters quilt show has been cancelled. After two years of hard work and lots of money we have been forced by a hotel (that will remain nameless until such time that we can legally name them) to cancel our show. It seems that a wedding was more important. Love Apple Quilters have always put on wonderful quilt shows and the entire membership is saddened by this bad news. Any one who signed up for classes will receive their refund within two weeks. Please pass the word that the show is cancelled. If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail. Michelle Zbrozek, Co-chairperson LAQ Quilt Show.

Date: 1/23/98 Time: 11:11 PM
Subject: used quilting machines
E-mail Address:

We're looking for a source of used quilting machines
that have been refurbished and in good working
order. My wife is in the market to buy one. We live
in Massachusetts and we not having much luck.
Appreciate any ideas.

Thanx Miffer

Date: 1/23/98 Time: 11:04 PM
Subject: Quiltaholics Web Site
E-mail Address:

I had bookmarked the Quiltaholics Web Site but for some reason I can no longer gain access into this site. Does anyone know if this web site has changed their address or what the problem might be? Thanks in advance for your help.

Date: 1/23/98 Time: 10:38 PM
Subject: Biscuit Quilting
E-mail Address:

There are excellent instructions for biscuit quilting (also known as "goosebump") in "50 Country Quilting Projects," published by Rodale Press in 1990. Your local library or quilt guild may have a copy of this book. I've made one full-sized quilt using this method and it's very cosy. Probably not a "true" quilt, but at least I was able to salvage some quilting squares I RIPPED instead of cut (oh, those beginner's years...)! It's a great method to use-up ugly fabrics and almost-empty spools of thread, because there's actually three layers of fabric when the quilt is all finished. They are tied, of course. And one thing I used was a high-loft batt which I cut into squares instead of trying to guesstimate how much fiberfill to stuff into each little "biscuit!" E-mail me directly and I'll pass on the instructions from the book to you! It's a neat projects for children because it's VERRRRYY "forgiving!" Since it's so puffy and it's tied, if your corners don't match, who's gonna know!? Tess 8-)

Date: 1/23/98 Time: 8:17 PM
Subject: honeybee block
E-mail Address:

I'm interested in finding a 10" honeybee block pattern and instructions. If anyone has any information, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

Date: 1/23/98 Time: 5:40 PM
Subject: sharpening you sissors
E-mail Address:

I know all of you use sissors regularly with quilting. I have difficulty getting mine sharpened in my town. I would like to know if any of you use an electric sissor sharpener called SissorPro. It's not cheap but I would gladly spend the money if I knew it worked well. I would be glad to hear about the pros and cons if there are any users out there. Thanks, Glenda

Date: 1/23/98 Time: 5:18 PM
Subject: Charging for quilting
E-mail Address:

A friend's daughter wants me to make a wall quilt out of 25 musllin 10" squares. She will buy all the materials. How much should I charge for making this quilt? Since these are muslin squares with things drawn on them, there will be minimal quilting.

Looking forward to your opinions/ideas.


lut helin (pronounced loot helene)

Date: 1/23/98 Time: 3:56 PM
Subject: Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival
E-mail Address:

This is in response to Sandy's query about lectures at the Williamsburg Show, but I am posting it for anyone else who may want to attend:
Thursday Feb26th-Roberta Horton
Friday Feb 27th- Libby Lehman, Georgia Bonesteel and Marianne Fons
Saturday Feb 28th- Christine Porter and Helen Kelley

Date: 1/23/98 Time: 3:16 PM
Subject: Kay's quilt
E-mail Address:

Kay!!! I am so glad you are well and back with us. I was concerned for you, but contributed it to the holidays, computer problems, etc. I applaud your courage and trust in us to share your story. (((((Kay))))) you and your kids continue in my thoughts and prayers.
Your Connecticut Quilting Friend

Date: 1/23/98 Time: 3:08 PM
Subject: quilt or fabric stores
E-mail Address:

I will be going to Las Vegas the middle part of Feb. and wondered if there are any quilt or fabric stores that are not to be missed. We will be staying at the Lady Luck and would like to find one that might be close by. I really enjoy this bulletin board and the help it offers all of us. Thanks to all who take time with their knowledge! Deb in Nebraska

Date: 1/23/98 Time: 12:18 PM
Subject: California Quilt
E-mail Address:

I am looking for information for a non-internet friend. She's from California, originally, and there is a style of quilt that is apparently indigenous to California. She described it as being made of stripes. If anyone knows of such a pattern/design, I would appreciate a response. I've just recently gotten back into quilting and am finding the WWQP a wealth of information and delight. Thanks to any and all who respond. Connie

Date: 1/23/98 Time: 11:25 AM
Subject: Welcome Back, Kay!!!
E-mail Address:

I am so glad to see that you are back, and doing better!! I would also like to apologize to you and anyone else I may have offended with my inquiry. I *did* call information - 205-555-1212 and was told there was no listing for Concord Elementary School. I don't understand why, but.... ANYHOW....I am SOO happy to see that Kay is feeling better, and will actually be trying to call there today (one reason: I love the Alabama accent :o) ). Thanks to all of you for your help. Happy quilting!! Carol

Date: 1/23/98 Time: 10:23 AM
Subject: Missing Fabrics Site
E-mail Address:

Missing fabric website is:

Date: 1/23/98 Time: 10:15 AM
Subject: Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival
E-mail Address:

I can not find anything on Williamsburg Festival
Week on the internet. This is a big quilt show
there Feb.26 through March 1 with a vintage
fashion show and alsoa Fibre Art Fair with lots
of quilts and vendors, workshops, lectures, etc.
What I'd like to know is who will be giving the
lectures this year. I am going to be there and
although I won't have time for workshops, I may
be able to take in a lecture. Anyone have this
information? Thanks so much Sandy

Date: 1/23/98 Time: 8:43 AM
Subject: 3-D bowtie
E-mail Address:

To Billybear, I think the bowtie you are looking for will be found in a book by Georgia Bonesteel.
called "Easy Does it". It is from Oxmoor House, Inc., Book Division,P.O. Box 2463,Birmingham, Alabama 35201. It contains the bowtie and a spool done the same idea. Also very interesting, is a square yo-yo. I hope this helps.
Donna in NJ

Date: 1/23/98 Time: 8:07 AM
Subject: Hancock's
E-mail Address:

There are two distinctly different Hancock's. Did you know that? I didn't until someone explained it to me. If you want to reach Hancock's of PADUCAH, their website address is I'm not as familiar with the other, but assume it is more like Jo'Ann Fabrics/Cloth World/etc. Hancock's of Paducah has the finest quilting variety of fabrics (IMHO). Happy quilting...I know it makes me happy!!!!

Date: 1/23/98 Time: 8:00 AM
Subject: North Carolina Quilters
E-mail Address:

Hello NC stitchers. I'm looking for your quilts (current or antique), ideas, favorite places to visit and regional/family favorite dishes to tentatively write an article about your area for a publication (not a quilting one though). I'm particularly interested in western NC. I'd also appreciate website or e-mail info on Burt's Bees in Raleigh. If you'd like to talk further, please e-mail. Many thanks. Nancy

Date: 1/23/98 Time: 2:36 AM
Subject: missing fabric site
E-mail Address:

I'm looking for the missing fabrics web page. I found it about 3 months ago and now cannot find it. If you know of it please e-mail me. Thank you.

Date: 1/23/98 Time: 2:12 AM
Subject: Where the quilt stands
E-mail Address:

I reread my note, before going to bed, and realized that I did not tell you how close we are to finishing our quilt. We lack nine squares. Please mull over what I have written and let me know if you trust me enough to post those nine here. I am going to finish this quilt for you and my kids. My new goal is to have it pieced and ready to quilt by March 21st. I believe that is a Sat. and National Quilt day. Actually, we would quilt it on that Friday. What a way to celebrate National Quilt Day.
With all my love,


Date: 1/23/98 Time: 2:01 AM
Subject: Kay
E-mail Address: onions@pacbell

Kay: ALthough I've never had what you describe, we have all
been there in one form or another! There is no forgiveness
necessary. Anyone with a heart can understand and we all love
you just the same. I was not a participant in your quilt but
watched and read and was impressed by you and now I am so glad
to have known of a person like you. You are a brave woman to
bare your heart here and we all love you for it! Thank you


Date: 1/23/98 Time: 1:18 AM
Subject: AT Long Last
E-mail Address:

I'm sorry, I'm sorry. The following is not offered as an excuse, but as an explanation. And no one needs to apologize for being scared they were scammed. I have let you down the past 2 almost 3 months and hope you can trust me know. First, I'm not sure why Carol could not find a listing for Concord Elementary. My number is listed under K.W. Johnson, 111 Mill Creek Road, Bessemer, AL 35023. 205-491-6945. I also have a phone in my classroom the number is 205-497-3161. The school number is 205-491-1002.
Go back to about the middle of November. The blocks and packages were coming in hot and heavy. Everyday was so exciting. Things couldn't be better. But then I couldn't sign on from either computer. It would say network down, pipe broken, busy. This went on for three weeks. When I sent Pat's message the other day I realized that I could go on and send e-mail, I had not tried this before. So then what happened. I live with depression. Have been dealing with it for the last 2 1/2 years. It was set off when my former principal made everyone's life at school a living - well you know. Anyway, as I said things were going great, between the success in the classroom, your love and gifts, and my quilting at home (T.C. and Elizabeth - my two weren't fussing) I decided I was better and didn't need my medicine. If you know anyone one with depression you know that this is not unusal. I take Paxil and when I stop taking it (I had done it once before) it takes anywhere from 2 - 4 weeks to all get out of my system. So by the time I could sign on my depression was back. Luckily, it does not affect my teaching. I feel fine with the kids. Where it shows its ugly head in my life, is in my relationships with grownups. I get parnoid and believe that everyone is talking about me - none of it good. I don't think I have any friends, or that they don't want to be around me. So, for the month of December there I sat. My poor T.C. and Elizabeth, I couldn't bring myself to buy a tree until 2 days before Christmas. We didn't decorate it till Christmas Eve. T.C. at 16 understood, but Elizabeth at 11 was worried. But, even though I kept telling myself that I had to do Christmas, I couldn't face going out in the crowds, buy a tree, nothing. And I love Christmas. Lucky for me I have a good friend I teach with, Teresa Hester. Her room is right by the bathroom and one day when I had my class there, she said, "You're not taking your medicine." I laughed it off and said I was fine. The next day she said, "TAKE YOUR MEDICINE." I told her I was fine and she said words to this effect - "But yor are better on your medicine. So the week after Christmas I went back on it. Just as it takes 2 - 4 weeks to leave my system it takes 2 - 4 weeks to 'get back in me.' I had brough my school computer home - we were off Monday for Martin L. King Day. But, then I din't know how to face (well you know what I mean) all of you. A very nice gentleman gave me the push I needed today. I can't ever make up this time lapse to you, but I hope you can find it in your hearts to forgive. I desperatly want to finish the project for the children. WE only lack 9 states. I won't post them tonight so you can mull over what I have said and see if you still want to help.
I know I could have written, but please understand I was shut down.
Our article was super, color pictures of two of the squares, a color picture of two of the children quilting, and a smaller black and white picture of children looking at quilt squares.
I love you all and have bragged on your kindness to many. As I told the reporter, I asked ya'll for something and you were thanking me. It has been unbelievable. I hope you can trust me if any of you do a quilt for Habitat for Humanity,Cancer patients whatever.
To our Florida friend, I had signed up to be in your cat swap, I couldn't make my fingers do that either. I haven't pieced or quilted while down.
Again, no one but me owes anyone an apology. I do not blame anyone for thinking badly of me. I'm going to stay on my medicine. Elizabeth call's the my "Mommie Pills" She says I 'm a better mommie when I take them. She asks me most days if I've taken mine. I love you all

Date: 1/23/98 Time: 1:10 AM
Subject: 3-D bow tie block
E-mail Address:

Hi. I am desperately seeking the pattern to the
3-D bow tie block. If any one has the directions
would you please email them to me.



Date: 1/23/98 Time: 12:14 AM
Subject: Hancocks Fabrics
E-mail Address: jeaton7885

Well I finally found the right address for Hancock's, by default I think. Thanks for your help. It was an interesting ride. J

Date: 1/22/98 Time: 11:54 PM
Subject: Fabric Shops in Austin, TX
E-mail Address:

There are two really great quilt shops in Austin.
Gem Fabric, 13776 Hwy 183 N, Austin,TX 78750 (512) 258-8061 This Sunday, Jan. 25th 12 noon - 5 PM they are having a Superbowl Sunday Sale. Their regular store hours are:
Mon Tues & Thurs open from 10 am - 8 pm
Wed Fri & Sat open from 10 am - 6 pm
Sun open from 12 pm - 5 pm

The Quilt Store, 2700 Anderson Lane, Austin, TX 78757 (512) 453-1145
Mon - Sat 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Closed on Sunday

Date: 1/22/98 Time: 10:53 PM
Subject: Hancocks fabrics
E-mail Address:

I couldn't get to Hancock's using the address with the default in it. Try this one: This one worked for me. If this doesn't work, try doing a search...that's how I got there originally. Shirley in Kansas

Date: 1/22/98 Time: 10:03 PM
Subject: Hancocks
E-mail Address: jeaton7885@aol

Ok. So I got the address for Hancock's fabrics of the bulletin board last night and I have been trying to connect to the page but so far I have been unsucessful. The address I am using is What am I doing wrong? J

Date: 1/22/98 Time: 10:01 PM
Subject: Hancocks
E-mail Address: jeaton7885@aol

Ok. So I got the address for Hancock's fabrics of the bulletin board last night and I have been trying to connect to the page but so far I have been unsucessful. The address I am using is What am I doing wrong? J

Date: 1/22/98 Time: 9:20 PM
Subject: Hancock's website
E-mail Address:

Here is the Hancock's website address. It works for me.

Date: 1/22/98 Time: 9:09 PM
Subject: hancocks
E-mail Address:

I got the address for Hancock's fabrics of the bulletin board last night but have been unsucessful in getting to the site. The address I used is What am I doing wrong? J.

Date: 1/22/98 Time: 8:17 PM
Subject: Buying a Machine
E-mail Address:

I totally agree with Barb--buy a sewing machine from a dealer. Check out several dealers (like going to different car dealers). Decide what features are important to you. If budget is really important (as it always is) most dealers also have reconditioned machines that they've taken on trade-in. Great way to start, you can always "buy up" later. Good luck. Buy the best you can afford, preferably one with a DC motor. Jeannine in wet, soggy Louisiana

Date: 1/22/98 Time: 8:14 PM
Subject: Australian Quilt Magazines
E-mail Address:

I just bought "Australian Patchwork and Quilting Magazine" at the Quilt Crossing in Boise, Idaho while visiting there. It is much like the Better Homes & Gardens Patchwork and Quilting Magazine to which I subscribe. The Australian magazine is very nicely done and has some lovely quilts in it. They did not show any rates for overseas subscribers, but guess I can look for it in the quilt shops here in Minneapolis too.

Date: 1/22/98 Time: 8:08 PM
Subject: Pointillist Fabric - Nancy Crow
E-mail Address:

I got some pointillist fabric over a year ago from Keepsake Quilting and they had all the colors at that time. You might try and see if they have any left.

Barb in the North Georgia Mountains

Date: 1/22/98 Time: 7:57 PM
Subject: Purchasing New Machine
E-mail Address:

The best advice I can give on purchasing a new machine is to buy one from a dealer that gives guide lessons, does repair, and is there when you have a problem. All the major brands have different priced machines. I have a Bernina 930 and a Janome 9000 that I absolutely love but they were the top of the line at the time I purchased them but both have less expensive models. Don't go to Wal-Mart, Penney's, etc. and buy a machine when there's nobody there to help you when you have a question or need repair.

Barb in the North Georgia Mountains

Date: 1/22/98 Time: 6:12 PM
Subject: Purchasing a machine
E-mail Address:

I am a new quilter using my mother's machine and I
am thinking about buying one. Any suggestions for
a medium to inexpensive brand or model?

Date: 1/22/98 Time: 6:05 PM
Subject: Quilt Shops in Ireland
E-mail Address:

Barbara Blessington - I don't understand your e-mail about the addresses - I had included the addresses in my message. Please e -mail me directly with your address if I can help you further. Sorry if I'm missing something.


Date: 1/22/98 Time: 5:31 PM
Subject: bisquit quilting
E-mail Address:

I would like any info on doing biscuit quilting or puff quilting. I have a little experience in quilting, but I am looking for more. Thanks so much.

Date: 1/22/98 Time: 4:55 PM
Subject: Royal Stars of the States
E-mail Address:

Help -- I understand this book has the same
patterns as were published by Work Basket magazine
in the mid-80's. I have a friend who's mother
collected these and the friend has all but 6 of the
state patterns. I have posted a couple other
places but have not had much luck. Any one have
this book? or have the collection of patterns
from Work Basket? Willing to trade, etc., etc.

Date: 1/22/98 Time: 4:16 PM
Subject: pattern and book
E-mail Address:

I'm looking for a apple core pattern would like foundation piecing if possible and also looking for Christian banners to make if anyone knows if I can purchase any books on this

Date: 1/22/98 Time: 3:55 PM
Subject: Thanks, Holice!! ...................... eom
E-mail Address:


Date: 1/22/98 Time: 3:12 PM
Subject: Kays Kids
E-mail Address: lmjames@shreve.ent

Thank you Holice for "officially" checking on Kay for us. I'm the type who considers the glass "half full" rather than "half empty" so I figured she had a good reason (I hope others grant me space when I need it). I hope she's feeling better. And just being a teacher is stressful enough, not to mention getting thru the holiday season. I, too, sent a block (Louisiana)--I offered it, sent it, and wished the kids good luck, with no strings attached. Life is complex enough; don't sweat the small stuff! JJ

Date: 1/22/98 Time: 2:33 PM
Subject: kay's kids
E-mail Address: berzmom3

I think that it was very nice of Holice to take the time to "clear this up" with Kay. A very nice gesture of kindness and sensitivity.... I personally had no suspicions, but I have been "burned" in round robins and I understand how disappointing it is to work hard for a good cause and to be let down.... It sounds as though Kay is the "real McCoy", best of luck to her.

Date: 1/22/98 Time: 12:31 PM
Subject: Kay Johnson Project
E-mail Address:

I just had a long conversation with Kay Johnson about the concern being expressed here on The Bulletin Board over the legitimacy of her quilting project. I first talked with an aide in the school office who quickly assured me that it is a legitimate project and, in fact, the local newspaper had recently given it considerable space in a Weekend Edition of their paper. She then called Kay to the phone (whose classroom was only a short distance from the office) I told Kay about the concern quilters are having because they have not heard any progress nor have had acknowledgment of their contribution. She told me that two things have contributed to her not being able to acknowledge each contribution as well as giving a progress report. They are: problems with her Internet Server with her computer at home and a recent medical situation requiring adjustment of medicine). She also told me that she has taken a computer from work and will be able to log on to Internet and give an update of the project. She also told me of the recent article in the local newspaper( it sounded like considerable space has been devoted as well as having pictures in color). She is contacting the newspaper asking for permission to duplicate the article and sending it out. I suggested she also ask the paper if they would put it on the Internet, perhaps on the newspaper's page. She will talk to the paper about this. She also told me she expects to post a report about 10:30 pm tonight (Thursday). She was very apologetic about the confusion this has caused and told me she expects to be more prompt in giving acknowledgment and progress reports in the future. She asked me if I could post this information today so you will have this information.
(I called Information and got the phone number of the school)

(Additional note: I hope this is not garbled. I've tried 3 times to get this typed out and posted and each time something has happened and it disappeared)

Holice Turnbow
Shepherdstown, WV

Date: 1/22/98 Time: 11:55 AM
Subject: Kay and her Kids
E-mail Address:

I do not blame anyone for being antsy over Kay's project, and not hearing from her. I, also, send a block, a book on Nevada and Lake Tahoe, and a bunch of postcards. I felt is was a worthwhile endevor.

But some of us have been "burned" in the past, and it takes some effort to leave the door to our hearts open for others. Kay received blocks with return addresses, I'm sure. The 'Net isn't the only way to contact people, you know. If Kay can contact one of the many folks who sent her blocks, then she can relay a message thru them, also.

Quite frankly, I was considering doing the same thing Carol did to find out if we had been conned; calling Information, looking for Concord Elementary School, etc. I don't think Carol was out of line at all, and certainly put forth an optimistic posting. Carol just wanted to know, like many of us, what was happening.

If anyone can contact Kay, please let her know all of us are anxiously waiting for news. If she has any photos of her progress, I would be happy to post them on my website, or maybe others could, too. I would volunteer my time in helping to piece the blocks together, also.

I still believe this idea was a worthwhile endevor, and here's hoping we hear some news soon.


Date: 1/22/98 Time: 11:42 AM
Subject: At-risk Babies Crib Quilts, Inc (charity org)
E-mail Address:

If anyone is looking for a legitimate! charitable organization that needs quilters' help it is ABC Quilts. Through a network of volunteers crib quilts are distributed throughout the USA to children born HIV+ as well as those with alcohol syndrome. Crack babies and abandoned babies also receive these quilts. There are area coordinators in most states but some states are soooo big that others are desperately needed. I am an area coordinator in NW GA and trying to get the message out to other quilters in GA as well as nation-wide.
I hope this posting is not inappropriate here.
ABC Quilts can be reached, if you are interested in helping, at 569 First NH Turnpike' Suite #3, Northwood, NH 03261. Thanks Dawn

Date: 1/22/98 Time: 10:58 AM
Subject: Log Cabin Pinwheel
E-mail Address: or

I remember seeing a log cabin pinwheel quilt,
but have not been able to find a pattern. Does
anyone have a pattern or a source for one?? Thanks!
TLM in New Hampshire

Date: 1/22/98 Time: 9:35 AM
Subject: scams
E-mail Address:

On the top of the page of this site its says "Warning it is possible to tell where the postings are coming from, and the providers will be notified..." I would imagine these "scams" could be checked out if there is a problem..

Date: 1/22/98 Time: 9:06 AM
Subject: Fabric Stores in Austin, TX
E-mail Address:

I tried to E-mail you a response but it came back. Said the address wasn't valid.
NANA5@PRODIGY.COM E-mail ME and I'll cue you in to two really great shops.

Date: 1/22/98 Time: 7:49 AM
E-mail Address: NANA5@PRODIGY.COM

I'm going to austin,texas next weekend. Anybody know of any neat fabric shops there? I need addresses and directions if you can. Phone numbers if not so i could call from the hotel and get the directions. Sure would appreciate the info.

Date: 1/22/98 Time: 5:10 AM
Subject: Pointillist fabric source
E-mail Address:

Does anyone know of a mail-order source for the Pointillist line of fabrics? This is the fabric made up of zillions of teensy dots that gradually move from one shade to another. It didn't interest me when it first came out but now I have a pattern that it would be PERFECT for ... if I can just find the fabric ...

