A refreshing path to your perfect climate

A man relaxing on a bed in a wood-paneled attic space. There is a Quilt indoor unit on the far wall and a Quilt Dial mounted to a support post in the middle of the room. There is an orange comforter on the bed.

The path to getting Quilt in your home is simple: Reserve, consult, install, enjoy.

Here are the next steps.

Step One

Reserve your Quilt system

Provide basic information about your home and secure your Quilt system with a fully-refundable down payment.

If you’re in the Bay Area, a reservation secures your Quilt system hardware now while you work with your Quilt Advisor to design the right configuration for your home, consult on how your system will be installed, and schedule your installation date. If you’re in Los Angeles or one of our future markets, your reservation ensures you get the first systems and installation dates as soon as we expand. 

Quilt will begin installation in the Bay Area in the summer of 2024. We’ll start installation in Los Angeles a few months later. We’re expanding quickly: Reserving a Quilt outside of these areas secures your spot at the front of the line when we come to your city.

To reserve your Quilt system, there is a $499 refundable down payment in markets where we’ve launched, or $100 if you are in a future service region. Your down payment is refundable any time before you sign the contract for your Quilt installation. 

A dollhouse view of a house with 3 stories. Bedrooms, dining areas, and living areas are shown.
Step Two

Consult with your Quilt Advisor

During your consultation, you’ll discuss your home layout to help us customize the perfect system for your heating and cooling needs. Your Quilt Advisor will also review the options for installation, financing, and rebates with you.

Yes! You will be paired with a Quilt Advisor as soon as you place your reservation. They’ll be with you for every step of your Quilt buying and installing journey.

During your consultation with your Quilt Advisor, you’ll discuss your home layout, electrical set up, and any pain points you have with your current heating and cooling systems. Your Quilt Advisor will help you design the best configuration for your home and can discuss the comparisons to other quotes or options you may have.

Quilt will uncover all of the rebates for which you’re eligible, and we’ll guide you through the entire rebate process, integrating savings into the price you pay Quilt upfront wherever possible.

Quilt van parked on the street in front of a house. A licensed Quilt installer is exiting the house from the front door.
Step Three

Meet your installation team

Your Quilt system will be professionally installed in no more than a few days.

Installation typically takes between one to three days, depending on the number of units being installed in your home. Your Quilt Advisor will be able to get more specific once they have a better understanding of your home.

On day one, your installation team will perform a full walkthrough of your home to confirm the right placements for the indoor and outdoor units. Next, the team will install the line sets that connect the indoor units to the outdoor units. Once connected, the units will be pressure tested. Now that the system is in place, the team will install your Dials exactly where you want them and work with you and your household to get familiar with your Quilt.

Quilt comes with a 12 year warranty on the heat pump, as well as direct access to our dedicated support team. As the same company is responsible for installing and manufacturing the system, there’s never a question of who to go to for help: It’s us. We offer over-the-air updates, automated system maintenance, and diagnostics reporting to keep everything up and running. 

A mother and son squeezing oranges in a kitchen. The son is sitting on the counter. There is a Quilt Indoor Unit mounted on the wall above them.
Step Four

Enjoy the comforts of your home upgrade

Once your system is installed, you’ll have full
control over the temperature in every room of your home. Your Quilt support team will be a click away to answer any questions you may have.