Quilt is the smartest way to heat and cool your home

A family in the kitchen with a Quilt Indoor Unit featuring a white oak front panel. The mother is smiling at two children while the father is washing dishes at the sink.

Control every microclimate in your home with a heat pump that’s a generation ahead. 

Better climate by design

Quilt is a single system made of four parts. Together, they deliver the world’s most intuitive, advanced, and efficient home climate solution.

  • Quilt Indoor Unit mounted on a wood panel wall. The indoor unit has the light on.

    At only 7 ⅞ in tall, Quilt Indoor Units are built to fit into more places, blend with your style, and save you energy using occupancy sensing and temperature preconditioning.

  • Hand rotating a Quilt Dial that is mounted on a white wall.

    Meet the Quilt Dial, a compact next generation thermostat with an OLED touchscreen that makes room-by-room and whole home control a breeze.

  • Man using the Quilt App on a smart phone.

    The Quilt App gives you room-by-room control, intuitive scheduling, and insights into Quilt Intelligence.

  • Quilt Outdoor Unit sitting outside of a house on a wooden deck next to two potted plants.

    The Quilt Outdoor Unit is the anchor of our heat pump system designed to harmonize with your exterior spaces.

An isometric floor plan showing three rooms, each with a different temperature. A blue room is 68 degrees Fahrenheit. A pink room is 72 degrees Fahrenheit. A red room is 73 degrees Fahrenheit.
How it Works

Control every room in your home from any room in your home

Room-by-room control means everyone can enjoy their perfect temperature. Make home life easy with Quilt’s occupancy detection technology, which saves you money by not heating or cooling empty rooms.

Two licensed Quilt installers mounting a Quilt Indoor Unit on a white wall. One installer is wearing brown coveralls; the other is wearing a dark blue shirt.
A mother and son laying on a bed reading together. There is a Quilt Indoor Unit above the bed with a painted blue front panel that matches the color of the wall.

We make it easy, you make it yours

From planning to installing, Quilt takes care of everything to make upgrading your heating and cooling easier than ever. With a single point of contact to handle permitting and rebates, you’ll have personalized support every step of the way.

One system, lots of benefits

Quilt Dial mounted on a white wall next to a light switch.

Meet everyone’s needs with room-by-room control and temperatures that adjust in minutes to keep things comfortable.

Quilt Indoor Unit with a white oak front panel mounted on a white wall.

With easy scheduling and occupancy detection, Quilt only heats and cools the rooms you are using.

Quilt Outdoor Unit sitting between two potted plants on a wooden deck.

Powered by electricity, Quilt is the most efficient heating and cooling system.

Quilt Indoor Unit with a blue painted front panel mounted on a blue wall.

Customizable covers and a size that fits in more places keeps your home feeling like home.

Tech Specs

Sized to fit, powered to perform

At under 8" tall, the Quilt indoor unit blends seamlessly into any environment. Using less electricity for a more powerful system, Quilt saves you money while paving the way to a more sustainable future.

Two children playing with toys on the floor in a bedroom that is painted blue and white. There is a Quilt Indoor Unit on the wall to the right above the children.
Pricing & Rebates

Up-front rebates and transparent pricing

Meeting or exceeding energy efficiency standards, Quilt qualifies for a host of rebates and other opportunities to save. We’ll apply your rebates upfront and walk you through additional incentives to lower your costs.

The exterior back of a house with wood paneling. There are two large potted plants alongside a Quilt Outdoor Unit on the wooden deck. There is a Corgi dog sitting along the plants and units. There are two trees to the left and right of the deck.

Reserve your Quilt today

Enter your address to see our system recommendations for your home and then adjust as needed. With a few more details, we’ll find every applicable rebate to help you save up front. Once you have our transparent quote, you can place a reservation to start the process of bringing Quilt home to you.