Thanks in advance,
Donna in NC

Date: 1/22/98 Time: 1:00 AM
Subject: Celtic quilting, history
E-mail Address:

Looking for reliable information on the history of Celtic quilting. Earliest example of this technique. Anything else that would apply.

Date: 1/22/98 Time: 12:21 AM
Subject: Irish Love Knot
E-mail Address:

A friend of mine was telling me about this pattern. She said that it was formed by using a log cabin approach. She has had difficulty finding a pattern anywhere. Does anyone know where she can get one?
Thanks in advance!! Jennifer

Date: 1/22/98 Time: 12:06 AM
Subject: Kay Johnson's class project
E-mail Address:

Concord Elementary School is listed in Bessemer, AL, according to a Lycos search, at the address Kay gave. After sending my packet, I received an e-mail message from one of her students.
It's not uncommon for teachers to have unlisted phone numbers.
If this is a hoax, someone went to a lot of trouble to get some quilt blocks. What I sent was sent willingly and of small monetary value, so I'm not concerned about it. Mary

Date: 1/21/98 Time: 10:57 PM
Subject: Any Negative Comments about the Bernina 150?
E-mail Address:`

O.K. -
I've just about talked myself into a 150. I've read about the high pitched whine and the one person who had a problem with bobbin birdnests (maybe improper threading or bobbin winding tightness).

I haven't seen too many other negative comments, but then I haven't seen a multitude of praises flowing from any bulletin boards (except Bernina's web page descriptions).

This will be my first 'good' machine and so any negative comments (even hearsay) that I can discuss with dealer, would be appreciated.

By the way, I'll mainly be using it for piecing and machine quilting, though every so often I'll break down & sew a dress or vest for my girls.



Date: 1/21/98 Time: 10:49 PM
Subject: Photo Transfer Quilting? Help!
E-mail Address:

I'm not a quilter - I'm simply all thumbs! But my Mom is a quilter and she has been looking for any and all info on something she calls "photo transfer quilting" (she could be paraphrasing that). She's got all the talent, but I've got internet acces so I'd like to help. I've been on the web for half an hour and can't find anything. Would anyone have any info?

Thanks in advance, Michelle

Date: 1/21/98 Time: 10:25 PM
Subject: Peter Pan Fabric Source
E-mail Address:

Peter Pan Fabrics
11 E 36th St
New York, NY 10016

or you could try the following retail outlet:

Mary Jo's Cloth Store
401 Cox Rd
Gastonia, NC 28054

Date: 1/21/98 Time: 10:07 PM
Subject: Kay's quilt project, again
E-mail Address:

Once again, I want to say that I'm not trying to stir up trouble. I was just wondering if anyone heard from her since sending out the squares...I for one, haven't. Yes, it was a "goodwill" project, but I think that she could be giving back a progress report if/when possible. If she could e-mail pat, could she not also post here and let us know?? I would LOVE to see the work of all the people that contributed, as well as the kids' time investment.

Not trying to stir up trouble, just concerned.

Date: 1/21/98 Time: 9:42 PM
Subject: Peter Pan Fabric Sources
E-mail Address:

My mother purchased some Peter Pan fabric at a local quilt shop. After a change in quilt pattern plan we realized we did not purchase enough of the fabric. The quilt shop we purchased the fabric from sold out the day before and will not reorder for us. We have searched high and low for this particular fabric with no sucess. Do you know what city Peter Pan fabric is manufactured, or a contact person, so that I can contact them directly? Thank you. will not give up the search

Date: 1/21/98 Time: 8:58 PM
Subject: Sacramento quilters
E-mail Address:

Am relocating from Ontario, Canada to the Sacramento region. Don't see a quilters guild!! Help. Please contact me with any information about quilters in the area. I need a fabric support group or I will go nutty. Thanks...Lori

Date: 1/21/98 Time: 7:52 PM
Subject: kay and her kids
E-mail Address:

hi to all!
i also had been anxiously awaiting further news of the progress of the quilt and the class project! i did recieve a message from kay this weekend telling me that she has been ill as well as having computer problems. now, i have been wrong in the past and probably will be wrong in the future, but until i know differently, i am choosing to believe kay and her explaination. i can appreciate the anger and outrage expressed by those who have had blocks "stolen". i would be as well. my attitude with the blocks and books that i sent to kay and the kids was that they were gifts from my heart. i had no "strings" attatched to the acknowledgement or expression of gratitude regarding them. perhaps accusing kay of purposefully perpetrating a scam is a bit harsh.

food for thought,

Date: 1/21/98 Time: 7:11 PM
Subject: Wanted: Quilt Directions or Pattern
E-mail Address:

Looking for directions or pattern to hexagon quilt "Grandmother's Flower Garden". (sometimes called "Garden Path") Needed to finish great grandmother's quilt, started over 30 yrs ago. Please email.

Date: 1/21/98 Time: 6:48 PM
Subject: Hosting block swaps
E-mail Address:

I believe there are guidelines available for would-be swap hostesses. Can anyone tell me where I can obtain a copy of these please?

I am thinking of hostessing a block swap for us European ladies - it will save on postal charges - and I thought if anyone is interested in joining a European block swap perhaps they would e-mail me with suggestions as to the type of block they would be interested in making.

Of course, any other participants would be welcome, that lived outside Europe, if they cared to participate.

Come on ladies, lets have some fun.

Carole, in England

Date: 1/21/98 Time: 6:25 PM
Subject: carol re: sewing machines
E-mail Address:

In answer to your question about sewing machines, for many years I suffered with my old singer sewing machine until I couldn't take it anymore. So I did what every crazy quilter does when she needs a new machine.... I sold my car and bought a Bernina 1090 . I don't miss my car (use the bus now) and I'm sure my quilting has improved 100% because I love my machine. I did go to lots of stores and tried every machine out before I made my choice, its worth it, you'll find the machine thats right for you. Good Luck

Date: 1/21/98 Time: 6:16 PM
Subject: Quilting Shops in Ireland
E-mail Address:

Thanks Brenda for your message but you didn't send your e-mail address so I'm posting here. Which is your quilt shop in Vancouver called with the workmate called Sabina? When we were in Vancouver l8 months ago with our son and his football team we visited two of the three shops I could find. They were great. Re quilt shops in Lichfield, I have 3 listed under West Midlands (Birmingham area) and 3 in Warwickshire. Please e-mail me direct if you want these addresses. Sabina

Date: 1/21/98 Time: 4:53 PM
Subject: golden wedding ring pattern
E-mail Address:

i believe i have the pattern is looking for. i got it in a pattern series from georgia boonsteel. have the directions would be glad to mail to her if she likes.

Date: 1/21/98 Time: 4:01 PM
Subject: Retrieving patterns
E-mail Address:

I am a novice at the computer, so please don't laugh at this question. How do I retrieve patterns that I download to a disk? What program, commands, etc. The words come but no picture. I am very good with step-by-step instructions.

Date: 1/21/98 Time: 3:37 PM
Subject: Looking for Quilt Pattern
E-mail Address:

Does anyone know where I can find the Topsy-Turvy Cat Pattern?

Date: 1/21/98 Time: 3:12 PM
Subject: Sewing Machine
E-mail Address:

I am a new quilter and am looking to buy a new sewing machine. I have a limited buget to spend, but want to get the best for my dollar. I would like to know some other people's views on the make/model of their favorites. I will use it basically for patchwork, and possible, quilting. Was also wondering if I waited to buy until I got to Lancaster for "Quilter's Heritage" if there will be vendors there with "show specials".

Date: 1/21/98 Time: 2:56 PM
Subject: need three yards
E-mail Address:

I am looking for three yards of fabric called
"Two by Two" nicole de leon For Alexander Henry.
This fabric came out in 1995 and I have been
unable to locate anymore.

Date: 1/21/98 Time: 1:21 PM
E-mail Address:

Glad to help anyone looking for the Hancock's website. I found it by mistake and bookmarked it! Sometimes I do these good now I can help! Their website address is:
Now I need to visit there since everyone likes their site!
Connie in Wisconsin

Date: 1/21/98 Time: 1:04 PM
Subject: Hancocks Fabricworld in Paducah
E-mail Address:

I used to visit Hancock's website quite often and now, I can't find them anywhere. I've tried
(that used to work). So, I called their toll free number and the person that answered told me to try or I have had no success. Can anyone out there help me find them. I really liked ordering my quilting supplies through them. I especially love the new Quilter's Dream Cotton batting...but let's not get started on the batting discussion again. Thanks for helping a desperate quilter.


Date: 1/21/98 Time: 12:51 PM
Subject: Fabric Samples
E-mail Address:

I am looking for 4" x 4" samples of new fabrics (a.k.a. "preview packs") that are coming out. I've already heard about Benartex's "Mr. B's Preview Pack Club", but do the other fabric companies have similar opportunities to receive the new fabrics in small squares? Thanks in advance for whatever help anyone offers. Jennifer in KS

Date: 1/21/98 Time: 12:39 PM
Subject: Quilting Hoops
E-mail Address:

I am looking for a Quilting Hoop but I cannot decide between the Jasmine and Norwood. Also, I've been told the 18" hoop is the best size overall. I would appreciate personal comments and reasons. Thanks

Date: 1/21/98 Time: 12:21 PM
Subject: ATTN: Anyone who contributed to Kay's school project
E-mail Address:

I got the address where we'd sent the blocks, in Bessemer, Alabama. I called information - there is no Concord Elementary School anywhere in the area...and no listing for Kay Johnson. I hate to post this here, but I really don't know what else to do. I am not out much, all I sent was one block, but I did hear from some postings that people sent books and other gifts as well. Kay if you are out there, please explain yourself. I hope I am wrong, but I am getting nervous now. I've heard of internet scams before, but not been involved in any - so far, I've had GREAT luck.

If anyone has heard anything from Kay, please let me know. I'm ready to apologize if indeed my hunch is wrong. I would like to hear from everyone who sent anything in to her.

Carol - the Washington state block

Date: 1/21/98 Time: 10:59 AM
Subject: Thank you from dcrane
E-mail Address:

Thanks so much for the replies to my questions. That was the first time I had ever sent out a request and it was pretty exciting to get replies. Again thanks.

Date: 1/21/98 Time: 9:16 AM
Subject: Quilt Shops in Amarillo, Texas
E-mail Address:

I am looking for quilt stores in Amarillo, Texas. I have checked the website of stores and none have listed from Amarillo. Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks.

Date: 1/21/98 Time: 8:16 AM
Subject: spanish quilting
E-mail Address:

Hi everyone, i am doing a research paper on spanish
quilting and/or quilters. i am having a hard time
finding anything on this subject. i know there are
quilters in every part of the world! i would appreciate
any help you could give me.
thank you, elaine

Date: 1/21/98 Time: 7:53 AM
Subject: Beginner needs help
E-mail Address:

My mother recently gave me 32 quilting pieces,
12 x 12, that had been hand appliqued, each with
a butterfly. The pieces had been done by my great, great, grandmother over 60 years ago. The pieces are in excellent condition. I would love to finish the quilt that she had apparently intended on making with these blocks. But, I have never made a quilt before and am totally clueless about how to start and where to go from there. Can anyone give me some help with this? Marsha

Date: 1/20/98 Time: 10:34 PM
Subject: Sydney Quilt Shops
E-mail Address:

There are three shops listed for Sydney on the WWQP's quilt store listings. Many others in Australia. Go to and follow the location links.

Kathy in So. Central Washington

Date: 1/20/98 Time: 10:23 PM
Subject: paper piecing sites
E-mail Address:

I have accumulated this list of sites with paper-piecing patterns. Hopefully they all still work as I haven't visited them recently.

You can subscribe to the Quiltlist that covers foundation piecing,
their site is


birdhouse pp sites:

Kathy in So. Central Washington

Date: 1/20/98 Time: 8:02 PM
Subject: Celtic Quilt Designs
E-mail Address:

For the two looking for Celtic Designs, I have a book by Philomena Wiechec called Celtic Quilt Designs. It is a sampler of Celtic Knots in blocks surrounded by garden maze sashings.
In the back, it says For additional copies of book or designs contact: Celtic Design Co., 834 W. Remington Drive, Sunnyvale, CA 94087.

I have seen her on Simply Quilts in the last year, so she is still writing books.


Date: 1/20/98 Time: 8:01 PM
Subject: "Half Log Cabin Star"
E-mail Address:

I'm looking for a pattern or instructions for the Half Log Cabin Star.

Date: 1/20/98 Time: 6:07 PM
Subject: Quilt Shops in Ireland
E-mail Address: Sabina

In my handbook I have two addresses for quilt shops in Ireland - they are both in the North:
The Calico Basket, 6a Main Street, Hillsborough, Co.Down N.Ireland Tel 01846 682863

Heirloom Quilts, Workshop 3, St. Patricks Triangle, 40 Upper English Street, Armagh, N> Ireland BT6l 7Ba Tel 0l87l 510734

Good Luck
Sabina Palley

Date: 1/20/98 Time: 6:01 PM
Subject: Looking for Quilt Pattern
E-mail Address:

A friend is looking for a pattern called "Golden Double Wedding Ring".
I looked in Barbara Brackman's book Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns
and saw a small block drawing. It was a Home Art pattern. If anyone
has a source or knows of a book this pattern is in please e-mail me
directly. My friend was given some templates of this pattern but cannot
figure out how they would be set together. Thanks in advance.


Date: 1/20/98 Time: 6:00 PM
Subject: Australian and English Quilt Magazines
E-mail Address: Sabina

For Kim:

In England you can subscribe to The Quilter which is our national Quilt Guild magazine coming out quarterly:
The Quilters Guild
Room 190 Dean Clough
Halifax HX3 5AX
U.K. Tel: 44 1422 347669

there are also three other magazines which I can send you the addresses if you want. In Australia I subsrcibe to ' Down Under Quilts' you can e-mail at and there is also the Guild magazine address Suite 4, Floor 7, 250 Pitt St, Sydney, N.S.W 2000, Australia.

Hope this is of help.
Sabina Palley

Date: 1/20/98 Time: 5:27 PM
Subject: Quilt show to benefit battered women
E-mail Address:

"You Are Not Alone Benefit Quilt Show" -- presented by Quilt Escapes, Inc. to benefit the Jane Doe Fund, Massachusetts Coalition of Battered women.

Featuring: * 1997 Hoffman Challenge Quilts * Contemporary & traditional quilt exhibit * Classes, vendors & raffles.

Sat., Feb. 7, 9-6 & Sun., Feb. 8, 9-5
Four Points Sherator (formerly Best Western)
Route 1, Norwood, MA

Donation $3

For info, contact Anna Oberlander at 781/769-2054 or Louisa Smith at 508/668-6010 -- or e-mail:

See you there!

Date: 1/20/98 Time: 4:48 PM
Subject: Foundation piecing
E-mail Address:

Are there any other webpages that have foundation patterns?

Also, is there a list of other quilting web-pages?

TIA, Jamie

Date: 1/20/98 Time: 1:01 PM
Subject: Star Block-- 4 or 5 inch
E-mail Address:

I'm looking for a 4 or 5 inch (completed size)
star block. Something easy not too difficult.

Anyone have any suggestions?
I'm not very good at making a larger pattern fit.


Date: 1/20/98 Time: 10:57 AM
Subject: Pattern Wanted
E-mail Address:

I am looking for a Triple Wedding Ring pattern. Have seen it in a book, but am unable to relocate. Hope someone out there has one or knows where to find it. Thanks in advance. Sylvia

Date: 1/20/98 Time: 9:38 AM
Subject: wool
E-mail Address:

I love wool battings, or should I say my kids do!! Those are the quilts they fight over, the fluffy ones out of flannel with wool batts. they are so lightweight but nice and warm. I've never tried a thin wool batt...I guess I use cotton for those quilts. Chrysti

Date: 1/20/98 Time: 8:59 AM
Subject: Australia trip
E-mail Address:

Need your help, ladies and gents. We are planning a trip to Sydney, Australia, in early April and, of course, I am looking to locate a quilt shop! I already have someone to guide me to them in Adelaide and have a feeler out for New Zealand. If you can help, I'd appreciate it! Valerie in San Antonio, TX

Date: 1/20/98 Time: 8:11 AM
Subject: Warm Wishes
E-mail Address:

Warm wishes to those in NE Canada & US after the ice storm. Christine is right & has a good outlook on a bad situation--take a quilt along! I was traveling by car, alone, in the blizzard of '96 NE US) & made it to a motel, snowed in for 3 days. Fortunately, I had put a newly basted kingsize quilt in the car "in case I had time to work on it." Boy did I ever! I handquilted half the quilt by the time the roads opened. Every time I look at it I'm reminded of that trip, so it's now named Blizzard '96!

Date: 1/20/98 Time: 12:22 AM
Subject: WHERE IS KAY and her KIDS???
E-mail Address:

Did anyone else happen to keep track of Kay Johnson (I believe that's her name). She was making a quilt with her class, and got squares from all over the US - but I haven't heard anything for over a month. Anyone else?????

Date: 1/19/98 Time: 11:40 PM
Subject: Older sewing machines
E-mail Address:

For information on older and antique sewing machines, go to They cover 1800 to 1964. They have a digest for discussion.
There's also a BB just for Featherweight fans.

Date: 1/19/98 Time: 10:16 PM
Subject: looking for fabric
E-mail Address:

I would like to make a "quillo" for a friend who is a Lakers fan. Can anyone tell me where I can find fabric with the Laker's logo?

Date: 1/19/98 Time: 9:16 PM
Subject: Quilting Services
E-mail Address:

Has anyone ever had a top quilted by a machine guided quilting service?
Before I send off my pride & joy, I'd like to know I the quality of the quilting?

Date: 1/19/98 Time: 7:13 PM
Subject: Batting - Do you like wool?
E-mail Address:

I've just tuned in to the batting conversations, and wonder whether there are any views on wool batting out there. I live in New Zealand, and wool is all I use because it's what we have. I'm looking into the export market for pure wool batting, and would love peoples' comments on whether they would give it a go (or if they have whether they would use it again). Is wool batting easy to buy in the USA? What is it like? Do you like it flat or bouncy?

Date: 1/19/98 Time: 6:34 PM
Subject: quilt shops in Ireland
E-mail Address:

Help!!! My husband is taking me on a dream vacation
in Ireland for 2 weeks in March. I have been searching for
for a list of quilt shops, specifically ones that
carry fabric for quilting. I haven't had much
luck going through the travel pages. Any infor-
mation would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Katie

Date: 1/19/98 Time: 6:27 PM
Subject: African-American Quilting Traditions
E-mail Address:

I'm working on an article about African-American quilting traditions. I've talked to the Smithsonian and to Patsy Orlofsky. I've been told I should also interview Joyce Gross, Eli Leon, Cuesta Benberry and Maude Southwell Wahlman. Problem is, no one seems to have any idea where they live. Can anyone help me out? Telephone numbers would help, but addresses would do too. Thanks. Dorothy Shinn

Date: 1/19/98 Time: 6:08 PM
Subject: alma lynne fabric
E-mail Address:

I am looking for a fabric by Hi-Fashion Fabrics. On the credit line it says: Alma Lynne for hi-fashion fabric c 1996 all rights reserved d# Almarble-1. It is a cream-colored fabric with patches of darker cream "splattered" throughout. Please e-mail me if you can help me locate this fabric.
I am half-way through a major project and I ran out of this fabric.

Date: 1/19/98 Time: 5:29 PM
Subject: Help-Charity Quilts
E-mail Address:

Several months ago, while checking out the various quilt sites on the Web, I came across a lady who was making quilts for the parents of stillborn children. I did not keep the address for more info, nor do I remember where I saw the story but would like to get more info.
She would donate the small quilts to the hospital so that the parents would have something nice to wrap their child in while they said their hellos and goodbyes, perhaps to take pictures in.
Any help would be appreciated since I am on the Charity committee of my Guild and we are looking for some different areas to assist in.
Thanks, Anna

Date: 1/19/98 Time: 5:27 PM
Subject: celtic knots
E-mail Address:

I am also interested in celtic knots. This has just become a new interest of mine. So, if you receive any info other than what is posted here please forward it to me. I have one book that is pretty good. It is BASKETS CELTIC STYLE by Scarlett Rose. She has an earlier book that I don't own but also looks interesting. It is CELTIC STYLE FLORAL APPLIQUE. I did do a search on the net and found a web site that has instructions for creating your own knots. I just printed it before checking the bulletin board so I haven't had time to read the instrucitons yet. The address is

Date: 1/19/98 Time: 5:14 PM
Subject: Tree of Life
E-mail Address:

The Tree of Life quilt was seen in the Jan/Feb
issue of QNM. It is in a book published by C&T
titled "Enduring Grace". Go to to
find out more about the book.

Date: 1/19/98 Time: 4:51 PM
Subject: Baltimore Applique Society Quilt in BH&G
E-mail Address:

I also saw the pattern in BH&G. I e-mailed Fairchild
and they were very friendly and prompt. I will
remember this when I buy my batting the next time.
Here is their response.
Thanks for your interest in the City Springs
Commenorative Quilt, done by the members of the
Baltimore Applique Society featured in our
Poly-fil advertisement. The pattern for this quilt
is available in a book from the Maryland
Historical Society. The cost, if purchased outside
of Maryland is $10.00, plus $1.00 for shipping/handling (total cost $11.00). If purchased within MD, please add .50 cents sales tax. If you want to order the pattern, contact the following address:

The Maryland Historical Society
201 West Monument Street
Baltimore, MD 21201

Thanks again for your interest and we hope you
will continue to enjoy the quilts featured in our
Best Wishes, mb

Date: 1/19/98 Time: 3:30 PM
Subject: Quilting
E-mail Address:

What is a good source for some nice celtic
designs and stencils for quilting?

Date: 1/19/98 Time: 1:38 PM
Subject: New quilter needs help
E-mail Address:

I am going to start my first quilting project and would appreciate any ideas and hints. I will be machine sewing blocks with heart appliques and then I am going to try to hand quilt. What kind of batt would be best for a quilt that will probably be washed frequently? What kind of thread should I choose for the applique (this will be done in red and I don't want it to bleed)? All help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Sue

Date: 1/19/98 Time: 1:33 PM
Subject: Owners of old sewing machines: HELP!
E-mail Address:

I inherited 30 year old Sears Kenmore sewing machine, model 2139. It's in terrific shape and has the power of a machine you would pay $1000s for today. I love it, but don't take care of it. Why? Because I have no owner's manual and don't know all the oiling spots.
I also want to use it for more advanced quilting. Has anyone found a good walking foot for a machine of this vintage. I've contacted Sears, and their "parts specialists" have failed to even find any info on this old gem.
I hate to put this workhorse out to pasture, or worse, drive it there from over work and lousy maintenance.
Any insights would be greatly appreciated.


