Comfort without compromise.

We are on a mission to migrate humanity off fossil fuel heating

Quilt was founded in 2022 to reimagine home energy consumption for the connected & carbon-free era.

Our company brings together world-class engineers, designers, and business teams focused on creating home hardware, software, tools, insights, & innovation.

Our values


We celebrate audacity. We don’t make little plans. Our – and your – time on earth is limited. We make the most of the time we have. This requires courage. Some people may call us crazy.


We believe it takes courage to drive meaningful change, especially in the face of inaction and uncertainty.

That’s why we value taking bold actions and responsible risks to drive progress and innovation.


In the future the world will be better. The energy transition is an opportunity to reshape how we live – to create better products, institutions, and cultures. Not just sustainable but more vibrant, powerful, thoughtful, and beautiful. Just better.

Caring Deeply

We believe the people who use our products are more than just ‘users’ or ‘consumers’ — they are multidimensional humans.

That’s why we value practices that prioritize the diverse needs, perspectives, and emotions of the people who use our products.


Curiosity is the precursor of discovery and growth. And curiosity needs to be fed – well fed, it will grow. Starved, it will shrink. Valuing curiosity means also valuing a growth mindset and intellectual honesty. Failed attempts are not just expected but necessary.


We believe that we must leverage our individual talents to achieve our collective goals.

That’s why we value cultivating and combining every discipline’s craft to create beautiful, made to last products for the home.

Join us.