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Quilt home survey

Help us learn more about you and your home.

What are the main reasons you’re interested in Quilt? Choose up to 3
How did you originally hear about Quilt?
Is your home part of a homeowners association (HOA)?
Does your home have ductwork?
Ducts or ductwork are are conduits that move air through your home, typically behind walls. If you have central air or a forced air furnace you probably have ductwork.
How many stories is your home?
Approximately how many square feet is your home?
How many bedrooms do you have in your home?
Does your home have solar panels?
Do you have a home battery?
What is your approximate household income?
What mobile platforms do the adults in your home use?
How is the wifi coverage in your house?
What is your current source of home heating?
How old is your current home heating system?
How satisfied are you with your home’s heating system?
What is your current source of cooling?
How old is your current air conditioner?
How satisfied are you with your home’s cooling system?
Do you use a smart thermostat today?
How much of your home are you looking to cover?
How soon are you looking to install a new system in your home?
Are you primarily interested in upgrading your heating or cooling?
What alternatives are you considering beyond Quilt?
What are your cost expectations for the total project, prior to any rebates or incentives?