Date: 1/19/98 Time: 12:39 PM
Subject: Australian and English Quilt Magazines
E-mail Address:

Does anyone out there subscribe to or have any of the above magazines? I would love to see some of these publications, but have no idea where to call or write. I would like to see some Japanese quilt magazines, also, but I'm afraid they won't be in English (duh!), and I don't read Japanese!

Thanks for any help!

Date: 1/19/98 Time: 12:04 PM
Subject: spanish quilting
E-mail Address:

i am looking for info. on spanish or latin american
quilting and am having a hard time. i would appreciate
any help in the right direction or if there are spanish
or latin amer. quilters out there who would like
to share their knowledge i would be very grateful!
thank you, elaine

Date: 1/19/98 Time: 9:19 AM
Subject: winter storms
E-mail Address:

Hearing about all the storms--last year was the worst winter we ever had since the 60's..But boy did we quilt!! This year we hardly have any snow, no excuses to stay home!! It's amazing it could be so mild this year after last. You'll get through it so "enjoy it while it lasts" ugh!!

Date: 1/19/98 Time: 9:12 AM
Subject: Quilting Lists
E-mail Address: GnJCollins

I don't know who was looking for more quilting lists like Quiltopia but there is another one Quiltbee that you can find at
That is my personal favorite as there is always new information on there and little bickering that you find on other lists!
The other one is Sunshine Digest at
Apparently there is one called Quiltnet but haven't found it yet! Has anyone else? Enjoy!! Ginny

Date: 1/19/98 Time: 9:08 AM
Subject: Football Player pattern
E-mail Address:

Boo and anyone else that has football fanatics in their family, there is a paper pieced football player pattern in the new Paper Panache newsletter. The web address is
She has a cheerleader and a football also! If you are interested, you can buy the one issue that has all the player in it. I just started to subscribe and love it! This month she also did a cherub
and a long stemmed rose for Valentine's Day!! Working on those now and they are adorable! Hope this helps! Ginny

Date: 1/19/98 Time: 8:02 AM
Subject: E-mail address for Buttonhole Applique
E-mail Address:

I am looking for the address for instructions explaining how to do buttonhole applique on a sewing machine using the invisible hem method. I have a Bernina 1020 that doesn't have this feature. I printed the instructions several months ago and have misplaced them.

Date: 1/19/98 Time: 7:56 AM
Subject: Storming Around
E-mail Address:

Some of you may have caught the news last week and discovered Central Canada and Northern U.S. was in a State of Emergency with a brutal ice storm. I was in the middle of it - Eastern Ontario near the Quebec border - and was holed up unable to drive for an entire week. We luckily maintained our power throughout the storm and I was able to make great progress on my Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt.

I have to say quilting was at the bottom of my priority list because I had to cook food for neighbours, offer my bathroom for showers, provide water and make up beds for people with no power. Most of my neighbours went for 10 days without power (and incredible cold temperatures -25 Celcius) and were pretty strung out.

But despite all this, I did have time to make about 20 more flowers (all hand stitched) and am almost at the end -- 35.

So, I guess there is a silver lining behind big storms or disasters. If you are confined to your home or must evacuate to a shelter - you can always take along your quilting!!!

Christine in Canada

Date: 1/19/98 Time: 7:45 AM
Subject: Quilt Shops Address
E-mail Address:

The e-mail address for quilt shops is

Date: 1/19/98 Time: 7:05 AM
Subject: Patterns Needed
E-mail Address:

I received the FEB.issue of BH &G American Patchwork & Quilting and saw the most beautiful Appliqued quilt in an ad for Fairfield Poly-fil. It was done by the Baltimore Applique Society. Does anyone have this pattern? Also in the Spring 98 ed. of Quilt mag. is a layout about a talented lady named Cecilia Macia and is shown a fantastic quilt called the Tree of Life...I'd love to have that pattern as well. thanks to all who helped me with the Cat pattern. It is on its way and will be the first one I do!

Date: 1/18/98 Time: 10:47 PM
Subject: Quilt Softare
E-mail Address:

I am new to the computer and thinking about getting one of the software programs. Touble is, which one???? Santa brought a brand new computer and memory is not a problem. Anybody have any experience with either Electric Quilt or Quilt-Pro to know which is better?

Date: 1/18/98 Time: 10:45 PM
Subject: Sue from Calf.
E-mail Address:

Sue, I lost your e-mail address, I think this was the site you were looking for: The Patchwork Studio from Victoria B.C. Canada the e-mail is In their catalog they have a pattern for a beautiful wreath quilt. Michelle Vancouver B.C.

Date: 1/18/98 Time: 10:38 PM
Subject: Japanese Scroll Wall Hanging
E-mail Address:

I have a Japanese Obi that I would like to incorporate
into a scroll-type wall hanging quilt. Does anyone
have any experience with such a project, or can you
refer me to books or other help? Thanks.

Date: 1/18/98 Time: 9:33 PM
Subject: Strip-pieced Hexagon pattern
E-mail Address:

Thanks to all who helped in my search for the
strip-pieced method of making hexagons. Was told I
should look for the book NOT MY GRANDMOTHER'S
FLOWER GARDEN (in case anyone else is interested).
I'm now searching locally for the book
so I can look at it before I order it. Will check our quilt guild library at the next meeting.

Thanks again! Renae in Iowa

Date: 1/18/98 Time: 9:09 PM
Subject: quilting with children--group quilt
E-mail Address:

There is a great book called "Quilting Together" by Paula Nadelstern and LynNell Hancock, c 1988, Crown Publishers, Inc. (ISBN 0-517-56894-2) which addresses both ideas for and how to organize this kind of a project. I have it from the library right now. It's probably out of print, you could get it through Interlibrary Loan.

Date: 1/18/98 Time: 8:17 PM
Subject: computer fabric
E-mail Address:

I am interested in trying the computer fabric seen in some catalogues. Has anyone tried it? How did it work? What other methods seem to work well for photos? Thanks

Date: 1/18/98 Time: 8:13 PM
Subject: quilting with children
E-mail Address:

Our school librarian is looking for a way to involve students and parents in a quilt to be hung in the LMC. She would like students and parents to make blocks that she will sew into the quilt. She is a beginner quilter and is looking for any ideas or suggestions. thanks

Date: 1/18/98 Time: 7:57 PM
Subject: "Heavens Above" Pattern
E-mail Address:

Does anyone know where I can access (on-line if possible) a quilt pattern called "Heavens Above"?

Also, I am interested in finding individuals who would like to form a quilting bee in Farmington, CT.

Date: 1/18/98 Time: 7:35 PM
Subject: Dog Days Dog Quilt
E-mail Address:

You may be thinking of a quilt wallhanging that is in Debbie Mumm's book called Bowsers & Meowsers. However,she calls it Sporting Dogs. Shows the profiles of 3 dog heads in different colors and a scrap border. Have seen this book often at different HobbyLobby stores. If you don't see it there or in a quilt shop, try Debbie's website at

Date: 1/18/98 Time: 5:55 PM
Subject: Quilting Machines
E-mail Address:

Hello to everyone,
Does anyone have any experience with the quilting machines like American Professional Quilting Systems, Gammill or any other that may be out there. I am toying with the idea of getting one and would appreciate any feedback, positive or negative. Thanks so much. Denise in Mass.

Date: 1/18/98 Time: 5:04 PM
Subject: Quilt shops in Tucson
E-mail Address:

I'm going to Tucson this Friday and am in dire need of a quilt shop fix. Can anyone recommend one? (and an address, too). Thanks a bunch.

Kay in La Luz, New Mexico (sunny, of course)

Date: 1/18/98 Time: 2:54 PM
Subject: Denim quilts
E-mail Address:

I have lots of denim jeans & would like to make
quilts for my 4 teenagers as they go to college.
I'm thinking of using flannel or courduroy for the
back. I'd like to do a strip quilt like Trip Around
the World. Anybody have any patterns? What would
be the best binding?

Date: 1/18/98 Time: 12:53 PM
Subject: Double Wedding Ring Quilt Pattern
E-mail Address:

I am trying to find the pattern and instructions for
a Double Wedding Ring Quilt for my mother-in-law. She also needs yardage information. This will be the first quilt she has ever done so any help, tips, etc I can recieve will be most appreciated. Please e-mail me as to where I can find this information.

Date: 1/18/98 Time: 12:05 PM
Subject: travel and shopping
E-mail Address:

Last year a very nice person sent me an e-dress for
quilt shops world wide. I used the info with great
enjoyment--my computer had problems and I lost the
address. Could someone help me replace it.
Thankyou, Maryann in Southern Ontario

Date: 1/18/98 Time: 10:46 AM
Subject: Hawaiian Quilt Pattern
E-mail Address:

Help! Please, I'm looking for a pineapple quilt pattern in the Hawaiian theme. If anyone knows of a site or reference I can check out for such patterns it would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Pam

Date: 1/18/98 Time: 10:41 AM
Subject: Batting & Magazine Holders
E-mail Address:

I've found the discussion on battings so interesting and helpful that I'm saving them to my quilt disk for reference later! Now for my input:

I like Warm n Natural for both machine and hand quilting. I prewash it on gentle and dry on gentle, so it will preshrink. The little specks and oil don't bother me; besides, when I wash it, it gets quite clean anyway. It shrinks very very little and holds together well. I like the flat, soft look & feel cotton batting provides. I stayed away from cotton batting for many years because I'd heard it was hard to needle. But I've really had no problem with it (does that mean I have good muscles in my hands and fingers?) Besides, our grandmothers used batting with similar properties and they managed anyway!

I've also used Hobbs Heirloom successfully. Hancock's mailorder has it. Wonderful stuff. Got started on Warm n Natural because it was on sale 40% off at Cloth World, and I could just go down and buy it (cost also was a factor since I wanted to try it). So I like both. Am looking forward to trying the other brands mentioned during this discussion.

Also, regarding the plastic magazine holder "thingies", I use them too. Saw them the other day at Office Max for $2.99. Happy Quilting, JJ

Date: 1/18/98 Time: 10:04 AM
Subject: feedsacks
E-mail Address:

In reading my info on feedsacks, there seemed to be a glitsch in printing..sorry about that..I'll add this in order for it to read correctly..'wee white' area in previous post, is to be white bags or off white bags were the originals..
Richard Peek was a salesman for PERCY KENT, a leading bag manufacturer..and Mr Peek was in a resturant having dinner when he saw that EVERYTHING was made from plain feedsacks.he went back to Mr Kent and suggested they PRINT the sacks since women were using them for clothing and household items...Percy was'nt sure he wanted to to this..He wanted "his' name on those bags..he was selling "Percy Kent"..sooooo they comprimised..they did exactly what a previous post said..they made glue..and they did it exactly what we did as kids..flour & water..pasted the label ON the printed bag..when you had used up the would just dip the bag into water and the label would peel right off and you had fabric for curtains, dresses, blouses, shorts, halters, bonnets, etc...
now" even the labels are collectable..we have various members in our 'Feedsack Club' who collect them.

And lastly, in relating our 4th annual quilt show & exhibit in Lancaster April 1-5.."The Feedsack Club' brought feedsacks to Lancaster'. Hence the theme of "Feedsack Frenzy" at QHC..come and see us..Jane of The Feedsack Club

Date: 1/18/98 Time: 9:52 AM
Subject: quilt/wall hanging
E-mail Address:

I am looking for a patern to do with the idea of St.Patricks day.

Date: 1/18/98 Time: 7:32 AM
Subject: feedsacks
E-mail Address:

I hve enjoyed the various posts on "feedsacks" and would like to add to the one time, everything we had was stored in boxes, barrels, and tins..they would have 'loved' to have used bags, but no one could sew a seam strong enough to hold the content...til mid 1850's when the sewing machine was invented...It was then that the cotton industry exploded with the growth of bags..promintely know as feed bags, feed sacks, etc..

The first bags were made,primarly, of oxenburg, wee white or off-white in color and sewn together with about 3 or 4 ply string..sometimes you will se a very primitive quilt and you look at the 'thread' and think..'that almost looks like string!!'...that's because it IS..they used even the string taking the sack apart..they did 'exactly what we do with fabric today..empty it of it's content, wash it out, iron and fold it for future use...and they used it for 'everything' inthe home..bra, underpanties, undershorts for the man, slip, dress, blouse, kids clothing, diapers, t-towels, curtains, sew 4 together for a sheet/quilt lining, table scarves, pillow cases...
when a very wise salesman by the name of Richard Peek was out selling sacks one time, he noted that everything in the resturant, including the waitresses aprong, blouse, skirt was made of feedsacks..curtains, table cloth, napkins...hmmmmm!
he thought, "if we printed them...they would buy OUR sacks' he took the idea back to his boss, Percy Kent, one of the first manufactureres of bags..and they decided to offer the printed bags..BUT..Percy still wanted his name on that bag cause 'THAT' was what he was selling..'his name' they made glue just as we did as kids,,yep..flour and water..slapped that label on the printed bag with it and eureka...a printed sack and the advertisers name as well..

Before the printed bags came about they developed from plain ones to company names, then content, weight, etc..feedsacks are an extremely important part of our textile one time, "everyone' wore feedsacks if they were rural..if it had'nt been for feedsacks, there would have been alot of 'naked' people runnning around...look around you..not a pretty picture..
I have a "feedsack club" which is assoc and myself take nothing from the club..strictly a hobby..and many of top guns in feedsacks are members..we hold our annual convention concurrent with Quilters'Heritage Celebration in Lancaster , just one mile down the road from QHC..and their theme this year is 'Feedsack Frenzy"..what else can I say..come and see us..The Feedsack Club brought feedsacks to Lancaster..and if there is more interest in feedsacks, I'd be happy to share more from my lecture/program..wish I could show you items from my trunk show!! Jane

Date: 1/18/98 Time: 3:03 AM
Subject: Name of Quilt Pattern
E-mail Address:

To Jane in NH,
Could the pattern you are asking about be Bridal Bouquet? The "flowers" are diamond shapes on top of a large triangle. This is on my "To Do Someday" list and is very attractive. I'm not sure where I saw the pattern for this, probably in one of the Better Homes and Gardens quilt books.
Deanna in WA

Date: 1/17/98 Time: 10:03 PM
Subject: football player blocks
E-mail Address:

I'm looking for a generic football player block.
Does anyone know of any sources? Thanks, Boo

Date: 1/17/98 Time: 8:36 PM
Subject: Quilt display frame
E-mail Address:

I need to find a lightweight yet sturdy method to display quilts that are 12 feet wide by 9 to 12 feet high. The frame design should be collapsible and lightweight. I'm lloking for either design suggestions or plans or places to purchase ready-made frames. Thanks!

Date: 1/17/98 Time: 8:31 PM
Subject: Looking for pattern
E-mail Address:

Can anyone tell me the name of a quilt pattern that looks like a bouquet of flowers on each block. I saw a beautiful quilt made with this pattern on each block and an off-white background. I would like to purchase this pattern if anyone knows the name, etc. Sorry, that's all I have to go on. Jane in New Hampshire

Date: 1/17/98 Time: 8:06 PM
Subject: Batting Choices
E-mail Address: ghendric @adams net

I enjoyed the ongoing discussion on batting, it really helps to hear other
opinions on the subject. I have used mostly all plyester just becuase that's what is available in
most stores locally. Now, I definitely want to try more cotton and other brands. I know i SHOULD docusment what I use in some type of
log or journal for help in the future. but realistically that probably won't happen!!
I purchased the dark Hobbs batting at Hancock's in Paducah several years ago, but havent't used it yet. It might be avaiable through their
web site. Happy QUilting everyone.

Date: 1/17/98 Time: 7:48 PM
Subject: book wanted
E-mail Address:

I am looking for the book: Pieces of the Past
By: Nancy J. Martin
It is out of print and I need to find this book.
If anyone has it and would like to sell it, please let me know.


Date: 1/17/98 Time: 7:30 PM
Subject: Cotton battings/Display wall
E-mail Address:

I've used Quilter's Dream Cotton Batting in large quilts and really like it. I machine quilt almost everything and haven't tried it for hand quilting, many who do quilt restoration swear by it. It's available in a wide range of sizes and about 5 thicknesses, as bleached or unbleached (unbleached is a little cheaper) and doesn't need to be pre-washed, has little shrinkage and no debris in it. It is made by needle-punching and has no polyester. If you can't find it locally, go to their web-site at
For smaller projects and home dec items, I like Pellon Fleece (polyester), which can be purchased in packages or off the bolt. It's thin, lightweight, dense, has no thick and thin spots and does not stretch. It's really 45"-wide off the bolt (not 40" or 42").
I have never heard of cotton pilling.
The Kirk Collection, has a limited number of dark wool battings available. They're not too much more expensive than the cottons ones, which they also have. For the ultimate in batting, they have silk, which is spectacular, but has a higher price.
I believe the newer version of Warm & Natural does not have the debris and oil problem that the original version did. It does still contain a polyester scrim, which is what makes it difficult to hand quilt. I've heard of industrial quilting machine owners who won't use it, either. I like it for crafts, like cuffs on Christmas stocking and snowmen.
Most display walls have a light or neutral colored fabric, like muslin or flannel, over sheets of styrofoam wall insulation. However, this insulation is made to be used inside walls, and I've heard concerns about outgassing from the styrofoam and flammability. You might want to check with your insurance agent before using it or reconsider if you have allergies or respiratory problems.
Some use sheets of cotton batting for display walls, or flannel-backed vinyl tablecoths, especially ones with a plaid or checked front that is barely visible from the back. Gridded flannel is also available just for design walls (maybe Nancy's Notions has it).

Date: 1/17/98 Time: 6:48 PM
Subject: Quilt wall
E-mail Address:

Thanks to all that answered my questions regarding batting. Now for my next question. I am interested in building a (for lack of a better phrase) "quilt wall"....where I can put my blocks up and view them and change them around. Like the quilt shops have. My question is what is it made of...? Is it just felt hung on the wall?
Thanks again.

Date: 1/17/98 Time: 6:25 PM
Subject: Repair work needed
E-mail Address: J

My wife and i are looking for someone to do some
needed repair work on our home made patchwork quilt my mother made.
We live in Colchester C.T.

Thank you

Date: 1/17/98 Time: 5:12 PM
Subject: Dog Quilt
E-mail Address:

I am looking for a pattern for a quilt or wall hanging which has been described as "dog Days". It is a profile of 3 dog faces. Thank youMarguerite

Date: 1/17/98 Time: 4:47 PM
Subject: Hobbs Batting
E-mail Address:

To Bev in St.Louis-
You are looking for Hobbs Heirloom Premium Batting? I just received the latest Connecting Threads mail order catalog. On page 34, there are two sizes available. A brief description says, "Hobbs was delvoped with Harriet Hargrave, offering one of the best 80% cotton, 20% poly batting. It can be quilted as close as 1/4" or as far as 3 1/2" apart." The 2 sizes available are Queen (90 x 108) for $15.99, and King (120 x 120) for $19.99. Our local quilt shops in Wisconsin carry it also. You can contact Connecting Threads at 800-574-6454, and their address is PO Box 8940, Vancouver, WA 98668-8940. They carry a wonderful aray of books, patterns, notions, etc. Best of all they are very prompt in shipping, items usually arrive within days! You know we anxious quilters, once we order we want it in hand!!!
Stay warm! Connie in Wisconsin

Date: 1/17/98 Time: 4:28 PM
Subject: Golf Pattern for Quilt
E-mail Address:

I woulke like to make a quilt for grandson who is a golf fanatic. If anyone knows where I can find a quilt pattern with a golf theme, I would appreciate your E-mailing me. Thank you!

Chlo Hoppe

Date: 1/16/98 Time: 3:23 PM
Subject: Battings for dark fabrics
E-mail Address:

I've been reading all the comments about Warm & Natural
batting and marveling at the diversity of us quilters!
I can't stand needling it, but found it's great for machine
quilting. I usually use Mountain Mist 100% cotton for my machine
quilted larger quilts and a poly/cotton for my HQ.

Now, I'm making a quilt that has a black background and
a backing that is black except for a sports logo. (who shall be
nameless) I've been looking for the black Hobbs, but am
coming up emptyhanded at my 'local' stores. I have a lot
of stores left to 'visit' yet, but am wondering if anyone has
used the 100% cotton batting and if it pills up any. I am
planning on machine quilting. I remember making a navy quilt
for my nephew that pilled like crazy, but don't remember the
brand name. So, ladies & gents, do I keep looking for the
black Hobbs, or will I be safe in using the cotton?

Date: 1/16/98 Time: 2:43 PM
Subject: Batting
E-mail Address:

I am loving this ongoing conversation regarding batting. I always thought warm and natural was fabulous but not really aforable. Now Im glad I didn't buy it for large projects. I have been using Mountain Mist but am interested in the "Hobbs" everyone seems to be talking about. Can anyone tell me where I can get it?? Is it strictly a quilt shop item or can I find it at Walmart, etc? Also, someone mentioned Mountain Mist making a cotton type bat as well as poly?? Was that correct? I think I would like to try that.
Thanks in advance for your help!
I live in the St Louis area, so I should beable to find the Hobbs somewhere....

Date: 1/16/98 Time: 1:59 PM
Subject: warm and natural
E-mail Address:

Here's yet another opinion on Warm and Natural.
I love it for machine quilting (which I almost
never do, but there you are.) One thing I always
do when using this batting is give it a good soak.
Now, I KNOW it says you don't have to wash it,
but the soak removes most of the oil from the
plant bits. If the oil stain potential is an
issue for you, this should take care of it.

Also, I saw a recent Harriet Hargreaves program
on HGTV, and she addressed the subject of batting.
She especially likes the 'old quilt' look for her
work, and doesn't wash her fabric OR batting until
the quilt is done, letting it shrink as it will
to get the old-time effect. (But I'll bet she
color-tests the fabric first...) Anyway, doing
this would also address the oil stain thing.

In my handquilting classes, I specify poly batts
for beginners. If someone MUST quilt with a
natural fiber batt, I recommend the Soft Touch
or the 20/80 blends. The Warm and Natural is
just too tough to deal with when trying to learn
the techniques of hand quilting.

The Compulsive Quilter.
By the way, I have a bunch of old Quilters
Newsletters Magazines that I'm clearing out.
They're intact - nothing cut out or written on.
If anyone's interested, let me know and I'll
send a list of the issues I have.

Date: 1/16/98 Time: 1:35 PM
Subject: Selling quilts on consignment
E-mail Address:

Does anyone have experience selling your quilts on consignment? I would be interested in hearing about your experiences, both good and bad. Thanks for your help. Karen in Omaha

Date: 1/16/98 Time: 12:02 PM
Subject: Batting
E-mail Address:

I thought I'd let you know what is happening in my shop. Hobbs is definately the favorite for hand quilting cotton quilts, these are the gals that do a lot of planning and fuss over every stitch. The ladies that make quilts out of everything they can get their hands on ( discarded clothes, polyester, jeans,everythingscrappy) use the cheapest poly batting I have. I also sell a lot of the cute little bags of Warm and Natural, their packaging is irristable, this is the only size I carry(craft size) many tree ornaments were made out of it. It has a very "folky" look that people want.
Just some food for thought..

