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Question for the week of March 17, 2003:

Our question this week comes Mom3:

What is your most favourite fabric colour? Also, what is your favourite type of fabric? Batik? Tone-on-tone? Feedsack? Reproduction? Flannel? Geometric cotton? Flowered flannel?

Laurel in Iowa :
I am always drawn to the "brights". I got hooked on them when collecting fabrics for I Spy type quilts. The novelty prints and brights are often shelved together. Right now I seem to be buying lots of purples, aquas, pinks and oranges in bright shades and geometric prints!

Cathy :
I seem to be in a "Maroon" mood lately, all shades. Accenting with greens and beiges, finding lots of fabrics that will work.

Was a previously BLUE, but have gotten "over that" now.

caroline :
Its difficult to choose a favourite colour: I do not like using solid colours or the hard-to-quilt white on white. I like using figured, large or small, print for background. I have never done a monochromatic colour quilt. For awhile, most quilters I knew were using a combination of pink and green, and the closest I got was to use reds and greens for Christmas articles. The warm or the cool colours appeal to me and I would like to do a quilt with tertiary colours: for instance, either side of the secondary, or primary ones, on the colour wheel.
I also think the colour ranges depend on which company is producing the fabric. It is easy to match fabrics from one company, having chosen the main fabric these days.
Some colours I know my daughter can't stand together are yellow, pink, and orange: I would definitely use them, and sometimes I can find them together in a batik fabric. I like different striped and checked fabrics too. I will have to learn to make smaller quilts to try out all the colours I love.

Marion :
blue, definitely blue. I hate orange.
Then my niece requested a quilt in blue and orange...I liked one of the orange pieces so much that it has found its way into two more quilts, and two more are planned....Now I've decided to have fun with all colors, even the "dingy" ones!
Anita in Las Vegas :
In my daily life blues are my favorite color. In quilting my " favorite color" seems to continualy change. I worked a lot with blues and yellows for a while - then I did primaries - Then I did purples ( I don't like purple in my closet or home) and had great fun. I do mostly baby quilts so I go for juvenile prints and tone on tone.
I'm working on a quilt with Native American prints but I think I will put it aside to do something in red white and blue with stars and stripes - I'll make this one BIG.
Let's pray for peace - we are the piece makers.
Louise in Canada :
I love all shades of blue, from pale baby blue to turquoise to navy. Lately, I especially like blue and yellow--I love the French provencial look. I also love to collect taupe, beige, and ecru small prints. They make more interesting backgrounds than plain white or off-white. I usually am attracted by small to medium prints but also like batiks.
Annette in Utah :
I love the "brights!" Yellow is my favorite and somewhat hard to find. Primary colors in geometric shapes, but they need to be small-scale, so when they're cut into smaller pieces, the design is still there. I do like the gold and silver embossing, too. One fabric that I don't like is the white on white or cream on cream with the printing that looks like decals have been stuck on it.
Judy Ball-Farber :
blowe Turquise

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