Frequently Asked Questions


Quilt is currently taking reservations across the U.S. and Canada, and will be rolling out installation availability by market. Installations start in the San Francisco Bay Area this summer and in Los Angeles later in 2024. Following that, Quilt will roll out to the markets with the most interest, so placing a reservation acts as a vote for Quilt to expand to your region first.

We are also working to expand globally as soon as we can. Our mission is to accelerate the energy transition, and that means for everyone. If you’re interested in partnering with us to help Quilt expand, please contact us.

Quilt’s modular design is a good fit for whole homes, partial homes, and one room configurations. Single-family homes with exterior walls are the ideal fit for Quilt because they allow space for an efficient configuration of outdoor and indoor units. 

You can get an instant estimate of the right number of units for your home by entering your address. We typically recommend 1 indoor unit per room or living area. For some large spaces (over 500 ft²), adding a second indoor unit may provide more comfort. Once our suggestion based on your address appears, you can then adjust your configuration before placing a reservation. Your Quilt Advisor will then walk through your home details in even more detail and adjust your configuration further as needed.


If you’re in the Bay Area, a reservation secures your Quilt system hardware now while you work with your Quilt Advisor to design the right configuration for your home, consult on how your system will be installed, and schedule your installation date. If you’re in Los Angeles or one of our future markets, your reservation ensures you get the first systems and installation dates as soon as we expand.

Quilt will begin installation in the Bay Area in the summer of 2024. We’ll start installation in Los Angeles a few months later. We’re expanding quickly: Reserving a Quilt outside of these areas secures your spot at the front of the line when we come to your city.

To reserve your Quilt system, there is a $499 refundable down payment in markets where we’ve launched, or $100 if you are in a future service region. Your down payment is refundable any time before you sign the contract for your Quilt installation. 

Quilt is currently only available for installation through our team. We want to ensure the highest level of service and quality for every installation, and we ensure this by having dedicated team members there for you every step of the way.


Yes! You will be paired with a Quilt Advisor as soon as you place your reservation. They’ll be with you for every step of your Quilt buying and installing journey.

During your consultation with your Quilt Advisor, you’ll discuss your home layout, electrical set up, and any pain points you have with your current heating and cooling systems. You can even consult over a video call if it’s helpful for you to show your Advisor specific details of your home. Your Advisor will help you design the best configuration for your home and can discuss the comparisons to other quotes or options you may have.

Quilt will uncover all of the rebates for which you’re eligible, and we’ll guide you through the entire rebate process, integrating savings into the price you pay Quilt upfront wherever possible.


Installation typically takes between one to three days, depending on the number of units being installed in your home. Your Quilt Advisor will be able to get more specific once they have a better understanding of your home.

On day one, your installation team will perform a full walkthrough of your home to confirm the right placements for the indoor and outdoor units. Next, the team will install the line sets that connect the indoor units to the outdoor units. Once connected, the units will be pressure tested. Now that the system is in place, the team will install your Dials exactly where you want them and work with you and your household to get familiar with your Quilt.

Quilt’s outdoor units are labeled 208230 VAC, 60 Hz. The minimum circuit ampacity is 13.2 Amps, and a 15 Amp circuit breaker is sufficient. Standard electrical wiring from your panel to the outdoor unit is included in the price of a Quilt installation and will be performed by your installer. If your electrical setup is unable to accommodate your desired number of Quilt units (e.g., not enough breaker spots, insufficient service amps), a Quilt electrician will work with you to upgrade your electrical system at an additional cost before or during the heat pump installation. 

Quilt comes with a 12 year warranty on the heat pump, as well as direct access to our dedicated support team. As the same company is responsible for installing and manufacturing the system, there’s never a question of who to go to for help: It’s us. We offer over-the-air updates, automated system maintenance, and diagnostics reporting to keep everything up and running. 

During installation, an indoor unit is mounted to one of your exterior walls. A 3‑inch hole is drilled through the wall, which connects the unit to the line set, condensate drain and wire that power it. This line set runs outside your home to your home’s nearest outdoor unit and is hidden in a line hide. You can work with your installation team to determine the line set placement to balance both aesthetics and proximity. Quilt handles this entire process and everything above is included in the price per room.

If you replace your furnace with a Quilt, not only will you be taking a meaningful step to reduce your home’s reliance on fossil fuels, but you will also be gaining back square footage of your home. Quilt will remove your existing HVAC system for you and you’ll get that extra space back for storage. You will also no longer need your ducts, and can close those off.

Pricing & Rebates

Your Quilt Advisor will review your contract and final quote with you. Your final payment is due on the day installation is finished.

To reserve your Quilt system, there is a $499 refundable down payment in markets where we’ve launched, or $100 if you are in a future service region. Your down payment is refundable any time before you sign the contract for your Quilt installation. 

There are many types of rebates available. Some depend on your new configuration, the old system you’re replacing, and certain details about your home. If you’re in California, click Reserve” and answer a few simple questions to start calculating your applicable rebates, then post-reservation your Quilt Advisor will support you in finding the maximum savings and will adjust your final cost accordingly. Our rebate calculator will be available soon for US states outside of California.


We’ve sized our outdoor units to power up to two indoor units, a ratio that delivers the right mix of efficiency, control, redundancy and modularity. Smaller outdoor units like ours are more compact, quiet, and efficient than larger units, ultimately saving homeowners energy and money. When installed in a full home, they also more completely deliver on the promise of room-by-room control, enabling some rooms to be heated while others are cooled, which can’t be done with one large outdoor unit. The flexibility of the two-to-one system also means that they give full homes the benefit of the redundancy of multiple outdoor units, while also making it possible to install Quilt in one or two rooms, then expand to full home coverage over time.

Quilt delivers its full heating capacity at outdoor temperatures down to ‑5°F, and 90% of its heating capacity down to ‑13°F. For 94% of the country, that is as low as the temperatures typically get. For those who live in even colder climates, there are other heating systems that may be more efficient.

Quilt exceeds energy standards with a SEER2 rating of 25, an HSPF2 rating of 11 and CEE Tier 2*. In California, Quilt also meets Title 20 and 24 Energy Requirements. To learn more about our industry-leading efficiency, see our tech specs.

*Figures are preliminary and derived from independent lab testing. System certification pending.

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