Date: 1/16/98 Time: 11:31 AM
Subject: applique paper for computer
E-mail Address:

Does anyone know of applique "freezer paper" I can use to run through my jaser jet printer? I tried freezer paper and the heat from my printer causes it to adhere to the stabilizing paper. Please E-mail me with any product information. Thank you so much. I am eager to get started the quilt I designed.

Date: 1/16/98 Time: 11:28 AM
Subject: Dolly Dingle quilts
E-mail Address:

Dolly Dingle was originally designed in the early 20th century by Grace Drayton who also illustrated the Campbell Soup kids. An article ("Character Quilts for the '90s") appears in Quilting Today, Issue 53. It shows a quilter's collection of 1928 Dolly Dingle paper dolls, has photos of several quilts, offers some history on Dolly and includes a pattern for a redwork embroidery Dolly Dingle block. The addresses of two suppliers of Dolly Dingle patterns accompany the article. If you or a quilting friend don't have a copy, back issues can be ordered from the publisher at 800-628-8244. Good luck with your research. Nancy

Date: 1/16/98 Time: 6:29 AM
Subject: Visiting Seattle
E-mail Address:

I am visiting Seattle late Feb 98. I've heard that there are many great patchwork and quilting shops to visit. Can someone give me a list of the best?

Thanks Janine Kent, Australia

Date: 1/16/98 Time: 3:35 AM
Subject: quiltshops in Manhattan
E-mail Address:

A friend of mind is going to Manhattan for a few days.
Can anybody recommend some good quilting stores and
some places were quilting material can be had at a
good price. We live in Holland, and on average the
quilting material cost 4 to 5 times what is paid for
them in the USA, so she would like to make the most
of the occasion. Please e-mail me at Thanks

Date: 1/16/98 Time: 2:47 AM
Subject: Feedsack underwear
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Kathy, thank you for sharing your delightful story with everyone! I'm a little worried, though. I've inherited some pieces of feedsack fabric blocks. I wonder now, exactly where they came from? Oh, NO!!!

Date: 1/16/98 Time: 1:54 AM
Subject: warm and natural
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hi all!

i just couldn't resist adding my thoughts on the warm and natural subject. i used to use it for table quilts and wall hangings, etc. i had been working dilegently on several projects back to back and just thought that my allergies were particularly bad. that is until i realized that everytime i got anywhere close to the LARGE QUANTITY i had purchased on sale and was storing in my closet, that i began to wheeze horribly! to make a long story short, the large quantity was donated, and i have started to use hobbs heirlome and have no further wheezing episodes while quilting!!!!

whodathunkit?? i am certainly glad that i have discovered a cotton batt that i can use!!!! i really prefer it to polyester.

happy stitches to all!


Date: 1/16/98 Time: 1:39 AM
Subject: Use the Warm and Natural!
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Connie in SNOWY WISCONSIN is right about both issues. Warm and Natural is so beautiful when machine quilted that I can't give it up, even though know the oil will be a problem. I want my quilts to last, but I keep thinking about our quilting ancestors, who spun the cotton, wove the batting, and undoubtedly had no worry about the seeds! So what if it looks antique in 30 years - isn't that part of the charm??

Connie's right on the money about machines too. I use a 15-year-old JC Penney and a White. Both inexpensive. I take very good care of them - clean them often and oil them regularly. They do everything I need them to do, beautifully. You know, no expensive machine will make up for lack of practice, sloppy work, etc. I'd invest in classes, quality thread and fabrics, and good books! And I still think nothing is prettier than well-done hand embroidery. I know many disagree. But you know, machine stitches are so even, especially in something like blanket-stitch embroidery, that they LOOK manufactured. I guess I'm glad I feel that way - embroidery capabilities add an awful amount to the cost of a machine.

Sorry if I'm being too opinionated - I'm still learning. I just know what I like to see, and what works faithfully for me.

Quilt Doctor in Freezing Minnesota

Date: 1/16/98 Time: 12:56 AM
Subject: Dolly Dimple Quilt
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I am searching for information concerning a quilt pattern, thought to be titled
Dolly Dimple. A Quilter at the Latimer Quilt & Textile Center in Tillamook, OR is trying to locate this pattern.
He saw such a quilt 60 years ago. It was said that the children represented later became the Campbell Soup Kids.
Any hints of where to look or a person to contact would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Date: 1/16/98 Time: 12:15 AM
Subject: Foundation piecing patterns
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To Kim- The web site you are looking for is "MaryAnn's Cyberspace Quilting Room," at ( .

Date: 1/15/98 Time: 10:52 PM
Subject: Signature Quilt
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We had a quilting marathon on a Sunday before
Christmas and 12 of us made the scrap quilt by
Eleanor Burns in Christmas fabrics. On Christmas
day all my family signed the quilt I made. I have it on video and it is so great. It is very easy to
do. We are going to have another marathon
on Super Bowl Sunday and make a scrap quilt in spring colors. Minabess

Date: 1/15/98 Time: 10:01 PM
Subject: Bernina Upgrade / Warm N Natural
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Regarding the upgrading to a new Bernina: The way I think is, if the machine suits you fine and does what you need then why spend the extra $$ on a new machine. You could buy lots of fabrics, books and patterns with the cash--can never have enough of any of the previous! A Paducah winner chosen by Bernina uses one of the basic machines. She says if the stitches are not up to par, keep taking it to the dealer until it is! After all the machine is an investment and should sew perfect! I found mine doesn't like nylon thread. You know, the cheap stuff. There are other brands of nylon thread that she fully believes in. Can't think of the brand at the moment, but it's in most quilt shops and you can pull it and it will's not brittle like the other stuff.

About Warm N Natural: The same award winning quilter says not to use Warm N Natural at all because there are seeds and fibers still in the batting that over the years will seep (sp?) oil and spot your quilts. I too bought it on sale and machine quilted some quilts. It machine quilts just lovely. If the oil seeps after 20-30 yrs, I would think it would be past the time to make a new quilt. After all there are quilts made to be shown and most made to be loved and used. If it keeps the receiver warm and loved, does it matter? Only if it's a showpiece yes, otherwise...I plan to continue using it..I love it for machine quilting!
Stay Warm--Connie in Rainy/Snowy Wisconsin

Date: 1/15/98 Time: 9:17 PM
Subject: Foundation Factory
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Just wanted to let other European ladies know that Foundation Factory has finally reached the English shores, so if you are waiting for it well you should get it soon. I was lucky to get it as the package came open in the mail, but our lovely post office people sealed it all up with official tape so nothing escaped. It seems to be worth the wait and I love it already. Can't wait to sew some of those cute tree blocks.


Date: 1/15/98 Time: 9:05 PM
Subject: Signature Quilt
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I am looking for ideas for a signature quilt for a family reunion this summer. Any ideas or pattern would be appreciated.

Date: 1/15/98 Time: 8:12 PM
Subject: Fibers/textiles
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Hi, I am a Home Economics teacher. This semester I am teaching Apparel and Textiles. I would really love to have samples of the raw fibers to show to my students. I believe this would help them to understand better where their fabrics originate. I have some raw cotton, but would also like to have some wool, and a silkworm cocoon as well. If you have any ideas or know of any sources....please let me know...and thank you in advance. **big smile** Toni Owen

Date: 1/15/98 Time: 7:06 PM
Subject: Warm & Natural Batt, & other cotton batts
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I, too, have used Warm and Natural on a project--a wallhanging--and it was almost impossible to needle. I broke about five quilting needles and finally used an embroidery needle to punch through the top's seam (there were many since it the top was foundation pieced) and other layers. I will never use that stuff again. I now use Quilter's Dream 100% cotton batting. I discovered it last year at the American Quilters' Society quilt show in Paducah, KY. Now THAT stuff quilts like butter! Great batting; I'd recommend it to anybody. Jennifer in KS

Date: 1/15/98 Time: 6:01 PM
Subject: looking for a web sight
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I once went to a great sight full of foundation pieced patterns. It was made by a woman named Maryann in PA somewhere. I would love to get back there, but I can't seem to find my way. Does anyone know the address?

Thanks, Kim

Date: 1/15/98 Time: 5:24 PM
Subject: HGTV
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Hi, HGTV has their own wed site their address is it lists all their programs and times.
quilting is on at 9:30 and 2:30 Tuesday and Thursday eastern time
I hope this helps you. Pat

Date: 1/15/98 Time: 5:11 PM
Subject: Quilt Shops
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I'm going to Naples, FL in April and would like to know of any good place down there. I look in the Quilter's Companion and didn't see any listings. Can anyone help??

Date: 1/15/98 Time: 5:09 PM
Subject: Quilt Shops
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I'm going to Naples, FL in April and would like to know of any good place down there. I look in the Quilter's Companion and didn't see any listings. Can anyone help??

Date: 1/15/98 Time: 4:31 PM
Subject: dimentions
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I would like to know what the dimentions are for finished comforters and beadspreads in sizes king, queen, and twin. thankyou

Date: 1/15/98 Time: 4:26 PM
Subject: scrap quilt
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Greetings fellow quilters from a new quilter in the land down under.

My question : I have lots of scraps (some no more that 2" square) and I would like to find out if anyone can recommend a good scrap quilt idea for me or suggest a book that might have a suitable pattern.

Thanking you

Date: 1/15/98 Time: 4:10 PM
Subject: cotton batting
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I was glad to see the discussion on cotton battings. I love Warm
and Natural for machine quilting, but found it very difficult to
hand quilt through, and like another it made my wrist sore. I
have tried Blue Ribbon and it was better, but I am now anxious
to try Hobbs & Soft Touch. Most of my quilts have been made with
polyester battings and I really haven't had a bearding problem,
I just want to use the natural fibers.


Date: 1/15/98 Time: 1:39 PM
Subject: cotton batting
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about two years ago i was introduced to fairfield soft touch 100% cotton batting. i only used warm and natural in craft projects because noone had anything good to say about it as batting for a quilt. i was just starting to piece a flannel quilt for my son, so when i needled fairfield in the quilt store along with scraps of flannel, i knew i had a winner. i had excellent results hand quilting through it, and it lays beautifully. i am now using it in my daughter's quilt which is regular cotton fabric and am very pleased with the results. the fairfield soft touch can be bought off the roll (45" so i butted two lengths together) and i've recently seen it pre-packaged. i don't know what the recommended space between quilting is, but mine is as much as 4" in some areas. when i choose a polyester batt i use simplicity because it is a little on the thin side and lays very well.

Date: 1/15/98 Time: 12:07 PM
Subject: Warm and Natural Batting
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I, too, heard that Warm and Natural was the way to go. But I have found it too thick, according to my tastes, to use in large projects. So I use it only for placemats, table runners, etc. I wasn't too happy with a small wall quilt I made with it. Does it come in different thicknesses?

Date: 1/15/98 Time: 10:52 AM
Subject: Warm and Natural Batting
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I've tried Warm and Natural twice; the first time was for a wall hanging, and I had a hard time with the needle, also. I, too, thought it was the backing. Then I made a lap quilt with it...figured out this time it was the batt that was hard to needle!

I like the cotton batts because of their warmth and flat look, too. I've been using the Hobbs 80% cotton/20% polyester with great results, and easier needling. I haven't tried the Mountain Mist yet.


PS...I hand quilt everything, so the above is my opinion on HQ.

Date: 1/15/98 Time: 10:40 AM
Subject: cotton battings
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I have always used cotton battings and prefer
the hand, the flatter look of the quilting and
the warmth and wrapping effect they have.
I did find warm and natural tough to quilt through..
I ran into the little nubs and the plant crumbs
that make it so wonderfully natural looking. I would
still use warm and natural over poly.
My favorite batt is Mountain Mist Blue ribbon.
I have projects that are machine washed regularly
for over 10 years and the batting is holding up
beautifully. It is a very old fashion flat look.
Hobbs is also very nice to work on but I have only
used them a few years.
Once you get hooked on cotton, poly is for those
fast little decorating quilts but not for the joy of
quilting on or sleep under all winter. Cotton is
also cool in summer remember.
Just a warning, I think this is a minority opinion
but maybe somebody that sells batting can tell you
the percentages and favorites that quilters use.

Date: 1/15/98 Time: 10:01 AM
Subject: Warm & Natural Batting
E-mail Address:

I have never used Warm & Natural Batting for hand quilting, but I have used Hobbs' Heirloom. I had become so irritated with the bearding from the poly battings that I decided to give coton a try. It was very nice to hand quilt through and is VERY warm in the finished quilt. I am quilting my second quilt with it and I am very happy with it. Has anyone else found this to be true?

To Jane in KY: My Gramma made the juice can stools, but only used four cans. I think that I am going to try your pattern. Thanks for sharing it!
Deanna on the (currently) wet & windy Olympic peninsula of Washington

Date: 1/15/98 Time: 9:23 AM
Subject: Warm & Natural Batting
E-mail Address:

I used Warm & Natural on a wall hanging and also found it to be very hard to stitch through even tho the quilting experts told me this was THE stufff to use. I tried Mountain Mist pre-packaged batting and it kind of sticks through the material in places on the quilt I'm doing now, but the needle sure goes through a lot easier! Is there a good batting to use or do they all have this problem? Oh, this is not cheap material I'm using. I got it at a Quilt store for around $9 a yard.

Date: 1/15/98 Time: 8:08 AM
Subject: Warm and Natural
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I have hand quilted 2 queen size tops with Warm and Natural. I was told by a quilt shop that it quilts like butter so I bought several yards when on sell.
It doesn't. A friend asked me to quilt one for her and I thought at first that maybe the backing hadn't been washed and so it was a bit hard to quilt.
I made a queen size top for another friend and I know all the material was pre-washed and it too was hard to quilt through. I mentioned this at a different
quilt shop and she are quilting through cotton batten. So the rest of the batting I have will be used for machine quilting wall hanging or lap
quilts. I like the batting, but probably won't use it again for hand quilting. It really did hurt my hand.
Hope this helps you out. Nancy

Date: 1/15/98 Time: 7:56 AM
Subject: Quillting during the French & Indian War

I am a French & Indian re-enactor that has been asked to do a quilt talk about quilts during that time period 1689 and 1763.I would be interested in any information or talking to anyone that shares the same interest.

Date: 1/15/98 Time: 7:45 AM
Subject: western thank you
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I asked for a western themed baby quilt yesterday and want to thank everybody who reponsded. I also wanted to let Larry Moir (Donna) know that I can't reply to her letter. Keeps bouncing.

Date: 1/15/98 Time: 5:43 AM
Subject: Organizing Magazine Patterns
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I save all my quilting magazines in 3-ring binders by using the plastic thingies (love the technical terms) that are sold in many quilting catalogs ... Keepsake and Connecting Threads have them ... QNM has its own binder, Quiltmaker has its own binder, etc. Then on the outside front cover, if a magazine has a pattern that I know I'll want to look at in the future, I put a white file label and just write down the name of the pattern & the page that it's on. This way my magazines stay intact and when I want to find a specific pattern I don't have to look through every single magazine I have.

Still stitching away in NC,

Date: 1/15/98 Time: 3:47 AM
Subject: Custom Machine Quilting
E-mail Address:

This is to the professional machine quilter who lives in B.C., Canada. I sent you an e-mail but it came back. I would like to know where you live, what type of machine quilting you do, what kind of machine you use, and how much you charge.
Brenda in B.C.

Date: 1/15/98 Time: 3:05 AM
Subject: New York Beauties Pattern
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Can anyone assit me with a New York Beauties pattern

Date: 1/15/98 Time: 1:06 AM
Subject: Southwest Designs on the net
E-mail Address:

For ladyfish and anyone else enchanted with the
southwest...There are some wonderful patterns and
kits at Mary Jo McCarthy's site:
For an explanation of Indian symbols, check out
The Collectors Guide to the Art of New Mexico:
There are Native American Icons at:
Happy Quilting :-) Angela in Southern California

Date: 1/14/98 Time: 11:34 PM
Subject: Quilting Machines
E-mail Address:

It finally hit me-- I have about 100 "tops" done and not
a whole lot of motivation to hand quilt 'em-- or struggle with
the big ones on my Bernina. BUT-- they are quite nice-- they would
make great donations to hospitals or half-way houses.
So... I though I'd invest in a "quilting machine." What I'd
like is info on the machines you all are using, how easy it
was to learn the basics, how much space it takes up (can it
be dismantled when not in use?) AND, most importantly, you
satisfaction with the results. Of course, cost is a factor, but
it seemed impolite to ask...
Thanks for your ideas..
Jean A. in LA

Date: 1/14/98 Time: 11:28 PM
Subject: definition of a "quilt" (not a blanket)
E-mail Address:

I am a machine quilter whom also enjoys garment sewing, and machine embroidery. I haven't had much time to post as I am attending night school while working full time and squeezing in some sewing. My current course is Sociology. I am in search of the meaning or significance of quilting societies, guilds, as they relate to the community. Please let me have your input for my class paper. Thank you all (as always) Jane Babcock, New Hampshire

Date: 1/14/98 Time: 11:24 PM
Subject: Ireland quilt shops
E-mail Address:

My sister is going to Ireland in June 1998 and would love to know of any shops that she could check out while there. Thanks in advance....Neda in KY

Date: 1/14/98 Time: 11:20 PM
Subject: quilting patterns
E-mail Address:

Thank you so much to those that have responded to me about the quilting patterns to purchase for my new quilt shop. I really appreciate all the information. Anyone else have any patterns that they have produced that they would like to get into another part of the states?

Date: 1/14/98 Time: 10:07 PM
Subject: Looking for Italian Quilters
E-mail Address:

I will be in Tuscany for part of April and All of May
of 1998 and would like to meet some quilters who live
in the Tuscany section of Italy. I am trying to
learn Italian but will be somewhat limited in the
Italian language.

Date: 1/14/98 Time: 9:03 PM
Subject: warm @ natural batting
E-mail Address:

i was told by quit shop owner that warm ansd natural is good only to machine quilting
one of my friend say she hand quilt with this batting warm and natural good to HQ and MQ ?

Date: 1/14/98 Time: 7:57 PM
Subject: Southwestern Designs
E-mail Address:

Help! I'm looking for southwestern designs to make a quilt. I'd like strong indian style block patterns. Also, applique designs for things like kachinas, kokopeli, etc. Does anyone know where I can find such things? Thanks for the help!

Date: 1/14/98 Time: 6:17 PM
Subject: Recommendations on Quilt Frame Kits
E-mail Address:

Everyone here is always so helpful, maybe someone can give me advice on this...

I've been looking at the different quilt frame kits to purchase. I can't afford to buy the frame of my dreams (had an old one, but the wood had warped and splintered beyond repair).

Are they as easy to make as all their ads say they are? What experiences have you all had? Are they worth the time, or should I just save my pennies for a couple more years?

Thanks sooooo much!


Date: 1/14/98 Time: 5:37 PM
E-mail Address:

I have been pleased and interested in the postings about feedsacks, and so has many of my 600+ members who read WWW also...we enjoy the trading, the articles we write or have written about us..and seeing my members feedsack quilts on the covers of quilt magazines (see the recent 'QUILTING TODAY' the photos of others inside..we love it!! If you plan on going to Lancaster, Pa in April for QUILTERS' HERITAGE CELEBRATION stop by to see us..just one mile down the road at HO JO's..our 4th annual quilt
show/exhbit/convention...we'd love to meet you and share the fun we have.
One poster told about using feedsacks for t-towels..the reason being...THEY DON'T LEAVE LINT..shines up glass like you never saw..

Date: 1/14/98 Time: 4:18 PM
Subject: Setting color from inkjet printer
E-mail Address:

Paulette....No can do!!! I tried and tried to find a way and found that you can't "set" the ink!!! You need to buy Canon transfer paper (or another brand), reverse your image, print it on the paper, and iron it on your label fabric. If you find another way, let all of us on the BB know...we've "discussed" it before. Happy labelling. Sally

Date: 1/14/98 Time: 11:28 AM
Subject: Feedsacks
E-mail Address:

Seeing all the postings on feedsacks,reminds me of my experiences.
The "Old Days" are not that long ago for some of us. As a child I
going up on a farm in the early 1950's, I was never more than 2 feet
behind my father. On our weekly trip to the grain store, my sister,
9 yrs old than I, insisted on going along as well.As a high school
freshman she made all her own clothes, so this was her fabric
shopping trip. The grainbags came in colorful calico prints. She knew
exactly how many bags she needed for a skirt or dress. I can still see
that huge pile of full bags of grain stacked to the ceiling, and she
would need more and it was near the bottom. Of course, those were
what we now call feedsacks. Seedsacks were different. Seed for planting
in the spring came in fabric that looks like the muslin of today only it
was a larger weave. The sacks were half the size of the grainbags, and
always had a picture of the product and writing on the front. My mother
would save them, bleach as much of the color out as possible and sew
several together with a french hem to form a circular towel. Slide them
on an old shade rod attached to the basement door, it was a hand wiping
towel for the entire family. When company would appear unexpectedly
a quick turn of the towel it looked like a clean one hanging there. Just
recently I was cleaning out an old trunk in the farmhouse, and found
4 of the seedsacks that had never been made into towels.Hoping to make
them into a wall hanging to remind me of my childhood on that very same

Date: 1/14/98 Time: 11:16 AM
Subject: Berry fabric
E-mail Address: RLgreene@worlnet.att,net

Will Jane, who wanted the strawberry fabric, please contact me? When I tried to respond to your e-mail, it bounced back. Thanks! Shirley in Kansas

Date: 1/14/98 Time: 10:51 AM
Subject: herb print fabric
E-mail Address:

I am looking for fabric prints that have herbs in them. Has anyone seen these?

Date: 1/14/98 Time: 9:42 AM
Subject: New Bernina Sewing Machines??!!
E-mail Address:

I have just heard from my local quilt shop that Bernina is coming out with a totally new machine this year. I asked her what would happen to the value of my 1260 I JUST BOUGHT SIX MONTHS AGO! She said the value would go up because it would no longer be available. That doesn't seem likely to me. I'm interested to know wtat other Berninians think and what they plan to do. Trade up for the new machines? Or buy as many accessories for the old machines while they are still available?

Date: 1/14/98 Time: 8:52 AM
Subject: Need a Quilter(s) to piece/build a legacy quilt
E-mail Address:

I have a bunch of embroidered/linen/other/ hankies/pieces that I would like to turn into a king size quilt; these are legacy pieces from my gran/g. aunt/g. gran; I have in mind a variation of an album/friendship quilt; Is there a person in dallas, tx or surrounding areas that is willing?

Date: 1/14/98 Time: 8:35 AM
Subject: Brother Sewing Machine
E-mail Address:

Comments please on the Brother Sewing Machine.
Am considering buying one to take to our quilt
quild workshops.

