Article • May 15, 2024

ICYMI: Watch Quilt’s launch day event!

Today we announced Quilt’s first product by sharing the news in one of the first homes to be fully outfitted with a Quilt system. The event was met with great enthusiasm and even better temperature control.

Quilt co-founders Paul Lambert, Matthew Knoll, and Bill Kee each took to the stage to share the many ways Quilt has reimagined the heat pump to deliver a truly beautiful, efficient product that elevates home comfort without relying on fossil fuels. 

Paul kicked things off with a little heating history lesson, and then explored the pros and cons of the heat pumps available today. In both its performance and its usability, Quilt soars above its competitors: Quilt is the most comfortable and efficient option, and it has the smartest technology with the most intuitive interface and control. 

Next, Matt came to the stage to talk efficiency. Quilt’s smart technology supports the magical heat pump by saving as much energy as possible. If you leave your room and forget to turn off the AC, Quilt will detect that the room is empty and switch to Eco Mode by way of our accurate millimeter wave detection. Even more, our algorithms use learnings about your home, the weather, and your occupancy schedule to create room-by-room thermal models. This information can tell Quilt to avoid pre-heating rooms when it knows the sun and outdoor temperature can do the job. 

Lastly, Bill entered the chat: Quilt hasn’t just made a better product, but we’ve also redesigned the purchasing process with the modern homeowner in mind. 

Before Quilt, buying and installing a heat pump was no walk in the park. Homeowners would have to research products and contractors, get quotes, check those quotes against others — it was a very arduous process. Quilt has done away with this archaic structure: We have a fully transparent pricing model, which you can see right on our website, as well as a team of installers who are experts in all things Quilt. 

We’re thrilled to bring Quilt to the world and hope everyone gets a chance to see (and feel!) it in action.