Press Release • May 15, 2024

Quilt launches the smartest, most efficient way to heat and cool your home

Quilt, the smart home climate company, today launched their next generation home heat pump which is smarter, sleeker, and more efficient than any other system on the market.
Redwood City, CA

Redefining home comfort & efficiency

Quilt was founded to accelerate the energy transition by moving homes off of fossil fuels with all-electric systems that are an upgrade in every way. Designed to stylishly blend into any home, Quilt offers room-by-room control, advanced sensors to ensure energy isn't wasted on empty rooms, temperature preconditioning, and personal energy data reports for more informed home climate management.

“We set out to create the ultimate heating and cooling experience for homeowners by combining thoughtful design and a great experience from start to finish, all at a transparent, competitive price,” said Paul Lambert, Co-founder and CEO, Quilt. “Today, homeowners across the US and Canada can reserve their Quilt system at”

Quilt is bringing HVAC into the 21st century for the modern homeowner with:

  • Elegant room-by-room control leading to a new standard in comfort and efficiency. With the Quilt Dial and App, homeowners get climate control over every room of their home. Quilt’s system is optimized at every point of the experience for efficiency, striking the perfect balance between maximal comfort and minimal energy usage. The Quilt Dial has a small, beautiful high-resolution touchscreen and can be installed on multiple surfaces, from a wall to a tabletop. Quilt’s App was built for both iPhone and Android and, in addition to controlling the Quilt system, provides real-time energy usage and efficiency reports.
  • Thoughtful, intuitive design through all elements of the Quilt system. Quilt’s Indoor Units are customizable, like built-in cabinetry. They come with either a white oak or white front cover that can be painted or wall-papered to blend in with any interior, and their small size (7 7/8 in tall) allows them to fit into tight spaces above windows and doors while maintaining a cohesive aesthetic. They can also be used as a light source to bring warm, accent lighting to a room or to showcase an art piece on the wall. Quilt’s Indoor Units operate at a hushed 27-47 dBA, quieter than rainfall. The accompanying Outdoor Units are modern, architectural, and space-efficient.
  • A modern purchasing and installation experience, including point-of-sale rebates and installation by dedicated Quilt installers. Quilt’s research shows that over 70% of homeowners think that dealing with contractors is a pain. There’s limited price transparency and quotes vary widely, an experience steering many away from home climate system upgrades. Quilt is pushing the HVAC industry forward by offering comprehensive rebate calculators and point-of-sale rebates to lower the price at checkout. Installation is done by Quilt’s expert Quilt Services team. Quilt has recruited some of the best talent in HVAC to ensure homes are treated with the utmost care and respect.

“Designing the Quilt system has been an opportunity for us to bring thoughtfully designed products into homes that accelerate the adoption of our electric future,” said Mike Simonian & Maaike Evers, Co-founders, Mike & Maaike. “At the heart of good design is understanding the context of people and their living environments. We worked very closely with Quilt to design a lasting and integral part of the home. The Quilt Dial's tactility invites interaction, the Indoor Unit's form allows for subtle integration or bold statements, and the Outdoor Unit's textures harmonize with your exterior space. Every element is thoughtfully designed to look and feel right at home.”

“At the heart of good design is understanding the context of people and their living environments. We worked very closely with Quilt to design a lasting and integral part of the home.”
Mike Simonian & Maaike Evers
Co-founders, Mike & Maaike

Transparent, competitive pricing 

According to Rewiring America’s research, single-zone heat pumps are priced between $5,300 and $7,000. Quilt is a full generation ahead of the best systems in the market today and priced competitively at $6,499 per room before point-of-sale rebates. This includes everything from the intuitive Indoor Unit, Dial for room-by-room control, design-forward Outdoor Unit, modern App, professional installation by Quilt, permitting support from a Quilt Advisor, and ongoing support.

Seamless online purchasing

Quilt is purchased the same way anything is purchased online today and it starts at With a few details about their home, homeowners get a fully priced quote, incorporating point-of-sale rebates, and available installation windows. Once they place a
reservation and put down a refundable deposit, homeowners will be connected with a Quilt Advisor who will be their guide throughout the process, from purchase to installation to maintenance and support.

Installation & expansion

Quilt is beginning installations in the Bay Area this summer and next in Los Angeles later this year to meet the rising demand for a smart, intuitive, design-forward heat pump. Further expansion will prioritize regions based on reservation volume from Quilt’s growing waitlist of thousands of interested homeowners across the country.

$33M Series A

Last month, Quilt announced a successful $33M Series A funding round, co-led by Energy Impact Partners and Galvanize Climate Solutions, with participation from Lowercarbon Capital, Gradient Ventures, MCJ Collective, Garage Capital, Incite Ventures, and Drew Scott.

About Quilt

Quilt creates home climate systems designed to move humanity off fossil fuels. Built by industry veterans from Google, Apple, Nest, and Tesla, and backed by top climate investors, Quilt is the smartest way to heat and cool your home. Quilt's systems blend seamlessly into any home environment, offering intuitive room-by-room control, occupancy awareness for unmatched energy efficiency, and temperature preconditioning to create the most advanced and comfortable system available. With Quilt’s transparent and integrated purchasing and installation process, homeowners can enjoy an all-electric, rebate-eligible, and sophisticated solution for their home climate needs. To learn more, visit

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