Date: 1/14/98 Time: 7:42 AM
Subject: western baby quilt
E-mail Address:

I'm looking for a western theme baby quilt. The new baby's parents are ranchers so I'd like to do some accordingly. Thanks

Date: 1/14/98 Time: 3:11 AM
Subject: pieced mice
E-mail Address:

I have just finished piecing plaid cats for a lap sized quilt and want to add some mice somewhere on it, either on the border or the back. I remember seeing them in the past but of course now can't find a single pattern. Do any of you have one or know where I can find one???
Thanks in advance,
Carline in Frozen Washington State(well we are thawing out now)

Date: 1/14/98 Time: 1:07 AM
Subject: Setting color in Inkjet printed label
E-mail Address:

I can't remember how to set color in fabric. I am attempting to make labels for my quilts using my inkjet printer, but am having problems setting the colors. Does anyone out there have any suggestions? It seems to me that you use vinegar, but I haven't had much success.
Any help would be appreciated.

Date: 1/14/98 Time: 12:58 AM
Subject: quilting patterns
E-mail Address:

I just opened a quilt shop and am looking for quilting patterns that are not found in any of the other shops in our area. Specifically I am looking for patterns produced by individuals in your area that I can purchase wholesale from that individual to sell in my shop. Everyone here has the same patterns. It is time to have a change and show the locals the variety that is out there. Also am interested in any hand-dyed fabric. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Teri

Date: 1/14/98 Time: 12:51 AM
Subject: Setting color in Inkjet printed label
E-mail Address:

I can't remember how to set color in fabric. I am attempting to make labels for my quilts using my inkjet printer, but am having problems setting the colors. Does anyone out there have any suggestions? It seems to me that you use vinegar, but I haven't had much success.
Any help would be appreciated.

Date: 1/13/98 Time: 9:58 PM
Subject: pattern wanted
E-mail Address:

X-mas tree wall quilt- pattern log cabin.
I saw a log cabin x-mas tree wall quilt with candles on the
limbs of the tree. Can anyone tell me where I can find the
pattern? It was very striking and would love to make one.
I would appreciate your help in find it.
Thanks Barbara

Date: 1/13/98 Time: 8:46 PM
Subject: feedsacks
E-mail Address:

These postings about feedsacks brings to mind a bit of family history. I remember my mother telling me the story about how my grandmother had bought my great aunt a pair of store bought nylon panties when they were in school. She was so excited about them, that she played on the jungle gym to show them off at recess. Up to then, her undergarments were constructed from feed sacks. I imagine she was quite excited by the gift from her older sister. Anyway, I guess we take a lot for granted these days.

Kathy :-)

Date: 1/13/98 Time: 7:59 PM
Subject: feedsacks
E-mail Address:

Just to clarify "feedsack prints" for those who do not the "Old Days" the farmers bought feed for their chickens, etc. in decorative sacks. The housewife then saved the fabric which was a rough yard and a fourth of fabric until they had enough for a project. They tried to get 3 or 4 bags with the same print if they were lucky!Many dresses were sown from this fabric. I hear it everyday at the shop "that's all I had to wear was clothes out of feedsacks!!" anyway, yeas the label was glued on the fabric, it came off easily and the chainstitching to form the sack was easily removed also. There were also other things sold in these sacks, such as flour and sugar, which required a tighter woven sack. However "yard goods" with similar prints were also available from the local general store. Many "young quilters" don't know this little bit of trivia.

Date: 1/13/98 Time: 5:48 PM
Subject: native quilts
E-mail Address:

I am requesting help in locating quilt patterns for native quilting. This is for a friend who does quilting but does not have access to the internet. If you know where I can find these patterns on the net would you please e-mail the information to me. Thanks for your help.

Date: 1/13/98 Time: 5:44 PM
Subject: Sarah Rhoades Dillow in Sioux City, IA
E-mail Address:

My local guild president found out Sarah Rhoades Dillow's will be in Sioux City, Iowa, on March 14, for a lecture, luncheon and class, but we need more details, especially who to contact to register. Anyone got details? Thanks! Mary

Date: 1/13/98 Time: 11:46 AM
Subject: quilt guilds
E-mail Address:

I am going to be in Daytona Beach, FL the first
week in March and would like to know if there are
any quilt guilds in that area who will be meeting
during that time. I recently joined a guild in
Iowa City, IA and am interested in what other
guilds around the country do in their meetings.

I would also be interested in visiting with other
quilters in that area during that week.

Date: 1/13/98 Time: 11:37 AM
Subject: camel hair material
E-mail Address:

I'm still looking for camel hair material for a freind of mine. It would be nice if the store is located between NYC and Albany, NY. Janet

Date: 1/13/98 Time: 11:22 AM
Subject: Le Rouvray quilt book
E-mail Address:

I have located the book. Thanks for all the help.

Date: 1/13/98 Time: 10:33 AM
Subject: Stitching patterns
E-mail Address:

Hi, I have a queen size bear's paw quilt that I need to get quilting but I am at a loss at what stitching pattern to use. The squares are turned on end so I am having trouble finding a pattern that will translate well into the side half triangles and the corner quarter triangles. If anyone out there has any ideas or patterns they would like to share to help with this problem it would be very appreciated. I thank you for your efforts, Darcy.

Date: 1/13/98 Time: 9:58 AM
Subject: Feedsacks
E-mail Address:

1930's reproduction fabrics, like the Aunt Grace lines and Sharon Newman's, look like some of the feedsack prints to me, since the feedsacks came first! Quality of fabric in feedsacks will vary, just like in modern fabrics. For more info on feedsacks and reproduction fabrics, check The Feedsack Club at, The Kirk Collection at and Patchworks at

Date: 1/13/98 Time: 9:02 AM
Subject: 1930's Fabrics and Feedsacks
E-mail Address:

Many of the prints used in feedsacks were 1930's look and colors because because printed feedsacks started to become available in the mid 30's.
The fabric was different. Feedsacks were printed on "flower sack" cloth which was a softer more loosely woven fabric while 30's prints were on a percale type fabric.
Feedsacks were still available in the 1940's so the patterns and colors canged to reflect the period.

Date: 1/13/98 Time: 8:54 AM
Subject: Welsh Quilts
E-mail Address:

Consult these books for Welsh Quilting:

English Quilting (Old & New) by Elizabeth Hake
Published by B.T Batsford, Ltd, London

Traditional British Quilts by Dorothy Osler
Also published by B.T. Batsford

Amy Emms' Story of Durham Quilting
Published by Search Press
Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Durham Quilting by Brenda Marchbank
Published by Dryad Press Ltd, London

Quilting by Averil Colby
Published by Charles Scribner's Sons, New York

Good luck on finding these books. They are not listed in current book catalogs I consult

Date: 1/13/98 Time: 8:30 AM
Subject: Organizing magazine patterns
E-mail Address:

Rather than tearing patterns from the magazine to file them, how about using post-it notes to mark the pages of those you like. There's room to write the type of pattern on the note so you can tell at a glance if it's what you're looking for. Of course, your magazine collection will be bristling but at least your favorite patterns will be easy to find. For loose patterns, I purchased a cardboard file drawer and file folders which I lableled with topics such as Pieced Blocks, Applique Motifs, Quilt labels, Full-size quilts, etc. It works quite well. Happy stitching, Nancy

Date: 1/13/98 Time: 8:28 AM
Subject: 1930s fabrics and feedsacks
E-mail Address:

Would someone explain the difference between the feedsack material and 1930s fabrics. Are the 1930s fabrics those that look like the Aunt Grace reproductions? Also did feedsack fabric have a label glued to the front of the sack?


Date: 1/13/98 Time: 7:56 AM
Subject: Need "Train" Quilt Pattern
E-mail Address:

Desperately need a pattern for a train wallhanging or
quilt. One of the guys in my office is retiring and
trains are his love so I would like to make him something
that he can keep in his train room to remind him of us.

Date: 1/13/98 Time: 3:50 AM
Subject: Quilting Cruises
E-mail Address:

I need some help from all you quilters. My wife is a quilter (obsessive fabric fondler), and I would like to surprise her with a Carribean cruise for our 25th anniversary. Have any of you heard of any quilting theme cruises, and are there any coming up this spring or early summer ? I heard some one named John Flynn (?) may have one. Also, do you bring your little light weight sewing machines with you. Is there time for a little romance, or should this be a "Quilters Only" cruise. I thank you all for any help you can give me.

Date: 1/12/98 Time: 11:29 PM
Subject: place mats
E-mail Address:

wanted patterns for quilting place mats

Date: 1/12/98 Time: 9:47 PM
Subject: HGTV Schedule
E-mail Address:

HGTV has a web page at which shows a daily schedule.
A cat lover in LA.

Date: 1/12/98 Time: 9:23 PM
Subject: welsh quilts
E-mail Address:

Through the recent article in Pieceworks I became interested in Welsh quilts. While the article mentions that Martha Waterman has written a book on the subject, I can find no such reference. Can anyone provide me with any further information on whole cloth Welsh quilts?

Date: 1/12/98 Time: 8:54 PM
Subject: E-mail organisation
E-mail Address:

I recently posted to the list asking for suggestions on how to organise my e-mail. I would like to thank all the very helpful people that replied and have now managed to fix up a filing system which is working well. I have Netscape, and Navigator Gold, so if anyone out using these wants to know how to organise their e-mail just drop me a line and I will forward the guidelines I was given. Now I can organise all my Block Swaps and Quilting pen friends - its great.

I have had some trouble with my server recently and although I have answered all the letters received individually I would like to say a public "thank you" in case any of the letters went astray. At least one bounced back to me. Thanks also for the helpful suggestions regarding the Pictorial wall hanging I hope to attempt in the not too distant future.

Carole, in England - still impatiently awaiting delivery of my Foundation Factory and QuiltPro ordered in November.

Date: 1/12/98 Time: 8:09 PM
Subject: HGTV
E-mail Address:

We've finally gotten HGTV in our area! Can't wait to see some of the quilting shows so many of you have mentioned time and time again.But now I find that none of the local TV Guides have a listing for the show so I will never know when to watch. Grrrrrrrrr, frustration growing. So close and yet so far. Any ideas as to how to get a listing---fast? :)

Date: 1/12/98 Time: 7:51 PM
Subject: Wedge rulers & Bowser and Meowsers Book
E-mail Address:

Does anyone have a set of 3 mini wedge rulers that they would like to sell? I am particularly interested in Marilyn Doheny's 9 degree rulers in 9", 14" and 18". Also, does anyone how the book called "Bowsers and Meowsers" that they would like to sell. Am interested in the Birdwatcher pattern.

Date: 1/12/98 Time: 6:38 PM
Subject: Lancaster,PA Quilt Show, April
E-mail Address:

Anyone looking for information on the show for this April, it can be found from the Main Page at this very site, under Quilt Shows. The shortcut address is
I hope this helps anyone looking to go. See you there!
Donna in New Jersey

Date: 1/12/98 Time: 5:22 PM
Subject: Organizing Quilt patterns
E-mail Address:

Carla from Idaho...I imagine you'll recive other suggestions, but I purchased an accordion-style file folder, alphabetized a to z, from Wal-Mart for less than $5. I file apple blocks or quilts under a, hearts under h, etc. Not a very sophisticated system, but it works for me. Happy filing!!! Sally in western NY where it is turning colder!

Date: 1/12/98 Time: 5:14 PM
Subject: quilting magazines
E-mail Address:

I am searching for the netadress of the Australian quilting magazine and the Icelandic quilting magazine. I cant find either one by putting search words in, allthough I know both are listed on the Web.

Date: 1/12/98 Time: 4:15 PM
Subject: American Thread Co
E-mail Address:

Why don't you call:

American & Efird
P. O. Box 507
Mt. Holly, NC 28120

Phone: 1-800-847-3235

and ask if they are the successor company to
American Thread Co

Holice Turnbow

Date: 1/12/98 Time: 3:58 PM
Subject: New Exhibition
E-mail Address:

New exhibition in Concord, New Hampshire at the Museum of New Hampshire. "Quilts in New Hampshire: Piecing the Story Together" Feb. 14 - Sept. 6, 1998. Call 603-226-3189 for more information or email to above address

Date: 1/12/98 Time: 3:57 PM
Subject: Quilt Stand
E-mail Address:

I am looking for plans to build a quilt stand. The one that I am looking for is about three feet tall and extends out by three feet. I would appreciate any help.

Date: 1/12/98 Time: 3:47 PM
Subject: photo transfer
E-mail Address:

Hi, I know this has been on the board several times before. I was not interested at the time, so never bothered to read the help. I have a friend who wants to make a quilt for her son when he leaves home in two years. She wants to use old bluejeans. I also suggested photo transfer and told her I would find out how to do it. She is not a quilter or a sewer. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. I love this board. Please e-mail me as I am not always able to steal a few minutes for myself on the computer.

Date: 1/12/98 Time: 3:46 PM
Subject: The Quilters
E-mail Address:

Does anyone know if the play, "The Quilters" is available on film or video or if is is only a live performance?

Date: 1/12/98 Time: 3:25 PM
Subject: Old thread company in East Hampton Ct
E-mail Address:

Looking for information concerning the Summit Thread Co that was
located in East Hampton CT in the early 1900's. There is a possibility
that the company was purchased by the American Threaad Co during the
20's or 30's. An elderly friend has approx 125 bobbin spools from the
Summit Thread Co. They are the size of our present round bobbins, but
have green paper where the modern ones are plastic or metal. Also
written on the side is 'style G'. They have a coarse thread very
neatly entwined and have never been used. The owner calls them 'linen cops'.
His mother worked at the Summit Factory in 1900 or possibly a few years
before. He's interested in knowing if a present company has any knowledge
of this company. Tried searching for a website of both the Summit and
American with no luck. Can anyone steer me in the right direction? TIA
down a connection to a

Date: 1/12/98 Time: 1:33 PM
Subject: Thread cones
E-mail Address:

I am searching for empty, 2000 yd. thread spools. They
are made of a very heavy cardboard. Sister teaches
special education and would like to use these in a
craft. If anyone has some, please e-mail me.

Date: 1/12/98 Time: 1:21 PM
Subject: Organizing patterns
E-mail Address:

Do any of you "organized" ladies have any suggestions on how to organize the quilt patterns that are in magazines so that I can find what I need when I need it. I know this is asking alot, as I an not very organized in my sewing room, /but I'm getting tired of spending days and days looking for a particular pattern.
Lost in Idaho, Carla

Date: 1/12/98 Time: 1:17 PM
Subject: Looking for house pattern
E-mail Address:

I saw a pattern of a house with a snow covered roof and snow hanging down the eves. I've spent the last 3 days looking through all my magazines and haven't found it. any help in locating this pattern would be greatly appreciated. TIA.
Carla in Idaho

Date: 1/12/98 Time: 12:58 PM
Subject: Quitling Chat Line
E-mail Address:

HI, I have just installed a new chat line on my web site at It is a stand alone so will be slow at the start. All are welcome. I would like to set up a routine for topics as the demand requires. all subjects of Quilting , sewing, arts and crafts, knitting, Stain Glass. Fabric dying. So anyone wanted to host a time and a subject please let me know and we can get busy.

No Software is needed for this chat line. No passwords and the interface is so easy.Just sign in and start talking.

Date: 1/12/98 Time: 12:49 PM
Subject: Quilter's Heritage Celebratio show, Lancaster '98
E-mail Address:

Would someone send me the URL for the web page of the Lancaster show to be held in April 1998. They had a nice page last year and now I can't find it. I want some class listing info and general info. Please email privately. I did a search on Alta vista and WWQuilting page with no luck.

Date: 1/12/98 Time: 11:02 AM
Subject: Eight Point Star
E-mail Address:

HELP! I'd like to make a scrappy eight-point star quilt. I thought I remembered seeing instructions for faster piecing or strip piecing somewhere...but where??? If anyone has suggestions I'd appreciate help NOW! The creative juices are flowing and I'm dying to get started. Thanks in advance. Mimi

Date: 1/12/98 Time: 10:21 AM
Subject: nautical patterns
E-mail Address:

Try Elsie Vrendunburg's page from the list at
(under V)

I have had trouble getting to Elsie without
going this way. The list is wonderfull for
everyone if you haven't seen it.

Date: 1/12/98 Time: 10:09 AM
Subject: red thread cats/BHG
E-mail Address:

I think I saw these cats in one of the hardcover
Better Homes at our library. Check out your library
and bookstore I think you will find them now in
hard cover.

Date: 1/12/98 Time: 7:49 AM
Subject: Cat Quilt Block Patterns
E-mail Address:

Once again I find myself wanting to finish something I started long ago. In the very late 70's or early 80's I had purchased a magazine which I believe was Better Homes country Crafts. In it I found and began a quilt consisting of outline stiches of cats in an assortment of positions...some with hunched backs, some sitting and some curled up sleeping. I can rememeber the pattern called for a red outline stitch of each cat which made up one 12" block. In between each block was red calico strips and a 12-15" drop of the same for the sides of the quilt. I am looking for the patterns of the cats. If anyone has knowledge of this pattern or any pattern which would work please send me the info!!! Thanks!!!

Date: 1/12/98 Time: 7:47 AM
Subject: Curved Edge Binding & Hanging Quilts
E-mail Address:

Pat Coulter's article on sewing curved-edge binding for quilts such as Double Wedding Ring appeared in Quilting Today, Issue 39. Kristina Harris's article on ideas for hanging quilts was in QT issue 58. With her article there's some info on companies who make hanging devices such as Art-in-a-Pinch, Hang Ups and Displayaway. If you or a quilting freind don't have this back issue, they can be ordered from the publisher at 800-628-8244. Happy stitching. Nancy

Date: 1/12/98 Time: 1:35 AM
Subject: Country Threads Web site
E-mail Address:

Bulletin Board readers: I have recently seen many postings wondering where Country Thread's web site has gone. (From Garner Iowa) I receive their quarterly newsletter by yearly subscription. The most recent issue arrived Saturday. They have announced that they are no longer on the web. The web site became too much work to constantly update. Being as busy as they are, I can understand that it would get harder to keep up with all the things they have going. I will miss the web page, but would much rather have them designing more new fabrics for me to buy. Their latest line just out in my local shop is really nice. Not so theme oriented and more basic. Nice soft colors too! Called Farmland Classics. Check them out. I have not affiliation with Country Threads, just like their fabric.

Date: 1/12/98 Time: 12:09 AM
Subject: My Secret Garden Floral Applique Quilt

I am interested in reproducing a quilt called 'My Secret Garden' but have not been able to find the pattern book. I would appreciate any help..Thanks Toni

Date: 1/11/98 Time: 11:40 PM
Subject: Quilt info. in Phoenix, AZ
E-mail Address:

I recently moved to Glendale, AZ and miss my quilting buddies from back home (Montana). I am interested in joining a quilt guild or group,or just getting together with some other stay at home moms who quilt. Contact me if you are interested or have information. Thank you !

Date: 1/11/98 Time: 11:04 PM
Subject: South Carolina Quilters
E-mail Address:

Anyone out there know of quilters or quilting organizations in and around Columbia, South Carolina? Would love to hear from you. Eileen Weklar

Date: 1/11/98 Time: 11:03 PM
Subject: Applique pattern
E-mail Address:

I went to a quilt show this weekend in Buena Park, CA. It had very nice displays and offered a wide variety of merchandise to purchase. However! There was only one 'Baltimore' album quilt and no pattern books available. I would love for this to be my next project and need a resource for a pattern.
Thank you very much and thanks, also, to those who puton a terrific show this weekend.

Date: 1/11/98 Time: 10:41 PM
Subject: Machine Quilting
E-mail Address:

Ann, if I understand correctly, it sounds like your bobbin thread is being pulled up to the top of the quilt. I just completed a small wall hanging which had very light and dark colors in it. I also used a smoke colored nylon thread on the top, but set the tensions almost to "0". This way, the bobbin thread never got pulled to the top. Hope this helps.

Mary in Carol Stream (where the wind chill is below 0!)

Date: 1/11/98 Time: 10:07 PM
Subject: First Time Machine Quilting
E-mail Address:

I am making a lap quilt for my mum which I would like to machine quilt
(though I usually hand quilt). The pattern only requires simple diagonal
stitching which should be easy enough. However, my problem is the thread.
The quilt pattern is done in burgundy, green and navy blue on an off-white
background, with the burgundy and green used in the borders. The backing
incorporates these colours on a biege background. The ladies at my local
quilt store advised that I should use a brown cotton in the bobbin and a smoke
coloured monofilament thread for the top. The lady advised against a clear
thread for the top as it would be too shiny on the dark colours. So, I tried
this out and on the dark colours it's fine but where it crosses on to the
light background it looks terrible with the brown thread making it look like
there are dirt spots on the fabric.

Do I use the clear thread and a natural colour for the bobbin that would look fine
on the background but show up on the darks and the backing?

Or may be I should go back to hand quilting.
Any help/advise would be appreciated.

Anne, in Perth, Australia where pleasant conditions prevail after
the recent week long heat wave.

Date: 1/11/98 Time: 9:19 PM

I am interested in obtaining a quilting pattern of nautical theme. Anyone with any information as to where i can purchase one, or if you have a pattern to share, i would greatly appreciate your response. Thank you.

Date: 1/11/98 Time: 7:19 PM
Subject: San Diego Fancy Fabrics
E-mail Address:

I'll be in San Diego in early February, and am
looking for fabric stores that carry fancy fabrics,
for crazy quilting & three bridal attendants' dresses.
Any recommendations? TIA - Susie in CO

Date: 1/11/98 Time: 7:13 PM
Subject: Fabric Burn Test
E-mail Address:

You are probably trying to find the difference between 100% cotton and a blend of polyester and cotton. Cotton burns like wood, leaves a soft grey ash and when brushed between the fingers feels very much like powder. All synthetic fibers like nylon, polyester, etc. have what is called a "hard bead". If you crunch the ash in your fingers it will feed hard. Other fibers have different characteristics (e.g. wool and silk, etc.) and I'll be happy to be a reference if any of you wish. Sorry, don't know of a web site where this is available! (I used to teach textile science, hence know the indicators.)

Date: 1/11/98 Time: 6:27 PM
Subject: Handkey memory Quilts
E-mail Address:

Suggest you call
Quilting Books Unlimited
at - 1-800-347-3261

They have two books listed in their current catalog related to making quilts with handkerchiefs

Date: 1/11/98 Time: 6:24 PM
Subject: Teacups and saucers pattern
E-mail Address:

Can anyone tell me where I can find cup and
saucers patterns? I know I have seen them
in quilting magazines but can't find them
now. TIA


Date: 1/11/98 Time: 5:15 PM
Subject: Lancaster Quilt Show
E-mail Address:

For info on the April 2-5 Quilt Show in Lancaster, PA, write: QHC, P.O. Box 503, Carlinville, IL 62626 or go to their website at

Date: 1/11/98 Time: 5:11 PM
Subject: hanky memory quilt
E-mail Address:

I have spent hours on the net trying to find some prpject that will make use of a collection of old women's hankies. I know that somewhere someone has made a quilt, coverlet, or something that will allow others to appreciate the lovely hankies that are hidden away in drawer and old purses. Help, please. Pat T. Prineville, Or 97754

Date: 1/11/98 Time: 3:13 PM
Subject: Classes?
E-mail Address:

My name is Aileen. I am trying to find out about any quilting classes that are open in the Irvine/El Toro California area. I will be moving there on the 19th of January. My husband is a Marine and we are transferring to Cal. From Hawaii. If anyone has any information they could give me I'd really appreciate it. Thank You. P.S. We will be shutting down our computer this Wednesday.

