How It Works

Enjoy room-by-room control throughout your home

A young woman reading on a bed in a bedroom with white walls and a wood-paneled closet. There is a Quilt Indoor Unit mounted above the bed.

Our intelligent, room-by-room control means you’re not wasting energy heating or cooling empty rooms — saving you money all year long.

Here’s how it works.

Set the perfect temperature in every room, using either the Dial or the App
Automate different schedules for different rooms to best fit your lifestyle
Rely on Quilt Intelligence to reduce electricity usage and maximize savings when rooms are empty
Save money with a system that can operate at over 400% efficiency, producing 4 units of heating or cooling for every 1 unit of electricity
The exterior back of a house with wood paneling. There are two large potted plants alongside a Quilt Outdoor Unit on the wooden deck. There is a Corgi dog sitting along the plants and units. There are two trees to the left and right of the deck.

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Enter your address to see our system recommendations for your home and then adjust as needed. With a few more details, we’ll find every applicable rebate to help you save up front. Once you have our transparent quote, you can place a reservation to start the process of bringing Quilt home to you.