Feb. 18, 1995

Many of you have asked for the Names, Address and Phone Numbers to the various Quilting Machine Companies. If you have others please send them to me, I will keep a current list for everyone.

  • A-1 Quilting Machines
    3232 E. Evans Rd
    Springfield, MO 65802

  • American Professional Quilting Systems
    Highway 30 East
    Carroll, Iowa 51401 800-426-7233

  • Design-A-Quilt
    11966 Lebanon Road
    Mt. Juliet TN 37122

  • Gammill Quilting Machines
    1452 W. Gibson St.
    PO Box 230
    West Plains, Missouri 65775

  • Kenquilt
    113 Pattie St.
    Wichita, Kansas 67211

  • Nolting's Long Arm
    Rt. 3, Box 147, Hwy. 52 East
    Stover, MO 65078

  • Nustyle
    Hwy. 52
    PO Box 61
    Stover, MO 65078

    All of them will send you a catalog of their quilting machines, and prices. They can range between $1,500 to 10,000 depending on what you are looking for. Some will also send you a video if you ask them too.

    Some of the Quilting Machine companies also sell supplies that are needed to start quilting. They will also send you a supply listing and prices if you ask.

    What to look for when buying a quilting machine:

    The basic idea for a quilting machine is the same on all manufactures, the options you need/want are what you need to look at closely. The quilting machine itself sits in a track on a table, this machine will slide very easily from one end of the table to the other. To enable the machine to go all directions there is another set of wheels under the machine this enables the machine to make a complete circle.

    Some questions to ask your self when comparing the different brands:

    1. What size motor is on the machine.
    2. Is the stand all steel or half wood. What parts are wood and will these wear out over time.
    3. What size stand comes with the machine a 12 foot or a 14 foot. Get the largest one that will fit in your room.
    4. What is the diameter of the steel fabric rollers. These need to be strong to hold the quilt straight.
    5. Is there a bobbin winder that comes with the machine. You always need a full bobbin on hand.
    6. Are the handles on the front and back of the machine to enable you to do pantograph quilting and freemotion quilting. What will you do more of.
    7. Oiling, is there a wick that needs oiling when you use the machine or does the machine have a self-oiling pan that is filled.
    8. Recommended working space 14 to 16 feet by 6 to 8 feet depending on the size of the quilting machine.
    9. Is there a variable speed control on the machine to adjust the speed at which you will be quilting.
    10. Is there a lower thread cutter to trim your bobbin thread. My personal recommendation is to get information from all the Quilting Machine Companies read what they all say, watch the videos, go see them in person, some do attend the local Quilt shows. Ask us questions here online. Only you know what your needs are.


      Pantograph Patterns

      These are the all over designs that you quilt from the back side of the quilting table. The below is a list of where you can purchase them:

      American Professionals 800-426-7233

      Gammill Quilting Machines 800-659-8224

      Nolting's Long Arm 314-377-2713

      Some of these patterns I have found are the same but they each have patterns that no one else does.


      You can also create your own patterns for pantograph quilting. By tracing a continuous machine quilting design on a roll of paper.


      Buy your batting from mail-order is much cheaper then going to your local fabric store.

      800-626-2723 (24 hours)
      Hancocks has:

      	Hobbs Heirloom Wool      Queen	$19.98
      	Hobbs Heirloom Cotton    Queen	  9.98
      	Hobbs Theremore          Queen	 10.98
      	Hobbs Poly-Down          Queen	  6.50
      	Mountain Mist Light      Queen	  6.50

      Pine Tree Quiltworks

      	Fairfield Needlepunch	 Queen	$  7.20
      	Fairfield Extra Loft	 King	  11.20
      	Fairfield Cotton Classic 1x96	   5.44
      	Fairfield Low Loft       Queen     6.08

      The Quilting Machine Companies also carry a wide poly batting on large rolls which is also a very cheap way to buy your batting:
      American Professional sells the batting by the bale

      	1 - 2  bales	$44.00 each
      	3 - 4  bales	 41.00 each
      	5 or more        38.00 each
      On one roll of batting you get 72 yards, that is the 2.5 oz batting, now the thicker batting say a 9oz batting there is only 16 yards. You do have to pay for the shipping also on the batting.

      Next time :

      Threads : what kind, where to get
      Training Video

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      Please send me any questions, comments to put in the next Newsletter, Tips/Tricks you have found.
      Donna P

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