Date: 1/11/98 Time: 2:03 PM
Subject: Quilt show
E-mail Address:

Would like some information about the quilt show to be held in Lancaster Pa on April 2-5. I know the Holiday Inn Lancaster is the host but thats it. I would love to go but need more information.Anyone else hear of this show?
Thanks, Dorothy

Date: 1/11/98 Time: 2:00 PM
Subject: Joann Quilters Blocks
E-mail Address:

Thanks to all who have responded to my plea for the missing January & August Garden Quilt Blocks. At this point I am sure that I will be able to complete my quilt with the help of this wonderful bulletin board and those who visit here. Thanks again to you all. I hope I'll be able to repay the favours some day soon.
Rose in Ontario

Date: 1/11/98 Time: 12:27 PM
Subject: Embroidery
E-mail Address:

Anyone interested in embroidery can try and find all sorts of good stuff!! Susan

Date: 1/11/98 Time: 12:10 PM
Subject: Fabric burn test
E-mail Address:

I have been trying to find out if some fabric I have
is cotton or a blend. I know there is a burn test
but don't know what the difference should be. Is there
a place on this page or other, that explains this
test. Thanks

Date: 1/11/98 Time: 12:09 PM
Subject: Paducah
E-mail Address:

Hi, I need a place to stay for 3 or 4 women, on
Thursday night. Does anyone know of a B&B??
Thanks, Debbie

Date: 1/11/98 Time: 11:57 AM
Subject: Bedtime Noah (non-quilted) fabric panels
E-mail Address:

I am looking for the non-quilted "Bedtime Noah"
panel by Fab Trad. I have seen it in the quilted
fabric, but not in the unquilted. If anyone knows
where to find it or how to contact "Fab Trad",
please e-mail.

Thanks, Lynda Eckard

Date: 1/11/98 Time: 11:41 AM
Subject: Machine Quilting
E-mail Address:

I have recently started machine quilting and am running into a problem I can't seem to solve. As I machine quilt along a long, straight line, I seem to be pushing the fabric ahead of the presser foot at a faster rate than the quilt was basted (does that make sense?!). The fabric is getting pushed so that puckers are developing when I get to the next safety pin. I have tried re-basting the quilt better and using different presser feet. I actually find that my machine's standard presser foot works better (less pudckering) than the even-feed foot. Any ideas?

Mary from Carol Stream, IL

Date: 1/11/98 Time: 11:13 AM
Subject: Hexagon/flower garden - strip pieced
E-mail Address:

Does anyone know where I could find a pattern
for a ladies bomber jacket made of hexagons using
a strip pieced method? Or if not the jacket
pattern, just the instructions/pattern for the

I was in line in a bagel shop and the woman in
front of me was wearing a wonderful jacket she
made using this method/pattern. Being a quilter, I wasn't shy in asking her some details about it.
Well, we got to talking in line and then ended up
having lunch together (quilters are such friendly
people) and I believe she said it was a "That
Patchwork Place" pattern. Anyway, I found TPWP's
e-mail address on the back of one of their books
and e-mailed them, but haven't heard a word back.
Guess I should have asked my fellow quilter to send me the pattern name. DUH me.

Any assistance anyone can give on this will be
greatly appreciated. I told my 81 year old mother
about it and she's anxious to try it. She quilts
circles around this beginner. Ha! Thanks in

Date: 1/11/98 Time: 9:35 AM
Subject: artquilts
E-mail Address:

I, Emma Engelsman from Amsterdam, will stay in New York from 3 until 10th of March. I am an artist making artquilts and would like to visit some artgalleries and/or expositions in this field. I would like to discuss the possibility to sell and/or exibit some of my work. Reply to Emma c/o

Date: 1/11/98 Time: 4:53 AM
Subject: Quilt Preservation
E-mail Address:

Storing a quilt in a plastic bag is one of the WORST things you can do. The plastic bag traps moisture and does not allow the quilt fabric to "breathe." Also encourages mildew and musty smells.

The best way to store a quilt, if possible, is flat on a bed -- in Amish country where people have quilts for sale, and not enough beds to display them on, they "store" their quilts one of top of another. When someone wants to admire a quilt, you just fold back the ones on top until you get to the one you like.

Personally, I would suggest that you *use* your grandmother's quilt on your own bed. Since it appears to be made from cotton fabrics it should be washable in gentle soap (Orvus) and you would have the wonderful emotional connection that would come from sleeping under her quilt. If you are really paranoid about it becoming dirty, or fading from the light, try putting a sheet on top of it as well as under it. Then you can just wash the top sheet.

You are very fortunate to have had someone in your family who made wonderful things like this that could be passed on after they are gone.

All the best,

Date: 1/11/98 Time: 4:34 AM
Subject: Forming Quilt/Mothers group in NE Phoenix
E-mail Address:

I have recently moved to the phoenix area to be specific in Desert Ridge north of Paradise Valley and just west of Scottsdale. I came from Connecticut, where I was in a small quilting group there were about 7 members all mothers of children ages 6 mo to 15 yeas old. We would meet once a week for a few hours bringing our youngest children. I was asked to join after voluntering to quilt a square for our church's quilt the group help me so much I have learned much, from them and sinced that time have made 4 quilts. We would help each other baste finished quilts and exchange tips also chat, while the younger ones played. We would take turns meeting at each others homes. Is anyone interest???

Date: 1/11/98 Time: 1:11 AM
Subject: Quilt Shows in Virginia
E-mail Address:

If you can - get to Williamsburg, VA for the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show
Feb 26-Mar 1 at Williamsburg Marriott
one of the largest quilt shows on east coast.

Date: 1/11/98 Time: 1:05 AM
Subject: Le Reouvray - Quilt shop Series
E-mail Address:

This book is available from:

Quilting Books Unlimited
1911 W. Wilson St
Batavia, Il 60510

Phone - 800-347-3261

Date: 1/11/98 Time: 1:01 AM
Subject: Quilter's Jelly
E-mail Address:

This technique is or is similar to:

Snippett Sensations - published by Doheny Publications
PO Box 1175
Edmonds WA 98020



Date: 1/11/98 Time: 12:57 AM
Subject: Hawaiian Quilting book
E-mail Address:

Try this one:

Hawaiian Quilting by Elizabeth Root, Dover Publishing

shown in current catalog from
Quilting Books Unlimited
1911 W. Wilson St
Batavia, IL 60510

Price is 3.95 plus shipping

Phone is 800-347-3261

Date: 1/10/98 Time: 10:21 PM
Subject: Quilter's Jelly
E-mail Address:

Has anyone out there experimented with fusing little bits of fabric and/or threads, then covering with netting, and stitching in place with embroidery thread? I read an article about it a while ago, and it seemed intriguing. My dream project would be to recreate a piece of Impressionist art (maybe something from Matisse) in shades of these fabric bits. Any tips out there?

Date: 1/10/98 Time: 10:13 PM
Subject: Hawaiian Quilting
E-mail Address:

I'm searching for books on Hawaiian Quilting, and not having much luck. The lady at my local quilt shops says she never sees any except in Hawaii!! Big bookstores here don't have them either. I would love suggestions. I have family in Hawaii actually, I could ask them to pick up something for me if I had titles or locations to tell them. Thanks! Jade

Date: 1/10/98 Time: 10:09 PM
Subject: Looking For Fabric!
E-mail Address:

Looking for a Hoffman fabric that was available about three years ago. It is called "The Mice Will Play". It was printed with a black or blue background with cute 2" multi-colored mice on it. If you have some please e-mail me.

Date: 1/10/98 Time: 9:59 PM
Subject: San Antonio
E-mail Address:

I'll be attending a conference in San Antonio later this month, in the Riverwalk part of town. I'm wondering if there are any good quilt shops in that area? My time will be somewhat limited, but I'm hoping to have a little time to explore. Thanks! Laura

Date: 1/10/98 Time: 9:43 PM
Subject: Ornament Web Site
E-mail Address:

You can find the website with the traditional pieced or the foundantion pieced ornaments by Mary Graham at the following lengthy address:
Hope this helps and is what you're looking for!
Connie (Below freezin in Wisconsin)

Date: 1/10/98 Time: 8:56 PM
Subject: Teddy Bear Quilt
E-mail Address:

Hello! I am looking for The Teddy Bear Quilt pattern
by Debora Konchinsky. It's from the Critter Works line.
Help! I can't find it anywhere, and the baby is due in March!
Elley Zakula

Date: 1/10/98 Time: 8:51 PM
Subject: Antique Quilt resoration question
E-mail Address:

I was wondering if anyone can help me with some
questions that I have.

If using a fuseable pelon or nylon tricot on the
back of silk ties to add body on a crazypatch will
the backing become brittle in time?

How does it afffect the antique value?

What do you suggest for a protective cover to sew
in place, nylon tull, silk or organza?

Do the silk ties have a chemical that breaks down
the fibers?

Thanks for all of your help in answering my

Date: 1/10/98 Time: 8:11 PM
Subject: Le Rouvray
E-mail Address:

I am looking for the quilt book "Le Rouvray" by
Diane de Obaldia by That Patchwork Place. It was
in the Quilt Shop Series. Does anyone know of a
quilt shop that still has a copy available?

Date: 1/10/98 Time: 7:07 PM
Subject: Quilting Guilds
E-mail Address:

Help! We are thinking of moving to Hanover, NH.
And am wondering about quilting guilds in the
area. Don't want to move without one. Thanks!
To reply remove "spam" from email address.

Date: 1/10/98 Time: 7:04 PM
Subject: Quilt Shows
E-mail Address:

My Mother loves working on quilts and going to shows. Does anyone know of any shows in Atlanta area or within a short days drive, perferably on a weekend? Thanks for the Info.

Date: 1/10/98 Time: 6:57 PM
Subject: Quilted Christmas Ornaments
E-mail Address:

Does anyone know of a site that has patterns of Quilted Christmas Ornaments?

Date: 1/10/98 Time: 6:14 PM
Subject: Sports blocks
E-mail Address:

A friend of mine did a big favor for me and I would like to repay him with a wall hanging - he's interested in golf, baseball, Native Americana. Any ideas of where I could get patterns based on these themes?

Date: 1/10/98 Time: 4:58 PM
Subject: Quilt stores and events in Virginia
E-mail Address:

I will be in Lexington, Virginia around the28th of February and from there go to Hampton, Virginia for a week at an Elderhostel. Would be interested in any quilt stores or quilting events in those places. My husband is doing geneology research and I am bored with looking at gravestones in cemetaries and sitting in libraries, etc while he does research. Thanks!

Date: 1/10/98 Time: 2:37 PM
Subject: embroidery sites
E-mail Address:

Here are a couple of sites I just visited, as
I hunted for Crazy Quilt sites. The first is
for Vintage Vogue:
Go to Crazy Quilting, then scroll down to the FAQ
section. In there is a lot of info about thread
sources, technique, etc. from people who are
dedicated to embroidery embellishment.

Another is Crazy Quilt Central:
There are links to lots of things, including an
Online Stitch Dictionary.

If I wasn't already up to my ears in UFO's, I'd
be crazy quilting, especially with so much
helpful info available!
The Compulsive Quilter

Date: 1/10/98 Time: 12:36 PM
Subject: Debbie Mumm fabric and books
E-mail Address: jwcve@IMSDay. com

Can anyone out there tell me where I can get large
amounts of Debbie Mumm fabric and also her books.
My closest quilt shop has some but not all.
Thanks, Carolyn Evans

Date: 1/10/98 Time: 8:38 AM
Subject: Binding for Wedding Ring Quilt
E-mail Address:

I will be quilting a double wedding ring quilt with some assistance to donate it to a school auction. I have never made a bias binding yet. Do I need to bind it that way? Are there other ways? Would appreciate any and all experienced recommendations. The quilt is 78"x84".

Date: 1/10/98 Time: 6:55 AM
Subject: quilt preservation
E-mail Address:

I'm delighted to find all the quilt resources on the web, but after some
time of searching, I haven't found much about how to protect a quilt
from wear and fading.
I have a beautiful Maple Leaf quilt made by my
grandmother - it is made of 8" squares of white fabric (it feels like
cotton) with a Maple Leaf edge-sewn to each square. Each leaf is of a
different colour, and they are all finely-patterned prints with soft
Autumn colours. It's a beatuiful quilt that speaks of my grandmother's
gentleness and love. The edging around the quilt is a complimentary
autumn rust-beige. Most of the work on this quilt was done by hand. It
is not filled with any obvious stuffing, but seems to be a sandwich of
some sligthly heavier material between two cotton surfaces.

Usually, I keep the quilt folded in a plastic bag in the linen closet,
afraid that if I keep it on the bed, it will become worn, soiled and
faded. I would like to have it on our bed more often, because its such
a wonderful thing to look at. I don't know whether keeping it folded
and bagged is good treatment or not.

I would appreciate any suggestions about how to have the quilt out more
to be seen and enjoyed, but also to be protected as much as possible
against damage.

Any tips or sources you would offer would be appreciated.

John Steven
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Date: 1/10/98 Time: 3:03 AM
Subject: Quilters in Ireland, France
E-mail Address:

I am desperately seeking contact with quilters in Ireland to trade ideas, fabric and information on quilting trends in Ireland, both currently and historically. Also any information on shops, and teachers in Ireland. (Either the Republic or N. Ireland is okay). I also need information on quilting in France or contact with someone there (I do speak French). I would appreciate any info that anyone can offer on finding such contacts/info. Thanks a million.

Date: 1/10/98 Time: 2:16 AM
Subject: sites for embroidery
E-mail Address:

I know that this is sacrilege in a quilters site, however being new to the net I am interested to know if anyone has found sites for embroidery that are similiar to WWQP or even are remotely related to embroidery.

Thanking you

Date: 1/10/98 Time: 12:42 AM
Subject: sharpening rotary blades
E-mail Address:

I have sharpened many used blades with my sharpen and have been very pleased with the sure to clean the blade carrier of lint and put one drop of machine oil on it, wipe off excess. Carol

Date: 1/9/98 Time: 11:43 PM
Subject: Batting - cotton or poly
E-mail Address:

I have just completed an appliqued top (15" squares) for a wall hanging. What kind of batting should I use. I plan to hand quilt. Some cotton battings indicated 1/4" to 1/2" quilting - not possible with applique, which I want to outline quilt.Would the cotton eventually sag when hung? Any advice is appreciated. Fran

Date: 1/9/98 Time: 11:14 PM
Subject: Oralando Quilting Stores/Events
E-mail Address:

Visiting Orlando week of February 22nd. Disney, been there, done that, bought the tee shirt. Any suggestions for quilting events, stores, museums, etc. My spouse will be in meetings during the day, I'll have free time to quilt. Thanks, Carol

Date: 1/9/98 Time: 10:58 PM
Subject: Thistle Pattern
E-mail Address:

My name is Elizabeth. Could anyone tell me where I can find a quilt pattern of the Thistle.

Date: 1/9/98 Time: 9:25 PM
Subject: Quilt hangers
E-mail Address:

I am looking for any quilt hanging devices. Want to be able to fold quilt to hang above chair level. Need addresses and/or phone numbers to contact. Thanks

Date: 1/9/98 Time: 7:20 PM
Subject: Carole in England
E-mail Address:

Tried to email you but message was returned. I have tips for you on organizing messages, please verify correct email address. Thanks, JJ

Date: 1/9/98 Time: 5:57 PM
Subject: Sharpeners for rotary blades
E-mail Address:

Am wondering if the sharpeners for rotary blades are worth the investment.
Is it better to toss the old ones out, send them off for sharpening,
or purchase one of the sharpeners. Any advice will be most welcome.
Thank you, Peggy

Date: 1/9/98 Time: 5:35 PM
Subject: kenmore sewing machines
E-mail Address:

my name is valerie and i have a kenmore sewing machine which i can't seem to find any info on. the model# is 117-552 and the serial# is 227708 i would like to know how old it is and if it's worth anything. also it's 65 watts and 75 cycles, whatever that means. any info on this machine would be greatly appreciated. thanx, valerie.

Date: 1/9/98 Time: 4:05 PM
Subject: Hand quilter needed
E-mail Address:

We have been making hand/machine pieced quilt tops and would very much like them to be hand quilted. We are located in North Georgia but would be willing to ship the quilts anywhere in the U.S. if the quality is good and the price is right.

Date: 1/9/98 Time: 9:23 AM
Subject: the humor URL
E-mail Address:

I've heard that there may be a problem getting
to the URL that I posted for the husband humor.
The address works fine for me as I posted it,
but if it doesn't work for you, try typing a
www. at the beginning of it. That should get
you there.
Thanks, Jill, for the alert!
The Compulsive Quilter

Date: 1/9/98 Time: 7:42 AM
Subject: mitering the corners
E-mail Address:

Thank you Dolores, Carol and Rosie for helping me with cutting the points of the star. It turned out great. Thank you very much!

Now, how do you miter a corner? I live overseas and do not have access to a good quilting book to answer my elementary questions.

Date: 1/8/98 Time: 11:16 PM
Subject: Checkers address
E-mail Address:

Thank you for your response to my request -- you are all so prompt!

Date: 1/8/98 Time: 5:13 PM
Subject: one hundred year old quilt
E-mail Address:

I have a quilt top that my mother gave me before she died. It belonged to a family member. The material is old and I'm afraid to quilt it I don't want to destroy the quilt with new thread. I have never quilted and I'm probably taking too much on for the first project. Can somebody out ther give me some advice? I would like to see the piece finished because it meant so much to my mother.

Date: 1/8/98 Time: 3:51 PM
Subject: Bernina or Pfaff?
E-mail Address:

I am an advanced intermediate quilter (I do as little other sewing as possible!) looking to buy a new sewing machine. I have narrowed down my list to a Bernina 1260 or the Pfaff Tiptronic--I plan to do precision piecing and machine quilting--some embroidery, but I don't need a zillion stitches. Can anyone give me advice on which of the two machines to buy? Also, my local Bernina dealer offers used machines for sale--does anyone have any experience/opinion on buying used? Thanks!

Date: 1/8/98 Time: 3:24 PM
Subject: responses received for scrap quilts
E-mail Address:

Hello again! Thank you to all who have written to me! I received many innovative ideas
as to what sorts of patterns to use! I knew that I would find the inspiration
that I was looking for from this BB! I think that the Irish chain idea is going
to be the one for me...for this particular quilt anyways! I have saved all of the responses for
future references, like I said, I received a lot of neat ideas!! Thanks again!
Tanja (in frozen over Ottawa)

Date: 1/8/98 Time: 3:21 PM
Subject: Marking a satin backing
E-mail Address:

I am backing a crazy quilt with some satin, hand quilted to a flannelette sheet. What is the best thing to mark satin with? I will probably be lap quilting so the marks would have to stay visible with a fair amount of handling. I want to do a diamond grid across the whole back. Any suggestions are very much appreciated.
Thanks, Eleanora Laffin

Date: 1/8/98 Time: 2:54 PM
Subject: Looking for...
E-mail Address:

Looking to locate quilting gun. Any information would
be helpful.

Date: 1/8/98 Time: 2:30 PM
Subject: general interest
E-mail Address:

I was having fun browsing around this morning
and found a delightful site that BBers might
enjoy. It contains gently humorous articles
written by the husband of a compulsive sewer.
(The article titled "UFO" is my personal

It is:

I recommend it for a good chuckle!
The Compulsive Quilter

Date: 1/8/98 Time: 2:01 PM
Subject: quilt lists
E-mail Address:

Hi, I am currently receiving Koffee Klasch and
Quiltopia , but am interested in hearing from any
one who receives other quilting list. I am
looking for one I used to receive monthly from
a lady named Dawn, can't remember any more of name
or name of list. Lost info I had on it and now have
new email address. I enjoy reading this Bulletin
Board daily and hearing all the advice and info.
TIA. Happy Quilting, Pat, in sunny Texas (today)

Date: 1/8/98 Time: 1:56 PM
Subject: Pattern distributor
E-mail Address:

I am looking for a company called "Checkers" who
distributes quilt patterns and supplies -- need address
& phone number?

Can anyone help me?

Thank you!

Date: 1/8/98 Time: 1:03 PM
Subject: Re: Quilt Care & Flannel Quilts
E-mail Address:

If you or a quilting friend have these issues of magazines, they contain info on quilt care: Quilting Today, Issue 54 article by Hallye Bone and Traditional Quiltworks, Issue 49 article by quilt historian Anne Copeland. For working with flannel, see an article by Pat Coulter in Traditional Quiltworks, Issue 48. If you are unable to locate them, Chitra Publications sells back issues of the magazines (800-628-8244) if they're not sold-out issues. Happy quilting. Nancy

Date: 1/8/98 Time: 12:26 PM
Subject: E-mail and Pictorial quilts
E-mail Address:

Have any of you clever people got any suggestions as to how I can set up my e-mail so that I save the letters I want, have some record of what letters I have answered and those I still have to answer etc. Since I joined several internet quilting clubs I find my mail increasing - all quilt related I hasten to add, and as I am new to computing I am getting in a muddle trying to sort it out and work out a system. I use Netscape and Navigator gold, without understanding how anything works. Some letters I answer twice and some get overlooked. At the moment anything I really want to save I highlight and move to my Word Processing section and save it under a separate file, but these are adding up. Ideally I would like one file for each of my regular correspondents. Any suggestions please e-mail me privately as it is not strictly quilt related.

Now onto a quilting query - I would dearly love to try my hand at making a pictorial wall hanging depicting a view (sky, hills, fields, etc.) but know nothing about how to go about making one. What book would y'all recommend as being the best for a beginner? I ordered one from Amazon thinking it was for pictorial quilts and found it was for raised blocks when it arrived - an expensive mistake, so want to be sure next time I get the right book. I have to get all my tuition from books and the internet, as no clubs in this area.

Thanks in anticipation of your help

Carole in England

Date: 1/8/98 Time: 11:46 AM
Subject: sunbonnet sue quilt
E-mail Address:

Hi! Has anyone ever seen the sunbonnet sue where the sunbonnet is attached where it puffs out off the material? If so could you please tell me where to get the pattern?thanks!!!!

Date: 1/8/98 Time: 10:45 AM
Subject: Star Quilt Company
E-mail Address:

I'm looking for any books or patterns by Star Quilting Company.
I don't think they are in business anymore. Thanks.

Correction on e-mail.


