The future of home climate control is electric

Better for the climate, inside and out

Electric heating and cooling, built on heat pump technology, is insanely efficient and lets you ditch fossil fuels. But that’s just the start.

Unlock precise room-by-room climate control for your home

Ductless heat pump systems give you precision heating and cooling for every space in your home - impossible with one central furnace and air conditioner.

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We help homeowners in select geographies adopt the best ductless heat pump systems available today, in partnership with top installers.

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How it works

Quilt helps you navigate your heat pump journey



We gather information about your home and your comfort control needs



We recommend a system for your home and identify rebates and incentives



We connect you with an installer from our trusted network and support you throughout the process

Why ductless home climate control is better

Room-by-room heating and cooling

Personalize comfort in each room

Incredibly efficient

Ductless systems use 20-30% less energy than central

All-electric, zero emissions

Get a better experience and ditch burning fossil fuels

We’ve been burning things to keep us warm for over a million years. Moving beyond fire is a species-level revolution.

To get there, we'll need incredible products that people can easily bring into their homes.

That’s what Quilt is all about: modern, electric home comfort control

The future.

We believe electric, room-by-room home climate control is the future. We’re starting by empowering homeowners to adopt the best systems available today. In parallel, Quilt is pushing the boundaries of integrated hardware and software to bring the next generation of these products to life.

If you’re passionate about building a better, cleaner, more comfortable future, we’re hiring. Join us

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