Tech Specs

Sized to fit, powered to perform

System performance

Quilt is designed to be the most efficient way to heat and cool your home. Quilt’s performance metrics exceed industry standards, qualifying you for the maximum amount of rebates. 

  • Energy Ratings

    • 25
    • 11
    • 2
  • Indoor Unit Rated Capacity

    • 9,000
    • 8,000
  • Outdoor Unit Rated Capacity

    • 18,000
    • 16,000

Figures above are preliminary and derived from independent lab testing. System certification pending. 

Quilt Intelligence makes our system more efficient than anything available on the market today. Features like occupancy detection, schedules, and temperature preconditioning help save energy and lower your monthly electric bill.

Indoor Unit

At only 7 78 in tall, our indoor units are built to fit into more spaces, blend in with your home style, and save you energy.


7 78 in


38 in


8 14 in

Brings room to temperature in minutes

Industry-leading millimeter wave occupancy detection technology

Quieter than rainfall, 27-47 dBA

Choice of two premium covers: real white oak veneer or a white option that is paintable or ready for wallpaper 

Over-the-air updates and upgradable Sense module unlock new features and improved performance

Built-in accent lighting with changeable colors and brightness


Control any room in your home with our Dial, a compact smart thermostat that can live on the wall or on your tabletop.


2 14 in

Touchscreen and rotary dial for control

High resolution (326ppi) OLED display that is truly dark when off

Meticulously crafted and durable matte glass finish

Ambient room temperature, motion, and proximity detection

Provides both room-by-room and whole home control

Wall-mountable or tabletop

2.4 GHz/5 GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.2 / BLE connectivity

802.15.4 (at 2.4 GHz) Thread and Matter capable

Supports in-wall wiring or plug-in AC adapter

Man using the Quilt App.


Our intuitive app for iOS and Android that gives you full control of your Quilt system, insight into your energy use, scheduling capabilities for every room in your home, and more.

Whole home control, accessible from anywhere

Schedule settings for hours of the day and days of the week

Settings to save energy when rooms are unoccupied

Live reporting so you always know how your system is running

Comprehensive energy reporting

Permissions for family, children, and guests

Available on iOS and Android

Outdoor Unit

The Quilt system is anchored by our outdoor unit, which is sized to power up to two indoor units. This 2:1 ratio means our outdoor units are quieter, more compact, and more efficient than larger units, saving you more energy and money than higher ratio systems.


28 in


38 in


16 in

Powerful enough to heat and cool up to two rooms

Best-in-class variable speed compressor to achieve a wide range of heating and cooling outputs

Uses R32, a refrigerant with a global warming potential 3 times lower than current options

Matte black exterior to blend in

Can sit on the ground outdoors or be mounted and stacked on on a wall

Quieter than a conversation at 36-55 dBA

Input power 208/230V, 60 Hz

Outdoor Unit performance

  • Heating Capacity Range @ 47° F

    • Minimum
    • Rated
    • Maximum
  • Cooling Capacity Range @ 95° F

    • Minimum
    • Rated
    • Maximum
  • Cold Weather Heating Capacity

    • @ 5° F
    • @ ‑5° F
    • @ ‑13° F
  • Heating Coefficient of Performance

    • @ 47° F
    • @ 5° F
  • Cooling Coefficient of Performance

    • @ 95° F

Figures above are preliminary and derived from independent lab testing. System certification pending. 

The exterior back of a house with wood paneling. There are two large potted plants alongside a Quilt Outdoor Unit on the wooden deck. There is a Corgi dog sitting along the plants and units. There are two trees to the left and right of the deck.

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