Date: 1/8/98 Time: 10:37 AM
Subject: guild info, please
E-mail Address:

I would like info from any and all who are members of local guilds. I would like to know how much the dues are, how much they normally charge for a workshop by an outside speaker. If known, I would also like info on how your guild also makes other money in order to sustain itself.

thanks in advance

Date: 1/8/98 Time: 9:27 AM
Subject: Advise on Selling Quilts
E-mail Address:

I am thinking of attending a craftmans show in
Gatlinburg later this year and I am thinking of
of taking some of my quilts. I am relatively new
to this so my quilts are not fancy at all. The
way I have been making them is to use 5" blocks,
use a sheet for the backing. The edges are rolled
and folded over then machine stitched. I them
"tack" throughout the quilt. Though, not fancy
they do turn out to be quite nice. (My next project
is going to be more "challenging")

Anyway...What would be a fair price for this. I can
typically finish one of these quits in about 10 day
working on them at night after chores.

Any help would be appreciated!

Date: 1/8/98 Time: 9:23 AM
Subject: Visiting Japan
E-mail Address:

My husband and I will be visiting Japan(Tokyo and Kyoto) leaving here(the US) on January 26th. I'm looking for quilting resources while visiting in Japan...where to purchase fabrics; where to see quilts on display etc. Thank you for any information anyone might have. Gail

Date: 1/8/98 Time: 8:52 AM
Subject: Religious Theme Quilts
E-mail Address:

The owner of Quilt Quarters, Indianapolis, IN, Kay England, has a book out that is all religious blocks, callled Journey To Jerico. She was on Kaye Wood last year to demonstrate some of her quilts from the book. I gave this book to a friend for Christmas and she was very pleased.
She really liked the explainations about the symbolism and color reasoning as they pertained to the Bible.

Date: 1/8/98 Time: 12:07 AM
Subject: Quilt care
E-mail Address: Liz@mukilteo

Some info on quilt cleaning is at:

For more info you could try "search" and type in "quilt care".
Good luck.
:) Liz in Mukilteo

Date: 1/7/98 Time: 9:46 PM
Subject: quilt care
E-mail Address: dricha007@aol

I need care instructions for quilts -- how to store, display and clean and any other helpful hints. A friend of mine is giving a class & needs this information for tomorrow night (1-8-98) PLEASE HELP! THANKS, Karis

Date: 1/7/98 Time: 9:34 PM
Subject: Religious themes in quilts
E-mail Address:

There were a couple of posts today from people seeking religious themes for quilts. I suggest this site:
She has a series of bible blocks on her site which are really interesting.

I have also gone through the index in my "1001 Quilt Blocks" looking for religious titles. There are quite a few. Unfortunately, I just lent my book to a colleague, but off the top of my head I recall Job's Tears, Jacob's Ladder, Temple Steps. Crown of David, Cross and Thorns. I may have some of those wrong, but the of trying the index of a good quilt book might work.

Date: 1/7/98 Time: 9:12 PM
Subject: Christian symbols on a quilt
E-mail Address:

Our church quilting group is looking for patterns for a quilt with Christian symbols on it. Have any of you ever made one? Please let me know.

Date: 1/7/98 Time: 8:55 PM
Subject: Bears in the Woods
E-mail Address:

Hi -- am looking for Eleanor Burns' pattern, "Bears in the Woods" or "Bears in the Forest". She recently completed this wallhanging it on her television show, and I can't find the pattern anywhere. Would appreciate any help -- and thanks in advance!!!

Charlotte McArthur

Date: 1/7/98 Time: 6:57 PM
Subject: Quilting frames
E-mail Address:

Looking for plans for building a quilting frame.
I am looking for plans for a three bar quilting
frame where each bar holds one of the three
layers of the quilt so you don't have to baste.
The frame I am looking for when in use can
accomidate the entire quilt. I need it to also be
able to be tilted vertically for storage while
the qulit is still attached. The frame should be
able to accomidate all sizes. Thanks for your help

Date: 1/7/98 Time: 4:40 PM
Subject: Alma Mater Quilted Wallhanging
E-mail Address:

I would like to make a wall hanging for my husband with the theme being his alma mater. Other than using the school's mascot and colors, does anyone have suggestions for cute ideas to add?

Date: 1/7/98 Time: 4:22 PM
Subject: Ideas for Retreat
E-mail Address:

Our guild is having a 3 day retreat. I am looking for any ideas for games, etc. Thank you in advance for the information. If you know of a web site that might pertain to this, I would appreciate that information also.

Date: 1/7/98 Time: 4:16 PM
Subject: Marking dark fabrics
E-mail Address:

I'm looking for recommedations for white pens/pencils to mark a dark-colored quilt top. I'll be using stencils to put many designs on the quilt in preparation for machine quilting. The markings will have to stay on quite well, and of course, wash out completely. Thanks for sharing your experience!

Date: 1/7/98 Time: 2:51 PM
Subject: Machine Quilting
E-mail Address:

I am looking for someone who does machine quilting in the Kansas City, Kansas area.

Date: 1/7/98 Time: 2:22 PM
Subject: Quilting Contests - "America" Theme
E-mail Address:

Is there a quilt contest featuring "America" theme quilts? Example: America in space or space theme? It was due in February, I believe, for the slides or pictures.

You can also e-mail:



Date: 1/7/98 Time: 2:01 PM
Subject: Working with flannels
E-mail Address:

I have finally collected enough plaid flannels to make quilt designed for them. I've never made a quilt from flannel fabric before and am wondering if there is anything I should know before starting. All fabric is pre-washed and ready to go. Any suggestions, tips or shared experiences would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Date: 1/7/98 Time: 12:58 PM
E-mail Address:

We are looking for some partnergroups all over the world. We are from Germany (Baden-WŁrttemberg), our group exist since 1993 and we have got 16 members.
For mor information about us please contact.

Date: 1/7/98 Time: 10:21 AM
Subject: Star Quilt
E-mail Address:

To kbonham822. This is not a correct address.
For you star quilt, you might try QIAD Radiant
Star book.

Date: 1/7/98 Time: 8:46 AM
Subject: old quilts repair/restoration
E-mail Address:

I am looking for someone or someplace that can repair or restore an old quilt. A friend of mine has a quilt that is about 40-45 years old and was made by a family member, the fabric on the back has disintegrated and she is unsure about the condition of the top. I live in northern New Jersey and if anyone has any info, I would appreciate it. Also, any info or instructions on French quilting? Thank you.

Kathy G.

Date: 1/6/98 Time: 11:45 PM
Subject: Quilt Blocks with Religious Themes
E-mail Address:

I am planning a wall hanging to be used
in my church fellowship hall and
am looking for patterns or ideas with
a religious theme.


Date: 1/6/98 Time: 11:16 PM
Subject: kay and the kids' quilt project
E-mail Address:


hopefully, i can speak for all of us .... we are dying for an update on the quilt project!!!

Date: 1/6/98 Time: 9:00 PM
Subject: Missing Patterns
E-mail Address:

I have all the Jo-Ann garden quilt blocks and would be happy to send the patterns.

Date: 1/6/98 Time: 8:45 PM
Subject: John Flynn's Machine Quilting Frame
E-mail Address:

I am interested in the frame I have been seeing advertised by John Flynn for machine quilting. Has anyone used it? Can you give me any input? Although, you see him working on the edge of the quilt in the ad, it looks like you would be quilting the muslin that attaches the quilt to the frame. Thanks!

Date: 1/6/98 Time: 8:38 PM
Subject: 6" Squares
E-mail Address:

May I suggest the following book:

"Short-Cut Quilts by Doreen C. Burbank

This book contains 60 patterns for creating quilts from 5" squares
and is very appropriate for your 6" squares. Your quilts will be just a little larger then os whown in the book.
In reading the Introduction, Doreen says that she wrote this book as inspiration for using squares received from the fabric clubs, charm exchanges, etc.

I believe this book is just what you need.

Holice Turnbow

Date: 1/6/98 Time: 8:25 PM
Subject: Desperate!
E-mail Address:

I have a friend who is desperate for a bit of discontinued
VIP fabric, to finish a DWR quilt. It's a small calico floral,
with a rather unusual tan or light brown background, and tiny
tulips, roses, morning glories, etc. I'll send a
scanned image if anyone thinks they might have it - TIA
Susie in CO

Date: 1/6/98 Time: 6:08 PM
Subject: T-Shirt Quilts
E-mail Address:

Dear Whoever reads this,
I am wondering how you would go about making a quilt from t-shirts.

Date: 1/6/98 Time: 3:27 PM
E-mail Address:

There will be a machine quilters showcase in Springfield Missouri, May 14 thru 16,1998. It includes a venders market and classes. with so many inquiries about these machines I thought I would share this information. Sarah

Date: 1/6/98 Time: 3:05 PM
Subject: Japanese Lantern Quilt
E-mail Address:

Does anyone have the pattern forn a Japanses
Lantern quilt or know where one can be purchesed.
I Saw this quilt in a class in Virginia Beach,
Virginia but was unable at time to get the pattern
and since then have been unable to find it.
Thank you, Teressia in Georgia

Date: 1/6/98 Time: 1:05 PM
Subject: Missing Block of Month patterns
E-mail Address:

Joanne's Fabrics Garden Quilt block of the month.Desperate to find patterns for January and August Garden quilt, 1997- they're not available anymore and with the patterns, I can recreate those blocks.Willing to pay postage/fax costs.

Date: 1/6/98 Time: 12:27 PM
Subject: Elenor Burns
E-mail Address:

Elenor Burns web site is
I have several of her books, and her flying geese instructions are in a few. E-mail me privately and I can make arrangements with you to send you a copy of her directions.


Date: 1/6/98 Time: 12:17 PM
Subject: Quilting Machines
E-mail Address:

I am considering getting a hand guided quilting machine and would like to hear from people as to which machines they have been happy with. Disappointment stories would also be welcome. Thank you for your free advice. Judy

Date: 1/6/98 Time: 12:11 PM
Subject: large star pattern ?star of bethleham?
E-mail Address: kbonham822

I would like to make a large (king or maybe queen) quilt, with a star. I prefer the easy strip
method, but can not find pattern instructions on
internet. I think the name is star of Bethleham, but am unsure. e-mail kbonham822

Date: 1/6/98 Time: 11:54 AM
Subject: eleanor burns
E-mail Address: kbonham822

I'm new at this computer stuff. I love Eleanor
Burns work, but can't find anything on the web.
I am particularly looking for how she makes her
flying geese. I saw it on tv but didn't tape it.

Date: 1/6/98 Time: 11:22 AM
Subject: Quilting Frames
E-mail Address:

Further to recent request for sources for Q-Snap Frames in Europe. I purchased mine from a Mail Order Company called Creations Direct. They have an online Catalogue at address below. I wouldn't be without mine!

Creations Direct Online Catalogue


Date: 1/6/98 Time: 10:34 AM
Subject: Multi-Fan Star Quilt
E-mail Address:

Has anyone tried making the Multi-Fan Star quilt that is on page 44 in the "In Love Wtih Log Cabins" book by Quilts Made Easy? I love the looks of this, but I don't have a lot of experience. How hard is this to put together?

Date: 1/6/98 Time: 9:05 AM
Subject: Looking for YOUNG QUILTERS
E-mail Address:

I'm looking for YOUNG QUILTERS (16-25 years old) to corespondent with them.
I'm 17 years old, I live in Germany and my name is Melanie. Hope to C.U.
Mail to:

Date: 1/6/98 Time: 6:59 AM
Subject: St. Petersburg / Florida
E-mail Address:

Quilting friends will visit St. Petersburg from Feb 4th to Feb 14th.
Where should they go for quiltshops or craftshops, and are there any quiltshows going on at that time?
Any tips would be very much apriciated. Thank you all very musch.

Date: 1/6/98 Time: 3:03 AM
Subject: Charm squares/quilts
E-mail Address:

In answer to your question about charm squares, they originated in the late 19th century, when women tried to collect a huge variety of fabrics--preferably 1000 different ones. Supposedly, a young girl dreamed of finding the final piece of fabric in the coat of her "one true love". These pieces of fabric were made into charm quilts, with the object being to have no duplication of fabric pieces. Most quilts feature only one pattern--square, triangle, etc. So, if you want to pursue this type of quilt, start begging from your quilt friends, and friends who have hidden stashes of fabrics--but only 100% cottons! You can decide what size of squares you wish to collect--probably the bigger the better (6 inch is ideal for most pattern use), so that you have a healthy stash once you start your quilt. Hope this helps...
Sharlene in the Colorado Rockies

Date: 1/6/98 Time: 12:06 AM
Subject: Antique Squares
E-mail Address:

Help! My great-great-grandmother-in-law
has just given me 60 6" squares that she "crazy
quilted" (no embroidery or embelllishments) over
50 years ago with the stipulation that if I make
the quilt top, she will hand quilt it. I am a fairly
new quilter and am at odds with what type of
pattern to go for and how to proceed. The squares
are in great condition---just don't know the best
way to use 'em!! Any ideas would be great!!

Date: 1/5/98 Time: 11:53 PM
Subject: 6" squares
E-mail Address: jmsew4fun

our guild exchanges 6" squares each month and l now have a box full. I would love some quilt pattern to use these squares that wouldn't waste too much of the fabric. I really don't want to just make little squares and sew them together. Does anyone have any ideas? I would love all the help I can get. Thanks so much.

Date: 1/5/98 Time: 9:46 PM
Subject: Peekaboo Bears
E-mail Address:

I found the peek-a-boo quilt in the May-June 1996 issue of Quiltmaker (No. 49). I believe you can get some back issues. Here are the instructions concerning back issues: To check on availablity of issues currently in stock, please write to the Reader Service department or call 1-800-881-6624.

Date: 1/5/98 Time: 9:30 PM
Subject: Charm squares
E-mail Address:

Could someone please explain to me what charm squares are and how they are made. I am a beginning quilter and would appreciate the help.
I've looked in several books but can't find anything.

Date: 1/5/98 Time: 8:50 PM
Subject: Hand Quilting by the Block
E-mail Address:

Read, among others, "Quilt As You Go" by Sandra Millett and/or "Lap Quilting with Georgia Bonsteel", you may save yourself some time--they've already found the common mistakes one would make during the trial-and-error period.

Quilting a block at a time sure is great when you don't have the space to lay out a large quilt for basting, or even space for a frame. Plus you can take it anywhere..and work on it any time.

Tuttle, OK

Date: 1/5/98 Time: 8:44 PM
Subject: hand quilting blocks
E-mail Address:

Tracey, Georgia Bonesteel made a good living teaching this technique!! She has 3 or 4 books out on this subject,popular in the early 1980's. We even made frames for the individual blocks that look like Grandmas quilt frame in miniature. Look for "Lap Quilting with Georgia Bonesteel" & "More Lap Quilting with Georgia Bonesteel" etc....

Date: 1/5/98 Time: 8:25 PM
Subject: TRACY- quilting block by block
E-mail Address: ghendric @adamsnet

Yes you can quilt each block as you go, I have done this before, it makes quilting more portable and gives you some flexibility.
You can use the backing that you want to use and cut it in sguares and actually hand quilt but not within 1 inch of the edge. then sew only the tops together, the batting will meet at the seam without actually being in the seam and then hand sew the backing seam together and bind as usual. good luck, I,m glad to hear you are finding time to quilt while in school. good creative outlet!!
Lois in Illinois

Date: 1/5/98 Time: 5:31 PM
Subject: Hand Quilting
E-mail Address:

This may be a stupid question, so please keep in mind I am a beginner quilter. I was wondering if anyone had tried, or thinks this will work.. hand quilt each block separately. After the block is done, cut the batting exactly 1/4 inch smaller, back it with a fabric (that will not show) and hand quilt each square as it is done, then sew all the blocks together (the batting should match up)and then tie a back onto the quilt and bind it. I live in a dorm that is none to clean most of the time, and I want to work on my quilt while at school, this way I thought it would stay clean and off the floor, and i can sew it all together at home..What do you see as the potential problems, and if this is totally unrealistic, please tell me..Thanks..Tracy

Date: 1/5/98 Time: 5:06 PM
Subject: heat-n-bond vs. wonder under
E-mail Address:

IMHO the heat-n-bond is much better than wonderunder. I have made hundreds of wearable items with heat-n-bond lite and have had nothing but great results and never any problems with needles gumming up. It is important to use the 'lite' variety and not the 'ultra' which is designed for no sew projects. It does make a big difference. I have never had any luck with wonder under; it never seemed to make a good bond and tended to wash loose later. The wearables made with heat-n-bond lite always washed up beautifully.

Date: 1/5/98 Time: 5:03 PM
Subject: International Quilt Festival
E-mail Address:

The next International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas will be:

October 29-November 1, 1998

Information can be obtained from:

Quilts, Inc
7660 Woodway
Sulte 550
Houston, TX 77063
Phone: 713-781-6864

Date: 1/5/98 Time: 3:03 PM
Subject: Fusible Web
E-mail Address:

If you are going to stitch around your project you need to use Heat 'n Bond Lite but I prefer Steam-A-Seam by Warm Products.

Barb in the North Georgia Mountains

Date: 1/5/98 Time: 2:41 PM
Subject: Information about Australia
E-mail Address:

Hello he wanted to receive information about Australia , to be possible envelope the north, information with respect to way of life and employment.
Thank you

Date: 1/5/98 Time: 2:15 PM
Subject: quilt fair time
E-mail Address:

Could anybody tell me when the next quilt fair will be in Huston, Tex?

Many thanks,

Pauline Grosch

Date: 1/5/98 Time: 1:43 PM
Subject: Quiltmaker? Magazine - Peek a Boo Quilt
E-mail Address:

I received an ad awhile ago for a magazine that was called quiltmaker (I think). In it was a pattern for a quilt with little bears peaking out of the squares.

My sister saw the ad and has now decided that this is the quilt she would like for her baby. Now I am trying to find out if anyone has a phone number, web site info, or other contact information on the magazine, or anyone even knows if and when that quilt pattern was published.

Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to give me!


Date: 1/5/98 Time: 1:08 PM
Subject: Wonder Under vs. Heat n' Bond
E-mail Address:

I prefer Wonder Under. My first and last experience with Heat n'Bond
gummed up my needle so much that my machine would skip stitches.
My needle gummed up when hand sewing too. Heat 'n Bond is fine if you don't
plan to stitch over it or for crafts. Wonder Under doesn't gum up needles.
While chatting with other quilters at our local fabric shop, they also
had problems with Heat n'Bond. Are there other brands available that
that won't gum things up?

Date: 1/5/98 Time: 12:27 PM
Subject: Designing Foundation Patterns
E-mail Address:

I have completed a couple of paper-pieced patterns and I love this "new" technique. While I have found many patterns, I haven't seen instructions on how to design your own. It looks fairly simple, but I'm distrustful of things that "look" simple. Any suggestions?


Date: 1/5/98 Time: 10:58 AM
Subject: Wonder under vs. heat n bond
E-mail Address:

Can anyone tell be the difference between wonder under and heat n bond. Is one sewable and one not?

Date: 1/5/98 Time: 9:39 AM
Subject: help for new quilter & frame
E-mail Address:

It is helpful to find classes in your area. Check with the closest fabric center. Our local library also has classes several times a year which are especially nice because they are free!
As for the quilt frame, I have the Q-snap floor model which is the one made of PVC pipe. I love it because it is not too big (but big enough) and is very light weight so I can carry it up or down stairs without a problem.

Date: 1/5/98 Time: 8:47 AM
Subject: Ribbon Star Quilt Pattern
E-mail Address:

I am trying to find this quilt pattern for my Mother. Thanks in advance for any help! Sue

Date: 1/5/98 Time: 12:36 AM
Subject: Thanks once again....
E-mail Address:

Just wanted to say thank you to all of you who offered information about the quilted ornament ball. Starting on them tonight!!!

Date: 1/5/98 Time: 12:35 AM
Subject: Quilting Software
E-mail Address:

Can anyone give me feedback on the quilting software that they have used. I'm a quilter with a serious lack of imagination ( I need help putting the colors together and envisioning my finished quilt ). I do like the idea of being able to scan my own fabrics into the fabric color pallette. I hope that this question hasn't been posted to death but I'm a www newbie.

Date: 1/4/98 Time: 10:00 PM
Subject: machine quilting with rayon thread
E-mail Address:

I want to machine quilt a baby quilt. Should I use rayon
thread or cotton thread. If anyone has used rayon, please tell me how well it washes and if it would be a good chioce for machine quilting.

I have always hand quilted but want to learn machine quilting. I would appreciate hearing from other machine quilters!

Thanking you in advance.

Date: 1/4/98 Time: 9:59 PM
E-mail Address:

Whoops!!!! forgot to give address for DWR it is:

Date: 1/4/98 Time: 9:56 PM
E-mail Address:

To the person requesting the DWR pattern. Check out Sharlene Jorgensen's "Quilting From The Hearland" Web-site. Sharlene has many wonderful patterns for you, to choose from. You can do the DWR several different ways. She has plenty of books, patterns, and videos. Her 2 daughters sell her products at major quilt shows around the country. They go by the name of "2 Kidz Quilting". The web-site has a calendar so you can see what quilt shows they will be attending. Hope this helps. Janice/Phila

Date: 1/4/98 Time: 8:12 PM
Subject: Thimbleberries Book of Quilts
E-mail Address:

Is The Thimbleberries Book of Quilts one that should be in my library? I have limited time to quilt and do only rotary cutting. I do like Lynette Jensen's colors. What do you think?
Thank you!
College Station, Texas

Date: 1/4/98 Time: 7:26 PM
Subject: Simply Quilts
E-mail Address:

Glad to see that others are upset by HGTV' curtailing of their Simply Quilts showing. Does anyone know where to complain? I thought it was my local station! Some of us don't have a VCR and besides, it's not always convenient. A real bummer!

Date: 1/4/98 Time: 7:23 PM
Subject: quilting help
E-mail Address:

help! I am a new quilter and have some books but need someone to ask questions. Where can I get some good fundamentals in this field? I have been just doing my own thing and it is a very difficult way to learn. I need to SEE how someone does something to learn the skill. also I would like to purchase a quilting frame. Advice please. I appreciate any help anyone can give. I love quilting and because I am a perfectionist I need to know how to do things right.

Date: 1/4/98 Time: 7:22 PM
Subject: looking for some scrap quilt ideas...
E-mail Address:

Believe it or not, I am suffering from "quilters block!"
I am looking for ideas for using my white on white leftovers
and my scraps. I am looking for patterns that do not
require preplanning as I already have a couple of quilts on
the go. I just want to use up my scraps and at the same time,
get an interesting and colourful quilt out of it! Any
suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in
advance. Happy New Year to you all!

Date: 1/4/98 Time: 3:50 PM
Subject: Quilting for Charity Article
E-mail Address:

I recently read but misplaced an article on women quilting and running a craft shop from a donated farm house. All proceeds from their efforts are returned to their immediate community in Iowa (?). If anyone has a copy of the article or knows its source, or knows of this group of women and where I could contact them, please let me know. Sincerely, Loretta

Date: 1/4/98 Time: 12:36 PM
Subject: "Block exchange" chain letters
E-mail Address:

I think that before anyone considers join in this exchange they visit this web site
It is illegal to send chain letters in the mail of one thing and you could also lose your hard that you put into you blocks. Please before you decide please everybody visit this site!!!!!

Date: 1/4/98 Time: 12:28 PM
Subject: HGTV's simply quilts
E-mail Address:

If you have a hard time viewing at its scheduled time period than maybe you could programm you vcr to tape it. I tape the show every time I won't be able to watch them on Tues & Thurs because my cable network put an infomercial and in it's time slot every weekend.

Date: 1/4/98 Time: 10:30 AM
Subject: HGTV's Simply Quilts
E-mail Address:

Is it me, or am I the only one who is upset by the weekend programing change of Alex Anderson's Simply Quilts? Beginning Jan. 10, the show will be scheduled at 6:30 a.m. EST!!! It was shown at 1:00 pm on Saturday (used to be on at 4:30 pm on Sunday; they took that off several months ago). I work during the week and can't catch the Tues./Thurs. editions. If you haven't seen this show, it inspired me to begin quilting a year ago. Many special guests and lots of terrific hints. If you would like to protest, their web site is However, they're on vacation and won't be taking any e-mail until Jan. 12. I'm mailing my letter tomorrow....Debi

Date: 1/4/98 Time: 9:36 AM
Subject: Quilt basting services
E-mail Address:

Does anyone know of a reputable place where I might
send my king-size quilt top to be basted? I can't
seem to find anything locally (I live near Niagara
Falls, NY). I plan to hand-quilt it, but I just
don't have the room or the energy to tackle the
basting. I want to make sure it's done well.
Thanks for any help you can give me.

Jane P.

Date: 1/4/98 Time: 6:03 AM
Subject: Printing in fabric
E-mail Address:

I have heard that it is possible to print on fabric
with a computer printer. I am in the market for a printer and
would like to be able to do this. Can someone recomend a good printer?
Also the advice I have seen recomends ironing the fabric to freezer paper first
Is this necisary? The only way to get freezer paper here (australia) is at the quilting shop
and at $1.60 a metre it adds up fast!
Laura Iseman

Date: 1/4/98 Time: 5:58 AM
Subject: Hand quilting in a frame
E-mail Address:

I am a begginer hand quilter, i have sort of got the hang of the rocking stich.
All of the books give instructions for quilting towards you, how do you quilt away?
I have just ordered a 3 beam frame so that I won't
need to base my queen size top but it looks like all of the quilting will have to be away
to go from the quilted to the un-quilted as it were to avoid wrinkling.
Is there a trick? TIA Laura Iseman

Date: 1/4/98 Time: 2:05 AM
Subject: Midnight Stars Pattern
E-mail Address:

I just looked at my book, STAR QUILTS by Mary Elizabeth
Johnson, and saw the photo of the Midnight Star quilt
you mentioned; however, I checked and there is no pattern
in the book for the quilt. Book says it was made by Dixie
Hollywood of Pensacola, FL. in 1980, gives a small description
of it but no pattern.

Sorry I wasn't more help. Hope you are able to find a
pattern. It looks like a beautiful quilt.


Date: 1/3/98 Time: 11:35 PM
Subject: quilting with a hoop
E-mail Address:

My favorite way to use the hoop for a large project, is to tie shoe laces on both parts of the hoop (2 on each side, total of8), ajust the frame onto the quilt, check to be sure there are no wrinkles in the back, then roll the quilt to the hoop and tie in a bow, then roll the ends up and put into pillow cares and secure with clothes pins. I have found I can easily do a large quilt sitting comfortably in my chair. I hate sitting at a frame. try this I think you will love it. just besure your hoop is large enough so you are not constantly resetting the hoop. Carol

Date: 1/3/98 Time: 9:31 PM
Subject: Canadian Q Guild workshop
E-mail Address:

If you are in the area of Burlington, Ontario, Canada, perhaps you would be interested in taking a class with us.
Sat Feb 14 & Sun Feb 15th we are having Carold Doak (paper-piecing) book author and teacher as a guest workshop leader. A few openings are still avbl on Sun Feb 15th for the Paper piecing Secrets of the Trade workshop.
10 am - 4pm at Burlington Art Centre - $45 Cdn for the day. $20 Cdn deposit will hold your place. e mail me at if interested.

Date: 1/3/98 Time: 8:53 PM
Subject: Midnight Stars Pattern
E-mail Address:

My wife is looking for a pattern for a quilt
called "Midnight Stars". Apparently the quilt was
featured in a book, "Star Quilts" by Mary Johnson.
The book was published by The Quilt Digest Press.
Does anyone know if this pattern is available and
where it may be obtained? Thanks!

Date: 1/3/98 Time: 7:15 PM
Subject: Missouri Quiltmaker sewing machines
E-mail Address:

I received enough mula from Santa to order sit-down
quilting machine. The one I'm interested is an industrial machine
on a formica adjustable table. It has a built-in knee lifter for the
presser foot and is equipped with a double thread strand and a professional
bobbin winder. It retails for about a grand. I'm just starting a
small business (mostly through word of mouth) and have outgrown my New Home
sewing machine. Does anybody out there have somthing similar? The saleslady
mentioned she's sold this as far away as Colorado. I'm in the KC area.
Thanks! And GO CHIEFS!!!!

Date: 1/3/98 Time: 6:52 PM
Subject: Looking for Polished Cotton
E-mail Address:

A few years ago I used a polished cotton that never lost its shine after many washings, but got very soft. It was 50/50 cotton and poly--I believe the poly was necessary to retain the shine. The color choices were beautiful. It was marketed as Country Chintz. I need a new source for it. Someone said it might be by Sunbeam, but I don't know that. Any help out there to find it again? Thanks.

Date: 1/3/98 Time: 6:34 PM
Subject: Cow Pattern
E-mail Address:

I just bought a book called "Sweet & Simple Country Quilts" by Jenni Dobson, and among other nifty templates, it has a nice template for a cow. Lots of ideas in this book, now I need a larger book shelf!
Tuttle, OK

Date: 1/3/98 Time: 6:29 PM
Subject: Machine quilting patterns
E-mail Address:

My Mother has a quilting machine which she uses to
quilt comforters, bedspreads and quilts for the
public to supplement her income in her retirement.
She is looking for new patterns to use on her projects.
If anyone has ideas where patterns can be found
please email me at the above listed address. Thank you.

Date: 1/3/98 Time: 6:18 PM
Subject: Peach and Brown Quilt
E-mail Address:

For the person needing ideas for her Mom's peach and brown quilt. There is a pink and brown quilt on p. 27 of "Sew Many Quilts" March/April 1998.
It is four-patch on point, and sewn in vertical strips. Perhaps this will give you an idea. Looks rather simple, and they give you the pattern & assembly instructions.

I have never made a quilt from a book or magazine, just looking at the construction and color combinations gives me ideas for an entirely different quilt.

Good luck with your search. Sure would be interested in what you come up with.

Tuttle, OK

Date: 1/3/98 Time: 3:39 PM
Subject: Quilt Repair
E-mail Address:

Help! After many years of use, my prize quilt has finally worn out; I put my arm right through it. I would like to repair it; does anyone know how?

Date: 1/3/98 Time: 1:41 PM
Subject: Re: Children's Artwork
E-mail Address:

I had great success with two quilts using children's drawings. In the first, the children drew directly onto cotton using fabric wax-crayons which were ironed to fix and could then be washed without any problems. In the second quilt, the children used transfer crayons directly onto paper, and the paper was then ironed onto fabric- the images being printed in reverse. For transfer crayons, one must use fabric with a polycotton element.
I have also tried drawing directly onto fabric with art pencils and crayons, but some do work and some don't, so it is better to use those marked suitable for fabric. In England, we can buy these in normal artshops. Good luck with your project.

Date: 1/3/98 Time: 1:39 PM
Subject: Quilt Pattern
E-mail Address:

I really like the pattern that the World Wide Quilting Page uses in it's introduction to the Block of the Month. So far, it hasn't been one of the blocks. Can anyone tell me what it's called, or where I can find the pattern? Thanks!

Date: 1/3/98 Time: 11:22 AM
Subject: Looking for a Guild
E-mail Address:

I would like to join a Quilter's Guild in the Milwaukee, WI area. Any and all info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Date: 1/3/98 Time: 2:38 AM
Subject: Basting Guns
E-mail Address:

Tracy, I have one of the basting guns and it works just fine to hold all the layers of fabric, although I insert the "nose" of the gun TWICE through the fabric. This way both ends of the little plastic thingie are on the front side of the fabric and it holds more tightly.
I always use high-quality quilting cotton and I have not had any problems with it leaving holes in the fabric. Sometimes when I am using a woven plaid the holes will take a little while to close up but are always gone after I've washed the quilt the first time.
Although I don't have one, I would recommend the little tool to remove the plastic thingies. They aren't hard to remove, but there is a small chance you can cut a hole in your quilt if you use scissors to remove them. (I did this recently - DUH!)
I've also had very good success with Sullivan's Quilt Basting Spray on smaller projects (wall hanging size.) For a project the size of a twin bed or larger, though, I still use my basting gun. It all depends on the size of the project you are working on.

May your New Year be filled with pieceful things,

Date: 1/3/98 Time: 1:18 AM
Subject: Quilting friend
E-mail Address:

I've lost the e address of a quilting friend, Laura Lee,
of Sedona, AZ, who is also interested in spelunking.
If you have her address, please send it to me. TIA,
Susie in CO

Date: 1/2/98 Time: 10:37 PM
Subject: Hand - Quilting
E-mail Address:

I'd like some ideas on on hand-quilting a "stamped on" cross stitched quilt. I'm almost finished and would like some ideas on what to do next. How do I baste the "layers" together. Should I use a hoop? What type of needle? Any other suggestions would be helpful. I've quilted some on a frame before but would like to do this one without one.

Date: 1/2/98 Time: 10:35 PM
Subject: hops fabric
E-mail Address:

I am interested in locating some fabric with a hop design. Hops are used in brewing beer-they have a small flower/bloom (sometimes resemble pinecones) with leaves similar to those on a grape plant. Any help would be appreciated!

Date: 1/2/98 Time: 10:01 PM
Subject: DawnSeaver aka Dawn/RI aka Thimble
E-mail Address:

Nearly a year ago I lost a RR to Dawn Seaver when
she failed to return it, after writing me she had
it. I've saved her e-mails but she has not responded
since last spring. It has come to my attention
that others too have lost RRs or swaps to Dawn. I
am asking these other victims to contact me as I am
going to explore legal action against her. State
law may support "theft after trust" & I also believe
she has violated federal law via fraudulent use of
the mails. If you have been involved with Dawn &
suffered a loss, please e-mail me. Thanks.

Date: 1/2/98 Time: 9:38 PM
Subject: Singer Featherweight
E-mail Address:

I am a beginner quilter along with friends who are interested in locating a Featherweight
machine. Any ideas??

Date: 1/2/98 Time: 9:35 PM
Subject: Spinning Spools
E-mail Address:

I believe "Spinning Spools" is Georgia Bonesteel's trademark. She gives the block pattern on p 96 of her book "More Lap Quilting with Georgia Bonesteel" which, by the way, has a Spinning Spools Quilt on its cover.

Tuttle, OK

Date: 1/2/98 Time: 8:40 PM
Subject: Quilt Pattern Search
E-mail Address:

I am looking for the pattern called spinning spools. I saw it in a magazine with no way to get the pattern. The spools interest me because the are longer than the basic spool pattern. Help would be appreciated.

Date: 1/2/98 Time: 7:56 PM
Subject: Williamsburg/Lancaster Quilt Shows
E-mail Address:

I'm looking for information about the quilt shows
in Williamsburg and Lancaster. I'd like to know
about the number and quality of the quilts in these
shows as well as the vendors. Are there any problems
with either of the shows? What about crowds? I've only
been to a couple of small shows and would like to know
what to expect.
Thanks, CJ

Date: 1/2/98 Time: 6:59 PM
Subject: Basting Gun
E-mail Address:

I was wondering if anyone
could tell me if the basting
guns are worth buying?
The one I saw used plastic
things to baste with. DO they
hold the fabric in place? All
layers?..and it has a tool to
remove the plastic things with,
are they difficult to remove?..and
do they do any damage to the fabric?


Date: 1/2/98 Time: 6:49 PM
Subject: Farm Quilt
E-mail Address:

I made a farm theme quilt that has been a real hit in my family. I used "Hole in the Barn Door" pattern . I also purchased some fabric that had cows on it and fussy cut them into the center square of the Hole in the Barn Door pattern. Then I made the borders look like the cows were fenced in. We call it Cows in the Medow. If you need any more info please email me direct as I only get here about once a week. I do love this place tho.
Carla in Idaho

Date: 1/2/98 Time: 6:44 PM
Subject: Lone Star Quilting Pattern
E-mail Address:

I made a Lone Star quilt for my daughter when she graduated HS. I purchased Elenaor Burns book and have had good success with it. My girl friend even made one and she hates to sew. The points came together nicely and it has easy to follow instructions. With this pattern your seams must be accurate 1/4 in. Good Luck with your quilt.

Date: 1/2/98 Time: 5:53 PM
Subject: patchwork quilt tsushin,no. 76
E-mail Address:

Help! I borrowed a copy of subject magazine and I cannot find it. Please offer any information re magazine.

Aloha, Lauren

Date: 1/2/98 Time: 5:46 PM
Subject: Quilting Machines
E-mail Address:

I am researching information about quilting machines-Your likes and dislikes about models, brands and features. Any suggestions about which workshops or videos are worthwhile and which ones are not? Any information and opinions will be much appreciated.

Thanks very much!

Susan W. Fox

Date: 1/2/98 Time: 4:36 PM
Subject: Betty Boyink's " One Patch and Beyond"
E-mail Address:

Does anyone know where I can find a copy?

Date: 1/2/98 Time: 2:59 PM
Subject: Winnie the Pooh fabric
E-mail Address: or

I am looking for some Winnie the Pooh fabric. I need the Disney version, not the classic Pooh. Does anyone know where I might be able to find it, or if it even exists? I am trying to make a baby quilt for my first child who is due in June, so I am trying to find it as soon as possible, I am a beginning quilter, and not very quick. Thank you for your input.

Date: 1/2/98 Time: 2:48 PM
Subject: Farm Quilt
E-mail Address:

Ideas: Barn door block, and use a theme fabric as the middle square.
Or design a series of animal blocks around a center block that has a
barn or country scene. Perhaps a barn with a silo, a couple cows, pigs,
and a tractor. Check out books on paper piecing, lots of animal
patterns available. Machine applique is real easy and quick. Use
bright colors such as reds and greens.

Date: 1/2/98 Time: 2:36 PM
Subject: looking for Applique pattern "Gladiolus"
E-mail Address:

Happy New Year everyone! I'm looking for a very old applique pattern called gladiolus from the 1930"s.I think it came from the southern states,but I could be wrong. If anyone has seen a pattern for gladiolas of any type please e-mail me, I would greatly appreicate it.

Date: 1/2/98 Time: 11:34 AM
Subject: Re: Farm Quilt Pattern
E-mail Address:

My son is a farmer at heart like his grandpa, except he lives in the city. He would like a farm quilt. I am new to quilting and would like any sugestions you would have on how to accomplish this request. Thanks.

Date: 1/2/98 Time: 10:38 AM
E-mail Address:

Answers to four recent postings


The best source I know of is:

House of White Birches
306 E Parr Rd
Berne, Indiana 46711

There are almost as many versions of Sunbonnet Sue as there are days in the year. This company has almost made a career of publishing these patterns. The problem in asking for a Sunbonnet Sue patterN is WHICH ONE


I saw a beautifully hand quilted flannel at the quilt show in Oklahoma City last year. In talking to the show chairman, she told me that it was indeed difficult to quilt, but it can be done. It is possible to get fairly small stitches but you may want to strive for even stitches, even tho they may be larger than usual.


Suggest for this you try "Herrschners" needlecraft catalog. Their address is 1111 Plaza Drive
Schaumburg, IL 60173
Phone 847-330-6932

I don't have their catalog but they usually carry a large selection of needlework kits.


7 books are listed in catalog from:

Quilting Books Unlimited
1911 W. Wilson St
Batavia, IL 60510
Phone 630-406-0237

This pattern requires accurate patters, therefore, i would not necessarily trust a pattern for this design which is transmitted via e-mail.

Date: 1/2/98 Time: 10:15 AM
Subject: Quilting Frames
E-mail Address:

Can anyone tell me if the quilting frames that
advertise basting is not required really work.
Do you have any experience with either the EZ3
quilting frame or Jasmine frame? Thanks

Date: 1/2/98 Time: 6:37 AM
Subject: Sunbonnet Sue
E-mail Address:

Please help me!
My mother asked me to find a pattern for sunbonnet sue, and I am totally lost! Can anybody help me out? Thanks in advance.

Date: 1/1/98 Time: 8:33 PM
Subject: Hand quilting flannels
E-mail Address:

I just finished piecing a flannel quilt top as a wedding present for my brother-in-law. I would love to hear from quilters who can offer hints about hand quilting flannel quilts. I anticipate it will be a challenge given the thickness of the seams, etc. but I'm prepared to give it a go. Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Date: 1/1/98 Time: 8:15 PM
Subject: bird cross stitch quilt
E-mail Address:

I need a catalogue with a bird cross stitch kit for a full size bed spread to quilt. A state bird kit would be great. Prefer a pre stamped kit.

Date: 1/1/98 Time: 6:29 PM
Subject: Displaying my quilt
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Help-My husband bought me a beautiful Colorado Star Log Cabin quilt for x-mas. I'm looking for ideas how to display-94x108-I've heard of a type of stand, like coat rack, that you can gather (pleat)quilt at top and quilt cascades down, allowing you to display, move from room to room, and remove and use.Has anyone seen one of these or can you offer an alternative to hanging on wall, this is a very large quilt. Thank you and Happy New Year!

Date: 1/1/98 Time: 5:25 PM
Subject: Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show
E-mail Address: rdenny@zianet. com

Karen and other interested quilters,
The Outdoor Quilt Show is indeed held in Sisters,
Oregon. It is held the second Saturday in July--
at least that's been the former formats. Suggest
you write or call The Stitchin' Post, P.O. Box 280
Sisters, OR 97759; 451-549-6061. Jean Wells, the
owner of The Stitchin' Post and nationally known
quilter, is the founder of this marvelous show.
I attended two years ago---there were so many
quilts I couldn't see them all. They are all over
town outdoors and also in many of the shops. There
are also workshops scheduled for several days.
Many of the quilts are for sale and many on dis-
play only. There are limited places to stay in
Sisters as it's a really small town. Many people
stay in Bend, OR. (There are a couple of fantastic
shops there---it's 21 miles away). You could
also stay in Redmond, also 21 miles away---not as
picturesque, but my home town and I love it--Jean
Wells grew up there also (and we were neighbors
for awhile). Make reservations NOW!
Oh, there is an airport in Redmond or you could
fly into Portland and rent a car.
The year I was there, there was also a one-woman
show between Bend and Redmond---I found that in
Quilters Newsletter--What a great vacation I had--
visited family and friends and went to two great
If you go, make sure you get there early---the
parking is limited unless you want to hike a bit.
Also, take a sunhat and a water bottle. That year
was horribly hot---and at least one or two LOL's
suffered heatstroke.
Can't recommend the show enough. And, I'm biased
but Central Oregon is beautiful. If you watch Alex
Anderson's "Simply Quilts" the shots of the moun-
tains and quilts between segments are of the
Sisters Quilt Show.
Hope you get to go!!!
Kay in La Luz, NM

Date: 1/1/98 Time: 2:32 PM
Subject: Karen
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I'm looking for some information about a quilt show that's held every July in Oregon. I believe it's in Sisters, Oregon, but I'm not positive.

Any help would be much appreciated. I found it on the net last year, but alas I failed to bookmark it.



Date: 1/1/98 Time: 12:17 PM
Subject: Public Domain Quilt Designs
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For a source of design which are copyright free I suggest"An Encyclopedia Of Pieced Quilt Patterns" by Barbara Brackman
Barbara gives sources of 100's of designs. While there is no statement that these are copyright free, on can see that most of them are in the public domain.

Date: 1/1/98 Time: 12:11 PM
Subject: Smithsonian Copp Quilt
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This quilt was pictured in ads from RJR fabric when the fabric was introduced.
Check bask issues of quilt magazines of about 2 years ago.

You might also write to RJR Fashion Fabrics and ask if they have a picture. They distributed a poster of the quilt

Date: 1/1/98 Time: 11:28 AM
Subject: Sue and Bill
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I can't lay my hand on the right catalog at this moment, but the most Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Bill patterns I've seen in one place are in the House of White Birches catalog
306 East Parr Road
Berne, Indiana 46711
Ph 1-800-347-9887 8am-5pm EST Weekdays.
They sell booklets of patterns called The Sunbonnet Family Reunion 1-4, also, in the ad I have they have a Best of Overall Boys #143013 for $2.95. I ordered from them once and part of it was backordered but didn't take too long to come. If you prefer to piece, Quiltmaker had a Sunbonnetish pattern called My Best Friend in the #44 July/Aug 95 issue. No Boys in that issue, though Happy Quilting

Date: 1/1/98 Time: 9:41 AM
Subject: Stained Glass Quilting
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I'm looking for stained glass quilting patterns, preferably with some religous content (ie. doves of peace). I know I've seen a fairly large book on stained glass quilting before but I cannot remember the name - it had a very large, intricate stain glass design on the front cover.
Can anyone point me in the right direction?
I am doing this quilt for my church and I need a pattern and/or source IMMEDIATELY!!! Thanks

Julie Blondin
Pembroke, Ontario, Canada

Date: 1/1/98 Time: 9:17 AM
Subject: Copyright quilt designs
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I would have to vote on the side of caution regarding applique designs and all of the newer patterns and techniques for making quilts.

If one is making a quilt using someone else's pattern, always give credit where credit is due!
Even if you change the pattern or technique slightly, if the original idea is not yours, say so and give the originator credit if you know who it is.

Changing the fabric is not sufficient for making a design your own. And though I would be pleased to see someone use my applique pattern in their quilt, I would be more than miffed if they claimed the design was theirs because they used a blue and white color choice instead of red and white!

Patterns and designs are the creators children and should never be usurped by wannabe designers. It would be dishonest and unfair to the creator of the design who may have spent hours or even years trying to come up with a design they could call their own. And, for that matter, may be making a living off of them.

If you see a design you love and want a quilt just like it, by all means make it! But when you put a label on the back, give the creator of the design credit, and then take all the wonderful, soul-soothing credit you need for putting it all togher into YOUR quilt!

Valerie in San Antonio (a pattern designer 8-)

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